112 Dead or Missing Racehorses from May

An update on the May 2014 American horseracing casualties.

99 horses were “vanned off”; 2 of whom were later confirmed dead:
Reflective Glory, May 24, Emerald 6
Big Note, May 24, Santa Anita 2

Of the rest, 85 have not been heard from since:
Dance Train, May 1, Charles Town 1
Vaquero Guapo, May 1, Delta 5
Hotradamus, May 1, Santa Anita 3
Mlle Minuit, May 2, Belmont 8
Cashininafantasy, May 2, Delta 4
Sheza Classy Lady, May 2, Penn 3
Looking for Fish, May 2, Sam Houston 3
Upfrontn’dangerous, May 3, Calder 2
Folsom Sweetheart, May 3, Evangeline 3
Funi Act, May 3, Golden Gate 10
Awesome Salute, May 3, Louisiana 1
Orfanito, May 3, Sun 2
Jesse Lady, May 3, SunRay 3
Dumpling Man, May 3, Tampa Bay 7
A Political Time, May 3, Turf 8
Debonaire Man, May 4, Parx 6
The Commerce Comet, May 6, Will Rogers 2
Tazman Green, May 7, Charles Town 1
Summer in Bali, May 8, Belmont 2
A Noble Calling, May 8, Evangeline 10
It’s Too Easy, May 8, Lone Star 7
Paco Smart, May 9, Charles Town 8
Humor Me Doc, May 9, Gulfstream 1
Turbalo, May 9, Lone Star 7
Brighterthanthesun, May 9, Los Alamitos 4
Curl Del Rey, May 9, Remington 9
Jess a Charmer, May 9, Sam Houston 3
Kitellas Gal, May 9, SunRay 4
Movin Maxine, May 9, SunRay 8
Ashley’s Posse, May 10, Belterra 1
Houdini’s Muse, May 10, Evangeline 9
Molotof, May 10, Percy Warner 7
Here Comes Mikey, May 10, Pimlico 1
Gigi’s Alina, May 10, Prairie 5
Rohver Girl, May 11, Parx 1
Joduku, May 11, Sam Houston 6
Tiz Molly, May 11, Santa Anita 8
Mr Lemon Tree, May 11, Santa Anita 9
Lil Ditty, May 13, Will Rogers 10
Nana Jean, May 15, Churchill 9
Valueable Silver, May 16, Calder 8
Canon Zoom, May 16, Remington 1
Sylvester, May 17, Arlington 6
Schoolyard Dreams, May 17, Belmont 12
Platinum Vision, May 17, Mountaineer 3
Megador, May 17, Parx 10
Indian Gods, May 17, Santa Anita 8
Eyema Delight, May 18, Arlington 8
Catawba Gray, May 18, Belterra 7
Foolish Chopper, May 18, Emerald 5
Sweet Sara Brown, May 18, Emerald 7
Ramble On Rose, May 18, Los Alamitos 1
Seis Pac, May 18, Los Alamitos 3
Zoe 14, May 18, SunRay 1
Bodacious Bets, May 20, Fairmount 5
Stonesthrowaway, May 20, SunRay 5
Frenchy the Reb, May 22, Charles Town 2
Motion in Potion, May 22, Prairie Meadows 2
Goingoingone, May 23, Ruidoso 10
TTT Dark Diamond, May 24, Arapahoe 3
Static Kill, May 24, Arlington 5
Fool Me Once, May 24, Canterbury 5
Youcancountonme, May 24, Delaware 3
Bb Cc Quik Wagon, May 24, Delta 7
Binding Peace, May 24, Gulfstream 6
Sure Fire First, May 24, Los Alamitos 4
Eric the Ram, May 24, Louisiana 1
Courageous Dancer, May 24, Parx 2
Dynastys First Call, May 24, Ruidoso 7
Kris the Great, May 24, Santa Anita 6
Flying to the Dash, May 25, Arapahoe 7
Fleet Fire, May 25, Churchill 1
Notability, May 25, Churchill 5
Street Rat Crazy, May 25, Los Alamitos 3
Loooch’smachoman, May 25, Louisiana 3
Value Trap, May 25, Prairie 3
Valle Vidal, May 25, Ruidoso 11
Mitch’s Halo, May 26, Les Bois 9
New Vogue, May 28, Les Bois 5
Ravin With Roses, May 29, Arlington 1
On My Honor, May 30, Los Alamitos 6
La Royal Courage, May 30, SunRay 4
Senor Sligo, May 31, Belterra 7
Easytoauthenticate, May 31, Evangeline 9
Jaguar King, May 31, Parx 2

88% of the vanned off were either later confirmed dead or have simply disappeared.

