Dead Racehorses in California, June:

unidentified (probably Back Again, race 7), June 2, Los Alamitos
Individual Design, June 3, Santa Anita, race 2, “injured, euthanized”
unidentified, June 1-June 4, Santa Anita
unidentified, June 6-June 11, Los Alamitos
Ethan Leave Her, June 19, Oak Tree, “sudden death at Golden Gate Fields barn area”
unidentified, June 19-June 25, Santa Anita
unidentified, June 19-June 25, Santa Anita

(source: California Horse Racing Board)

Last summer, 17 racehorses died, or were euthanized due to injuries suffered, while racing or training at Saratoga Race Course:

Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, training
Squire Creek, July 16, training
Stradivari, July 22, training (euthanized December)
Zamjara, July 23, race 1
Rootformejustin, July 23, race 5
Indian Nobility, July 27, race 3
Domestic Warrior, August 1, race 4
Jonrah, August 3, training
Wheels Up Now, August 5, training
Recepta, August 5, training (euthanized November)
Prince Corredor, August 20, training
Elusive Neko, August 24, training
Bob Le Beau, August 25, race 1
Ring of Truth, August 25, race 10
Desert Trial, August 28, training
Its Only Fair, September 9, training
Core Competency, September 19, training

In addition, two other still-very-much-active “athletes” perished on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes:

Lebowski, August 2, “found dead outside stall”
Midnight Visitor, August 4, prior to race 4, “reared up while being walked to Assembly Barn, fell suffering head trauma”

That’s 19 dead horses at “the oldest sporting venue in the nation” – in but a six-week “season.” Since 2009, when the state’s Gaming Commission began disclosing such things, Saratoga counts at least 106 dead. All, for $2 bets and frivolous entertainment. We live in 21st Century America; we can – and should – be better than this.

As Del Mar 2017 kicks off, a reminder…

Last summer, there were 13 identified kills (racing or training) at Del Mar:

Presidential Air, July 15, race 6
Dynamite Charge, July 17, training
Pacific Swell, July 21, race 5
Whisky and Wine, July 23, training
Big Book, July 23, training
Dutchessa, July 23, race 2
Fasnacloich, July 24, race 2
Summer Scorcher, August 11, race 6
Hadfunlastnight, August 12, race 3
Unusualy, August 15, training
Alicanto, August 20, training
All the Marbles, August 21, training
Chasing Aces, September 5, race 5

But according to the Stewards Minutes, there were another eight unidentified horses who died either at Del Mar or while being prepped off-site for upcoming Del Mar races. In addition, there were six more fatalities in the ultra-short (15 days) Fall Meet, five – all while racing – identified (below). That’s 27 dead horses last year “where the turf meets the surf.” 27 dead animals for $2 bets and frivolous entertainment. Is this how we’re to define “cool as ever” in 21st Century America?

Lyrical Passage, November 20, race 5
Trixie Topper, November 27, race 1
Trump Diesel, November 27, race 5
Flaming Vixen, December 1, race 5
Adair, December 3, race 1