5-year-old Igotitdad was reported as vanned off after finishing “evenly” in a race at Gulfstream West on November 8th. Coupled with a middle-of-the-pack result, this didn’t seem overly ominous. And that’s where it would have stayed if not for a single sentence in the Sun-Sentinel: “Igotitdad suffered a heart attack after finishing and was humanely euthanized on the track.” The “van,” as it turns out, was carrying but a corpse. Further proof – as if more were needed – that Racing rests on deceit.

Igotitdad’s last three starts prior to dying (all under trainer Bernardo Campos):

Sep 12th, 7th of 8, 16 3/4 lengths back
Oct 9th, 11th of 12, 32 lengths back
Oct 16th, last of 8, 16 1/2 lengths back

Fading, fading, fading – gone.

Last week’s U.S. horseracing casualties.

“Broke Down” – racing-speak for dead:
Tip It On Back, Nov 19, Laurel 4
Madelynsheabadgirl, Nov 21, Charles Town 3
Infant Gold, Nov 22, Parx 9
Pb El Chiltepin, Nov 23, Turf 1

“Vanned Off” – horses who required an ambulance (in the crudest sense of the word) to leave the course; a better-than-even chance of dead:
Just Do It Please, Nov 17, Parx 7
Sweet Pea Rf, Nov 18, Zia 3
Smoke Daddy, Nov 19, Hawthorne 2
Tsamma Llama, Nov 19, Hawthorne 4
Andariego Rock, Nov 19, Zia 2
One Hot Shark, Nov 20, Golden Gate 7
Muppet Man, Nov 20, Hawthorne 9
Seek Safe Harbor, Nov 21, Del Mar 1
Silver Score, Nov 22, Del Mar 9
La Hija de Olga, Nov 22, Gulfstream W 10
Leavem in the Fog, Nov 22, Remington 2
Devilish Beast, Nov 22, Zia 7
Familiarize, Nov 23, Parx 5
Breaker Breaker, Nov 23, Zia 1
Daddy Ben, Nov 23, Zia 6

Cosinos Gray Girl, Nov 20, Evangeline 8, bled
La Wild Speed, Nov 20, Finger Lakes 5, “appeared in distress,” DNF
Hard Fast Cash, Nov 21, Aqueduct 1, “fell to his face at the break,” DNF
Goofy Governor, Nov 21, Fair Grounds 7, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Caracol, Nov 21, Finger Lakes 2, “appeared in distress,” DNF
Siena Sunshine, Nov 21, Finger Lakes 8, “appeared in distress,” DNF
Tigress Seven, Nov 22, Charles Town 3, “limped off”
Bp Dashin Policy, Nov 22, Evangeline 7, “pulled up lame”
Thrill of My Life, Nov 23, Golden Gate 4, fell, DNF
Late Start, Nov 23, Parx 6, “collapsed after wire”


3-year-old Infant Gold is dead after breaking down in the 9th yesterday at Parx. He was first raced in February (when he was two). Follows are his trainer/owner teams and transaction history:

James Cullen/Jay Young, 2 races, sold to Lewis Carlisle on March 28th
Carlisle, 1 race, sold to Michael Stidham/Michael Faber on April 29th
Stidham/Faber, 1 race, sold to Tanya Boulmetis/Dennis Tanchak on May 31st
Ramon Preciado/Tanchak, 8 races – dead on November 22nd

That’s five trainers and four owners in just over nine months. (And there was a fifth owner – breeders Luisa Degwitz/Ric-Deg – at the start.) In that time, Infant Gold was shuffled among four tracks in three states. Chattel defined. This is horseracing.

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Surviving Kandy, an unraced 2-year-old colt, fractured a shoulder while training at Golden Gate Sunday and was subsequently euthanized. Trainer, Vod Farris. Just five days prior at that same track, 3-year-old Mr. Franco (two career starts: last, second-to-last) got loose during training, “ran back to barn and slipped on pavement – lacerated right stifle and fractured tibia.” Dead. Trainer, Salvador Naranjo.

Meanwhile, November 7th on the other coast, 3-year-old Demo was “found dead in [his] stall” at Finger Lakes. Apparently, the Ralph D’Alessandro-trained gelding was “being treated by vet for two weeks” before dying – alone. Of course, “investigation continues.” Back in May, another D’Alessandro horse, Just Mizzy, was “observed having seizure like symptoms, drugs [were] administered…in attempt to treat, but [she] died.” To date, 31 horses have perished at Finger Lakes this year.