Although not reported as vanned, these 5, too, have not resurfaced:
Halie’s Wild, May 25, Parx 6, “ridden back to the unsaddling area lame”
Irish Humor, May 25, Pimlico 3, “returned bleeding”
Gibson Halo, May 29, Evangeline 4, lame
Midnightatmarions, May 31, Belmont 10, “bolted,” “went thru rail”
Rare Lukey, May 31, Suffolk 5, “stumbled badly”

Equibase reported 6 horses as “euthanized”:
Handstand, May 1, Belmont 6
Aztec Secret, May 10, Louisiana 3
Oriental Silk, May 18, Louisiana 8
Caillech’s Quest, May 18, Parx 4
Summa Cum Boom, May 20, Parx 3
See the Music, May 21, Belmont 7 (reported as having a fatal “heart attack”)

…and 14 as “broke down” – racing-speak for dead:
Polar Pal, May 2, Evangeline 7
Granny Calling, May 2, Santa Anita 1
Canadian Winner, May 3, Churchill 13
Zion Hill, May 4, Mountaineer 6
Nightfall, May 8, Santa Anita 5
Looks Like a Saint, May 9, Indiana 6
Mad Magic, May 9, Pimlico 1
Gameboy Luke, May 10, Santa Anita 4
Rhythm of the Moon, May 14, Suffolk 4
Blushing Martha, May 18, Mountaineer 8
Stadtpark, May 22, Santa Anita 4
Silver Arch, May 27, Parx 7
Jess a Speeder, May 30, Arapahoe 7
Berrymeaux, May 31, Mountaineer 2

Allowing that a few of the vanned may have been “retired”/rescued, I think it likely that some 105 horses from our May casualty lists are dead. But remember, that’s flat-track, in-competition only – this report does not include harness and training deaths. For context on the latter, though: Of the 98 on-track (or back in the barn) deaths in NY last year, 43% came in morning practice. If we were to add a similar percentage to the above, the toll grows dramatically. In addition, there were surely other euthanasias not reflected here – horses merely “pulled up” or “eased,” even some who per Equibase finished their races without incident.

In short, I think it reasonable to assert that the New York Times figure – 24 dead horses a week – should be doubled, leaving us with well over 2,000 track-kills annually. And this says nothing of the thousands more sent to slaughter. Please help end the madness: Stop betting on animal races.

download (13)

(If any of the above are alive, their current people – whether racing, rescue, or private – should disclose; if done, I will dutifully post.)


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  1. Thank you for attempting to make a count of the horses who are running for their lives. I’ve tried to have the racing industry do this for over 20 years but they refuse and instead toss out the diversion they call the Jockey Club Injury Database. Those in the industry could prepare such a list due to easy access to information and I cannot imagine the painstaking time and effort (and rude refusals to cooperate with you) that you undertook to provide this information that the public has every right to know. Yet as you mention, training deaths are rarely recorded both on the track and definitely not at nearby off-site training facilities nor are the horses that make it back to their stalls but days later, when their drugs wear off, it is discovered it is not possible to squeeze one more race from them and they are euthanized or sent to slaughter through the use of middlemen as easy to hide as money laundering. The youngsters that die in sprints to entice investors are left uncounted. It would also be simple for the Jockey Club Injury Database to have a form for veterinarians to complete who work with rescuers when it is learned that the only humane end for the “retiring” horse is to euthanize it. Directly suggested to Dr. Mary Scollay at the inception of the Jockey Club Injury Database, such a form still does not exist. On behalf of the horses you have listed and the hundreds of those that die without their deaths considered important enough to record, I thank you.

