38 Horses Have Died at Belmont This Year

An unnamed 2-year-old filly “collapsed and died” while training at Belmont Saturday morning. 2-year-old horses – the rough equivalent of 2nd-grade children – should not, of course, just collapse and die, but fret not – the Gaming Commission assures that the “investigation continues.” Incidentally, trainer Tom Morley conveniently omits any mention of his dead horse on his Twitter feed.

In Belmont’s just-concluded “Fall Championship Meet” (Sep 5th-Oct 26th), 12 Thoroughbreds perished either racing or training (another, Perfect Danger, was felled by laminitis). In all, Belmont has lost 38 since the year began. This is horseracing.


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  1. This is “business as usual.” This business should be renamed cruelty circus since it’s similar to gladiators. We need to all pull together and shit this pain and suffering down.

    • They are playing Russian roulette with these innocent defenceless voiceless animals who are at the mercy of the human animals of the racing industry.

  2. Patrick,

    Kind of a sad follow up to a horse that had been discussed last month. Floating Ballerino, who incredibly raced in 2 states in less than 24 hours, returned for one more lame effort at LRL.

    The brilliant owner/trainer then decided to move the overworked horse to a 2 mile plus jumping race and the horse was pulled up and DNF.
    We don’t know how serious the horse was hurt.

    Is this seriously going to go unnoticed by the powers that be in MD? Someone needs to be held accountable for this.

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