The Stud Illusion

Sunday, the Paulick Report published a press-release announcing the retirement-to-stud (to a farm called “Country Life”) of 4-year-old Graded Stakes Winner Super Ninety Nine. It’s the type of story that racing apologists love – a career celebrated, an idyllic retirement, a happy ending. Never mind that stud is its own kind of exploitation, this, to them, is responsible aftercare – an industry taking care of its athletes. But in truth, an overwhelming majority of the done-earning never see places like “Country Life.” This is the fate that awaits them.


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  1. Like all the horses in this business, stallions ; brood mares; foals; yearlings; 2year olds ; “claimers”….the primary and only focus is the money and not the welfare of the horse. All horses at every stage and level in the business are thoroughly exploited for money, period.

  2. They grind horses up at the track, then ship them to the breeding sheds, and take every bit of flesh and heart out of studs and mares. Buckpasser was bred into a fatal heart attack, N.D. was bred right up into feeble and weak old age, mares are expected to produce foals when they are at the advanced age of 20 plus. The industry is a complete hell for horses.

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