El Chiflado, three, was killed in the 2nd at Thistledown yesterday – “fell,” says Equibase, “and was euthanized.” The Pablo Torres-trained horse was coming off a last-of-7 just 11 days prior; in 9 total finished races, all but one under Torres, EC came in higher than 6th just once and averaged almost 20 lengths in the rear.

This, not the Justify nonsense, is horseracing.

In the wake of the assault of Accolade at Delaware Park last Thursday, his owner, Glenn Fagan, gave this statement to WDEL:

“As the owner of ACCOLADE, the 3yr old gelding that was beaten in the head by the assistant starter on Thursday in the gate, I am disgusted at what I witnessed. I am bothered by the fact that the head starter after witnessing this attack didn’t pull my horse from the race or at the very least make him a non starter for all the people that had wagered on him. The time, effort and patience needed to have your horse ready to compete at a top level on a specific day and race is difficult, not to mention expensive. The one factor that people can’t handicap, is an employee of Delaware Park taking his frustrations out on your horse.

I am happy to see the outrage and indignation that this matter has received on social media. My 14 yr old daughter and I travel 50 minutes each weekend to feed Accolade his favorite snack, peeled red delicious apples and baby carrots. She was in tears watching our horse getting beaten over and over and over and over and over again. She didn’t sleep Thursday night, as the image of the abuse replayed in her mind. …If this type of behavior is routine in the racing business, then I must rethink my participation in the sport of kings. I am not a litigious person, but the lack of empathy on the behalf of Delaware Park is intolerable.”

While Mr. Fagan seems a bit more concerned with his (and the bettors’) monetary interests here, there appears to be at least some anger in how his horse was treated (though I’d wager that has more to do with his daughter’s feelings than his own). But then, he offered this followup to the station:

“When I made my statement to you I was extremely upset over the incident that occurred at Delaware Park on Thursday. My trainer, Abel Castellano had not informed me that upper management, John Mooney, had not only reached out to him, but had sent the State Veterinarian to check on the welfare of Accolade as well. Though I personally have not heard anything from Delaware Park, I’m glad to know that they were concerned for the safety of my horse.

Abel had also informed me that the assistant starter involved in the incident, someone that he had known well and respected, had apologized to him as well. I understand that this man has worked for Delaware Park for some 20 years in an extremely dangerous job and a moment of frustration shouldn’t ruin his life. Able informed me that he is the best and most experienced starter on the team.”

So, this animal-abuser (who should have been arrested) is acquitted (in Fagan’s mind) because he apologized and works “an extremely dangerous job.” So much for “rethinking his participation in The Sport of Kings.” Look, since buying Accolade on March 23 of this year, Fagan has had him “For Sale” twice – April 19 at Gulfstream, May 27 at Pimlico. And that, people, is all you need to know about how he truly views these animals – the “apples and carrots” drivel aside, just things to be used. But even more telling is this: A man who punched – punched – a horse four times in the head is, according to the horse’s trainer, “the best on the team.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Accolade, before and after Thursday’s race…

credit: WDEL

credit: WDEL

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This, from Equibase’s account of the 5th at Delaware yesterday afternoon: “MR. EURO trailed then went wrong and fell nearing the three furlong grounds then was euthanized.” That’s it – no fanfare, no glowing eulogies in the Racing rags, no prayers and condolences on the message boards. Why? Mr. Euro was a cheap (he was “For Sale” at a mere $4,500 prior to dying) horse toiling away at cheap tracks, just like all but a small fraction of his racing brethren. Made, used, and killed for human greed, to be remembered only on his final owner’s 2018 tax return. How very sad.

Last week in U.S. Horseracing (Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse only)

Confirmed Killed
Cha Cha Charlie, Louisiana (“fell…and was euthanized”)
Winning Edge, Thistledown (“fell…and was euthanized”)
Freeze the Account, Belmont (“took a tragic step…euthanized on track”)
Digits, Gulfstream (“fell…euthanized on the track”)
Tiffany Diamond, Santa Anita (“bad step…in distress”)

“Vanned Off” – many, if not most, will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill-reports
Bank Account, Fairmount
Black Lexus Star, Delta
Reba Can Rock, Delta
Eyesa Texan, Delta
Randinsky, Evangeline
Venezuelan Beauty, Finger Lakes
Last Minute Lucy, Presque Isle (“went wrong, pulled up in distress”)
Big O’s Tavern, Arlington
Frau Blucher, Belmont
One Smart Fdd, Delta (“bad step”)
Architectural, Gulfstream
Tiz the Ticket, Los Alamitos
Lido Deck, Penn
Darlin Paulette, Ruidoso
Irish War Cry, Churchill
Aprettystandin, Fairmount
Rate of Return, Gulfstream
Miss Maren, Indiana
Honey Fireball, Penn
Jess Fire Chick, Ruidoso
El Gigante, SunRay
Delinquent, Churchill
Vita Luna, Emerald
Sweet Swindler, Emerald
Grayciez Spirit, Gulfstream
Legendary King, Laurel
Secret Voodoo, Prairie
Hopes Genuine Effort, Ruidoso

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Rustic Justice, Indiana
Cool Lady Ice, Delta (also vanned off)
Ttt Ima Moonwalker, Delta (also vanned off)
A Red Hot Patriot, SunRay
Gina’s Honey, Parx
Swift Shock, Prairie

(source: Equibase)