Halos and Angels: Dead Horse Walking

(Please note: This was originally published October 7th. At the request of a group working to rescue the horse, I took it down in hopes of currying favor with the connections. According to a source, though, that rescue attempt failed.)

On January 30th of this year, a then 2-year-old filly named Halos and Angels was raced for the first time (Aqueduct). On March 14th, she was vanned off after a race (again, Aqueduct) with an undisclosed injury. In June, she began a precipitous slide:

June 27, Belmont, last of 7, 29 1/2 lengths back (trainer, Naipaul Chatterpaul)
July 4, Monmouth, last of 9, 21 lengths back (Chatterpaul)
July 11 (seven days later), Monmouth, last of 6, 25 3/4 lengths back (Chatterpaul)
August 7, Finger Lakes, last of 9, 33 3/4 lengths back (John Pinnock)
September 13, Finger Lakes, last of 8, 32 1/2 lengths back (Pinnock)
September 27, Finger Lakes, 6th of 9, 13 lengths back (Pinnock)

The O. Mason Racing-owned Halos and Angels is slated to be whip-run for the 17th time (over an 8-month period) this Thursday at Finger Lakes. She has had at least one ambulance ride, has finished a combined 155 1/2 lengths back over her last six races, and is presently mired in claiming hell. She is a dead horse walking.

Update: Halos and Angels finished 7th of 8 on October 9th.

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  1. Claiming Races which comprise the majority of horse races are dumping grounds for sore, and tired horses. This is a sad example of this. Every day on racetracks all over North America, there are racehorses breaking down everyday, and for what? They are dying for $2 bets, for Racetrack CEO’s, for wagering companies, for just about every level of racing makes money off these horses, but are nowhere to be found when their standing in the Kill Auction Stall or Slaughterhouse box. We have rescue groups begging for donations to save them or for ongoing support such as feed or winter blankets while people spend Millions at Keeneland. It’s a horrible business from start to finish.

  2. Animals are gaining rights – started with the landmark ruling on OR giving animals rights of recognition as suffering when abused. That work has to continue. FBI has now a federal level of oversight recognizing that abuse of animals is a precursor of abuse of each other. Humans will not control themselves when greed enters their hearts – we keep hammering for better enforcement and to drop protections for the racing, rodeo and ranch to abuse.

    • Mr. Juffet, if you read the intro you’ll see that this is an old post (Oct 7th) that I temporarily removed to help with a rescue attempt. I simply re-posted the original – at the time, Halos was scheduled for Thursday, Oct 9th.

      • Patrick please update us on her retirement. There needs to b a rescue in the works. Has anybody spoken to the track or trainer?

  3. There is a group of us that worked to try to obtain her but to no avail. Patrick, please feel free to give anyone, who is interested, my personal email and I will fill them in on the details. By the way, we offered $600 for her and we were willing to go up to $750. There is always a disconnect between what the owner wants and what others want to pay. Halo has left Finger Lakes and been moved to another barn. At this time, we don’t know where she is. I can’t speak for the others in the group, but I am heartbroken. This sad little filly touched my heart. Of course, they all do.

    • Mary Johnson thank you for trying to save her. I’m interested in knowing what happened when you tried to rescue her. I’ve been thinking about Halos since the first time Patrick posted about her. Thank you.

      • I reached out to a contact in New York who volunteers for someone involved in racing. A group was subsequently started. One person was added and then another and another. An offer was made through someone who wishes to remain anonymous. I can’t divulge much more but suffice it to say that the offer was turned down. Halo has left Finger Lakes and no one is sure where she currently is located. She is in Joy Aten’s Virtual Stable. If she resurfaces in 2015, perhaps funds could be raised to claim her.

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