Beau American is (was?) a 6-year-old racehorse. He has been put to the whip 50 times in the past four years, and, as claiming chattel, was “for sale” prior to each and every one of those races. The most recent leg of his lifelong miserable journey is not pretty:

10/31/13, Charles Town – 7th of 10, 16+ lengths back (trainer, Erin Johnston)
11/28/13, Laurel – last of 8, 18+ lengths back (Charles Frock)
12/13/13, Laurel – last of 7, 24 lengths back (Frock)
12/28/13, Charles Town – 7th of 10 (Frock)
4/26/14, Charles Town – last of 8, 13+ lengths back (Johnston)
5/24/14, Charles Town – last of 7 (Johnston)
6/13/14, Charles Town – last of 10, 34+ lengths back (Johnston)

And finally, four weeks ago today at Charles Town – last of 8, 28+ lengths back (Frock): “BEAU AMERICAN…remained under incessant urging [from jockey Rachel Gray] throughout the length of the stretch and was vanned off.” “Incessant urging” for a horse who was not only done in this cheap $4,500 claiming race, but done period.

I had purposely held off on this post to see if Beau would resurface for yet another run at pay-first-through-last (he “won” $100 for his connections – above trainers, owner Barry Utterback – in each of his last 5 races), racino-subsidized Charles Town. He hasn’t. I do know that he wasn’t euthanized at the track on December 3rd. But that, of course, does not mean he isn’t dead. Regardless, sad story, sad human beings.

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