The following U.S. racetracks have closed since 2000. In this same time span, to my knowledge only two new tracks opened: Mahoning in Ohio (but that could be viewed as an even swap for the deceased Beulah) and Pinnacle in Michigan, which, as you’ll see in the list below, closed after only two years. In other words, I present progress:

Anthony Downs, Kansas, closed 2009 after 105 years of racing
Atlantic City Race Course, New Jersey, closed 2015 after 69 years of racing
Atokad Downs, Nebraska, closed 2011 after 55 years of racing
Balmoral Park, Illinois, closed 2015 after 89 years of racing
Bay Meadows, California, closed 2008 after 74 years of racing
Beulah Park, Ohio, closed 2014 after 91 years of racing
Blue Ribbon Downs, Oklahoma, closed 2010 after 47 years of racing
Brockton Fair, Massachusetts, closed 2001 after 60 years of racing
Colonial Downs, Virginia, closed 2014 after 17 years of racing
Dayton Days, Washington, closed 2010 after 122 years of racing
Eureka Downs, Kansas, closed 2011 after 108 years of racing
Garden State Park Racetrack, New Jersey, closed 2001 after 59 years of racing
Great Lakes Downs, Michigan, closed 2007 after 18 years of racing
Hollywood Park, California, closed 2013 after 75 years of racing
Jackson Harness Raceway, Michigan, closed 2008 after 60 years of racing
Les Bois Park, Idaho, closed 2016 after 46 years of racing
Lone Oak Park, Oregon, closed 2000 after 67 years of racing
Manor Downs, Texas, closed 2010 after 20 years of racing
Maywood Park, Illinois, closed 2015 after 69 years of racing
Mount Pleasant Meadows, Michigan, closed 2013 after 28 years of racing
Northampton Fair, Massachusetts, closed 2005 after 62 years of racing
Northwest Montana Fair, Montana, closed 2011 after unknown number of years
Pinnacle Race Course, Michigan, closed 2010 after 2 years of racing
Playfair Race Course, Washington, closed 2001 after 100 years of racing
Rochester Fair, New Hampshire, closed 2007 after 73 years of racing
Rockingham Park, New Hampshire, closed 2009 after 103 years of racing
Saginaw Valley Downs, Michigan, closed 2005 after 25 years of racing
Solano Fair, California, closed 2009 after 58 years of racing
Sports Creek Raceway, Michigan, closed 2015 after 28 years of racing
Sportsman’s Park, Illinois, closed 2002 after 70 years of racing
Waitsburg, Washington, closed 2010 after 99 years of racing
Walla Walla Fair, Washington, closed 2010 after 144 years of racing
Western Montana Fair, Montana, closed 2010 after 96 years of racing
Woodlands Racecourse, Kansas, closed 2007 after 17 years of racing
Yavapai Downs, Arizona, closed 2010 after 50 years of racing
Yellowstone Downs, Montana, closed 2011 after 65 years of racing

From Equibase’s account of the 4th yesterday at Laurel: “SEVENTY NINER…broke down in upper stretch and was euthanized.” 9-year-old Seventy Niner was under the whip for the 59th time. At the end of last month and into this one, he was raced twice (both cheap claiming) in nine days at Timonium. Trainer/owner, Annette Eubanks.

Dead from the latest CHRB Stewards Minutes:

unidentified, August 29-September 3, Los Alamitos, racing

Hubertofhavasu, September 7, Golden Gate (euthanized September 8), “collided with another horse during training”

Discreetly Leah, September 9, Los Alamitos, race 2, “injured, euthanized”

Out of Aces, September 10, Golden Gate, race 3, “suffered catastrophic injury”

Also, I have confirmed (Delaware Racing Commission) that 3-year-old Aldalma was “humanely euthanized” after being “pulled up in distress” in the 1st September 18. ‘Twas her first time under the whip.

Dead animals, every day. This is horseracing.