Del Mar Darling, according to multiple sources, is dead after breaking down in the 4th at Santa Anita yesterday. She was two; this was her third time under the whip. Equibase writes: “The stewards conducted an inquiry into the run into the far turn before ruling DEL MAR DARLING broke down on her own.” Steve Andersen of the Daily Racing Form relays: “accident mars fourth race.” To kill animals for $2 bets is bad enough; to be so casual and callous about it, even worse.

Later in the American racing day, in the 7th at Charles Town, Industry Leader “bobbled…was immediately eased and euthanized on the track” (Equibase). Industry Leader was approaching his 10th anniversary of servitude; this was his 56th race. Moral: young, old, it matters not – the racing kill-machine doesn’t discriminate.

Also, I have confirmed that Oversized was euthanized after being “vanned off” in the 7th at Mahoning January 10. ‘Twas his 49th race.

Then this: The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the deaths of three racehorses at that state’s tracks, all from what they term “non-racing” causes. Regardless, they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Steve’s Image, January 7, Belmont – “horse died in stall from apparent colic.” No mention of euthanasia. Imagine that. Steve’s Image was four and had been raced 23 times, most recently December 22.

Dragon Dread, February 14, Monticello – “found deceased in barn stall this morning.” Dragon Dread’s last race came on January 25.

Ladies Day, February 16, Belmont – “filly was recumbent and could not riseeuthanized the following day.” Ladies Day was three, last race January 13.

This, folks, is horseracing.

Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017.

Happydazarehereagain, March 13, Dover, training
“head trauma due to fall when choking down”

Toastedmarshmallow, April 20, Delaware, training
“catastrophic injury during training”

Sugar Foot Anne, June 10, Delaware, race 9
“comminuted radial carpal fracture plus extensive cartilage damage”

Street Spice, June 20, Delaware, training
“severely fractured sesamoid” (44 races; according to his trainer, SS “came back sore” in his most recent race on May 14)

Michaelslittleally, July 1, Delaware, race 7
“comminuted scapular fracture”

DC Dancer, July 22, Delaware, race 6 (euthanized August 3)
“ill-fated horse sustained a rupture of its left front suspensory ligament”

Hard to Want, August 1, Delaware, training
“collapsed [after] workout on the main track…dead upon [vet’s] arrival” (five years old)

Purrin’ Proud, August 2, Delaware, race 3
“fractures of both left front sesamoids” (chart said “failed to be a serious threat”)

Dance With Gio, August 3, Delaware, race 7
“fractured both sesamoids in its right front fetlock” (eight years old, 55th race)

Warrior Call, August 6, Delaware, training
“based on poor prognosis…trainer elected to have the horse humanely euthanized”

Glitzy, August 10, Delaware, race 3
“right hind fracture of its metatarsal, left front cannon bone behind with complete destruction of its long pastern bone”

Pandamonia, August 10, Delaware, race 5
“this horse suffered multiple fractures” (two years old, first race)

Saints Be Praised, August 23, Delaware, race 2
“suffered fractures to both [italics added] front legs”

Bokeh, September 2, Delaware, race 8 (euthanized September 3)
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing”

Not for Truth, September 18, Delaware, training
“suffered a catastrophic injury during training hours”

Aldalma, September 18, Delaware, race 1
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing” (three years old, first race)

Cora Bear, September 26, Delaware, training
“euthanized following injury during training”

Kidron, September 27, Delaware, race 7
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing”

You’re a Survivor, October 2, Delaware, race 7
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing”

Amazing Campisi, October 7, Delaware, training
“euthanized following training accident”

Allie’s Event, October 7, Delaware, race 4
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing” (11 years old, 67th race)

Smokey Wend, October 9, Delaware, race 4
“suffered a catastrophic injury while racing” (two years old, first race)

Distorted Union, November 1, Delaware, training
“suffered a catastrophic injury while training”

Lady Aconite, November 7, Delaware, training
“euthanized following training accident”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry cunningly calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Indio, March 15, Delaware
“discovered dead in its stall; horse had stopped eating the day before”

It’z My Valentino, May 25, Delaware
“horse was suffering from a large colon torsion – humanely destroyed” (last raced May 5, finished last, 19 lengths back)

Lulu’s Rush, July 13, Delaware
“humanely destroyed following its battle with pneumonia” (three years old)

Bigapplehereicome, July 22, Delaware
“found dead in its stall” (three years old)

Calzini Rossi, August 23, Delaware
“suffered from colic and a displaced colon and was humanely euthanized” (five years old, 46 races, most recent July 6)

Billy’s Sweetheart, September 5, Delaware
“was euthanized for a medical condition” (three years old, coming off first race)

Through a request to the Oregon Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Portland Meadows in 2017.

Cinematic Cat, September 30
“colic” (last raced September 3)

Rome New York, October 25
“kicked at the farm and got worse on walker at the track – tibial fracture” (last raced October 3)

Semiprecious, October 31, race 6
“limb fracture”

Regalstone, November 27, race 6
“carpal fracture”

In the 9th race at Aqueduct January 28, Purring On Empty was, according to Equibase, “pulled up after the finish in a bit of distress and subsequently vanned off.” Turns out, at least in this case, “a bit of distress” translates to about to die: The NYS Gaming Commission reports the 2-year-old as having suffered a break – euthanized. In his only other race, in October, Purring finished in a virtual tie for last – 28 lengths back.

This is horseracing.

Through a request to the New Jersey Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks in 2017.

Heavy Head, January 21, Monmouth, training
“fractured humerus”

Liscloon, April 7, Meadowlands
“colic”; “carcass removed to M & S Pet Removal” (6-year-old, had been raced 12 times in the first three months of 2017)

Here’s the Moon, May 31, Monmouth, training
“shattered carpus”

Maritime Pulpit, July 13, Monmouth, training
“medial/lateral sesamoid fracture, condylar fracture”

Cool It, July 16, Monmouth, training
“euthanasia due to shock from large laceration with arterial bleeding”

Herriot, July 22, Monmouth, race 6
“complete disruption of suspensory apparatus during race” (third race in three weeks; trainer, Victor Russo)

Big Man Rocket, July 23, Monmouth, training
“euthanasia due to an inoperable carpal fracture”

Cosmic Ruby, December 19, Westampton Training Center, training
“died in stall – complication of routine surgery” (3-year-old coming off consecutive last-place finishes – combined 83 lengths back)

There can be no moral defense for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.