Mm Paul Revere Dead at Louisiana Downs

In the 7th at Louisiana yesterday, Mm Paul Revere finished 4th, earning $750 for his people. But that wasn’t the end of his line – turns out, the 3-year-old “fell past [the] wire” and was euthanized for an undisclosed injury. Killed in the midst of puberty.

This pathetic creature – no athlete, here – had endured three different trainer/owner teams over the last five months of his life: Ray Mayo/Sharita Mayo, Barbara Alcantara/Armando Rodriguez, Vicki Lea Mcllvain/Gerardo Rodriguez. Passed around like a used car – a thing, a nothing. Now, dead. This is horseracing.



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  1. A 3 year old with 3 different owners in 5 months amounts to enomorous stress and confusion for this immature horse, or any horse for that matter. Then throw in “training” and shooting out of a gate then whipped while running for his life which he lost. Why he died is not disclosed because nobody in this business cares anything about the horse, especially the claimer. There is no PR to be considered in these cases unlike with the high profile horses. However, many of the better known racers wind up forgotten and in bad situations. There is nothing good in racing for the horse.

    Use and abuse is the order of the day
    in this gambling business. Disgusting.

  2. That’s an accurate description, Patrick – a used car. The horses of the racing industry simply cannot be viewed as living, breathing, feeling creatures by those who exploit them. If they did, that would make them monsters.

    Mm Paul Revere, your suffering has come to an end. RIP.

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