    • Okay wild assumption person.Sometimes athletes get injured. When a professional football player is “vanned off” the field the public does not assume he is being euthanased. Upfrontn’dangerous was bumped hard and pushed into the rail on May 3rd at Calder and seriously damaged her tendon(bowed).(The offending jockey received” days.) Thanks to the quick thinking of her rider who felt something amiss, she was pulled up. The track vet on duty recognizing the seriousness of the injury called for the ambulance to give her a ride back to the barn preventing further damage. Uppy received immediate medical attention.

      When she was able to be trailered Uppy was brought to the farm for rehab. She has received seven months of hand walking and stall rest.She is being turned out under supervision and I am now riding her lightly in the process of her new career as a riding horse. She is the kindest,most gentle horse and has won over everyone at the farm with her friendly personality.I am proud to own her in her retirement as I was to watch her run. She can still race around the fields in 21, but she rides like a Cadillac… Please count Upfrontn’dangerous among the living and much loved.

  2. Ditto Jo-Anne & kudos to you Horse racing Wrongs for having the tenacity to be on the front lines every day to witness all this carnage…always sharing & twittering for you…Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours…

  3. Patrick,

    I thank you as well.

    It must be a very painful task to go through these races and see how many horses are being drugged and abused and killed as well as very time consuming.

    I wish there was a way to force the other states to list the horses that are dead and vanned off. then perhaps that would force more people to pay attention to this horrific abuse called horse racing.

  4. In a civilized society with laws concerning animal abuse/cruelty it is amazing what this business gets away with. Well, rather than amazing, it is disgraceful.

  5. On this subject, I am unable to find the following Afleet Alex foals. All of them raced; all of them have not raced in over a year. If anyone knows anything about these horses, kindly contact me. I have run out of ideas! Thank you.
    Advier TB 4 / G
    Afleet Alan TB 7 / G
    Afleet Lexi TB 6 / M
    Afleet Memories TB 4 / F
    Alex Le Great TB 7 / G
    Alex’s Hope TB 7 / H
    Alexi’s Gold TB 5 / M
    Alice’s Alex TB 6 / H
    All About Alex TB 7 / M
    Barbies M TB 6 / M
    Captain Fantastic TB 5 / G
    Fast Alexia TB 4 / F
    Fleet Special TB 7 / M
    Frivolous Alex TB 5 / M
    Front Row Yo TB 7 / G
    Go Ask Alex TB 7 / M
    Harissa TB 7 / M
    Itineris TB 7 / G
    Kratisto TB 7 / G
    La Gran Bailadora TB 7 / M
    Mas Trueno TB 6 / G
    My Alexis TB 7 / M
    Notable Player TB 5 / H
    Quick Ride TB 7 / H
    Runfor Ro TB 5 / M
    Swift Afleet TB 4 / C
    Vivacious Anna TB 7 / M
    Wee Alex TB 5 / H
    World Champ TB 6 / H

    • Pedigree Query is ok to find the whereabouts of race horses, yet it has some short comings , if the owners or new owners haven’t updated. The site was accurate about Pure Afleet being euthanized. Quick Ride hasn’t been updated since 2010, which has me worried. He was Afleet Alex’s first foal. Hopefully he has found a good home or retired at a facility.

      • Pedigree Query can be commented on by ANYONE…whether it is the truth or not. Sure, there might be accurate information there (I have “maintained” many horses there…of course, all accurate and truthful information), but I would never take what Pedigree Query states as gospel. Just a warning.

  6. So now Patrick’s list from ONE MONTH – May of 2014 – of DEAD or MISSING horses is down to 106. ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DEAD AND/OR MISSING RACEHORSES…from just one month. What a DISGUSTING industry.

  7. I was grumbling on FB today about what a shame it is that horses are forced to run at 10 pm during the winter. At least two women barked back, “how would YOU make a living during the winter.” “According to a vet, horses are better off running in winter.”

    • My answer to making a living in the winter or any other time of year : Get a real job and contribute something positive to society instead of abusing horses in this corrupt gambling game.
      As for the vets. : Running horses in the northern winters on tracks like Aqueduct and Charles Town and starting them in fog so thick the races can’t be called until the wire and the horses are “better off “!! Compared to what ?

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