“For the second consecutive day, a turf stakes was marred by a fatal breakdown” – and so begins the Daily Racing Form’s coverage of “the [$100,000] Megahertz Stakes for fillies and mares” at Santa Anita yesterday. “Marred,” again. And, again, just a brief mention of the dead “athlete” amid a multi-paragraph article on the race. A truly remarkable capacity for compartmentalizing this Mr. Steve Andersen (the DRF’s writer in both cases) has. Yesterday’s victim: Last Promise Kept. She was four.

In Santa Anita’s most recent Stewards Minutes, two “fatalities” are noted for the week Jan 7-Jan 13. One we know is Derby Treasure; the other remains anonymous. Meanwhile, Golden Gate reports a training kill on the 11th – 5-year-old Defiantly.

California, end this madness.

A pair of kills from the West Coast yesterday…

In the 6th at Golden Gate, Big Ceas “went wrong,” says Equibase, and was subsequently euthanized. ‘Twas the 2-year-old’s 10th time under the whip.

In the 8th at Santa Anita, Amboseli “suffered a catastrophic injury” – also euthanized. The Daily Racing Form says Amboseli’s “fatal accident marred the race” – a Grade 3 Stakes, which is why the DRF was even writing about it to begin with. Still, their recap gave but a couple sentences to the death, with the rest devoted to much more important matters like the take and the strategic thinking of the “winning” jockey.

This is horseracing.

The 7th at Aqueduct yesterday, as described by Equibase: “WESTERDALE took up the chase from path two during the opening half, backed away suddenly leaving the half mile pole after suffering a fatal injury, got pulled up, then after being examinded [sic] by a track veternarian [sic], was euthanized.” This race, of course, is the only one of yesterday’s Aqueduct card not available for viewing on the NYRA website.

This, from earlier in the NY Racing week: Doyouknowsomething, says the Gaming Commission, “sustained left elbow injury in [his Belmont] stall” Tuesday, “ambulanced to Ruffian clinic, where radiographs revealed fracture necessitating euthanasia.” Doyouknowsomething was a couple weeks shy of his 7th created-day and was being readied for whip-forced race number 53.

This is horseracing.