One Step Higher Dead at Delta, Boy’s Brother Bob at Mahoning

At Delta Downs last night, 3-year-old One Step Higher “fell near the eighth pole [of race 3] and was euthanized.” This was the third time that trainer Thomas Nixon and owner Lary Nixon had put their filly to the whip. The previous two ended thus: Sep 18, 10th of 11, 16+ back; Nov 29, 9th of 10, 17+ back.

Also, I have confirmed that 7-year-old Boy’s Brother Bob, trained by Albert Dodge and owned by Dean Heckathorn, is dead after breaking down in the 7th at Mahoning Tuesday. It was the animal’s 51st race for gambling dollars.


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  1. The abuse and deaths of these horses in this disgusting game is shameful at every level. How sad is it that this is not only tolerated but endorsed by so many.

    PS And the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission will take no action against Asmussen or his assistant Blasi following it’s lengthy incestuous sham investigation. “No rules were broken”. This is just one more validation of the absolute corruption and total disregard for the horse in this ugly game.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Rose. They just whitewash these so called “investigations”. Self-regulation is a disaster for these noble horses in the racing industry. And yes, it is very incestuous.

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