The Dead or Missing, August 2014

An update on the August 2014 U.S. horseracing casualties.

134 horses were “vanned off”; 9 of whom were later confirmed dead:
Chattering Gambler, Del Mar
Regretless, Saratoga
Bayview Drive, Del Mar
Zuni Tunes, Golden Gate
There Goes Kevin, Los Alamitos
Kevinator, Los Alamitos
Arctic Thunder, Remington
Divine Guidance, Saratoga
Washington’s Rules, Suffolk

Of the rest, 93 have not been heard from since:
Mr. Swagger, Ellis
Baran’s Prospect, Ellis
Ambassy, Los Alamitos
My Orthodoc, Louisiana
Implied, Monmouth
Blushin Babe, Ruidoso
Dashing Beauty, Los Alamitos
Fly Above, Monmouth
Mr. Ast, Penn
Trout Lily, Mountaineer
Divine Gift, Albuquerque
What Appeal, Charles Town
Twisted Perfection, Indiana
Act of Defiance, Mountaineer
Giulio Cesari, Saratoga
Buddy’s Greenstone, Charles Town
Cherie’s Cascade, Evangeline
Give It to Dem, Gulfstream
Hakama, Saratoga
Rachel’s Ticket, Charles Town
Classy, Charles Town
Grace N Heart, Evangeline
Elite Buckaroo, Arapahoe
Slewissurfing, Charles Town
Tiger Town, Evangeline
T Soeur, Evangeline
No News, Fairmount
Ambarona, Suffolk
Bertrando’s Belle, Albuquerque
Fit to Rule, Del Mar
Debonaire Doll, Louisiana
Ketel Wons Copy, Ruidoso
Forever Candy, Parx
Ontology, Del Mar
Pass the Crown, Indiana
Empedrado, Penn
Grosero, Penn
Medal Affair, Charles Town
Savethewildagain, Penn
Kr On Eagles Wings, Ruidoso
Im a Fancy Pyc, Ruidoso
Sporty, Saratoga
Photon, Saratoga
Road Time, Albuquerque
Flying Cherubim, Arapahoe
Enter Back, Emerald
Amame, Arlington
La Rue Lady, Ellis
Afternoon Rule, White Pine
Mischivous Appeal, White Pine
Gray Treasure, Ruidoso
Unshaken Secret, Ruidoso
Amira’s Prince, Saratoga
Shot Rod, Mountaineer
Angel of Fire, Mountaineer
Sorcerer’s Queen, Evangeline
Im Funny for Money, Evangeline
Dawn’s Destiny, Louisiana
Sal’s Boy, Monmouth
Squad Leader, Albuquerque
Parading Gold, Canterbury
Tu Tu Tango, Evangeline
Twin City Thunder, Evangeline
Bold Perspective, Gulfstream
Hope Some Gold, Los Alamitos
Chubaroni, Monmouth
Thunder Stric Again, Albuquerque
Casanova Kiddo, Ellis
Tycoon Cat, Monmouth
Blitzball, Timonium
Bert B Don, Delaware
Queen But a King, Ruidoso
Freya, Mountaineer
Ellenberger Park, Mountaineer
Sahha, Del Mar
Never On Time, Presque Isle
Seeking a Sunrise, Thistledown
Classic Charm, Canterbury
Throwsomelimeonit, Evangeline
Unbridled Blossom, Indiana
Captain Styles, Indiana
Bendanie, Louisiana
Racin Thru Fire, Prairie
Una Parche, Albuquerque
Footstepsinbronze, Del Mar
Semester Abroad, Monmouth
Oddity, Belterra
Big Father, Gulfstream
Smooth Tour, Gulfstream
Miss Ecton Stuff, Louisiana
Strong Humor, Monmouth
Cross Village, Mountaineer
Revealing Moment, Saratoga

76% of the vanned off were either later confirmed dead or have simply disappeared.

Although not reported as vanned, these 15, too, have not resurfaced:
Golden Saturday, Charles Town, fell, DNF
Jewel in the Sky, Monmouth, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Big Zapple, Delaware, fell at start, DNF
Super Slam, Parx, “returned lame”
Ms Beauty Betty, Fair Grounds, bled
Rib Sox, Indiana, bled, DNF
Call First, Penn, fell, DNF
Camp Copper, Timonium, “returned bleeding”
Mean Maxine, Mountaineer, bled
Brassy Boy, Mountaineer, bled
Scealeile, Presque Isle, fell, DNF
The Bookkeeper, Gulfstream, “collapsed at wire”
Peppiann, Elko, “fell over rail,” DNF
What Goes Around, Golden Gate, fell, DNF
Orfan Ole, Canterbury, “stopped badly”

Equibase reported 10 as died or “euthanized”:
Markyour Territory, Fairmount
Sir William Bruce, Saratoga
Western Sword, Penn
De Rage Girl, Parx
Trail Blaze, Parx
M B and Tee, Saratoga
Ludicrous, Saratoga
Makari, Saratoga
Manda Moo, Parx
Kitagal, Louisiana

…and 21 as “broke down” – racing-speak for dead:
Maji Moto, Mountaineer
Cat O Gold, Arapahoe
Who’strickingwho, Arapahoe
Bonita Muneca, Belterra
Exultant, Belterra
Steppingood, Del Mar
Bullwhip, Charles Town
Deputy Gulch, Charles Town
Winter’s Wildchild, Columbus
Royal Hard Spun, Monmouth
Bonnie Lass, Delaware
Little Tower, Del Mar
Celzo’s Birdie, Ferndale
Matagorda Bay, Gillespie
Be a Pro, Presque Isle
Run for Papa, Fairmount
Posh Acres, Charles Town
My Kinda Girl, Charles Town
Paper Tigress, Parx
Nacho Preacher, Golden Gate
Runaway Bridle, Thistledown

Allowing for a handful of “retirements”/rescues, I think it likely that some 130 horses from our August lists are dead. But remember, that’s flat-track, in-competition only – this report does not include harness and training deaths. For context on the latter, though: 43% of NY’s on-track deaths in 2013 came in morning practice. In short, I think it reasonable to assert that the NY Times figure of 24 dead a week should be doubled, leaving us with upwards of 2,000 track-kills annually.

(If you know the whereabouts of any of the above, please disclose and I will publish.)

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  1. Patrick,

    The more I read your posts, the more I realize the critical crisis the throughbred is facing. The sheer number of fatalities is heart wrenching. It is hard to comprehend the losses. Where are so many of the missing going? I can only wonder. I wish there was a uniform way to trace the existence of every throughbred. There should be a database created under law. Marlene Thornley

    • Mindy, I’m not certain why you asked for Jewel in the Sky to be removed from this list – have you or someone you know found her, positively identified her and given her a safe and forever home?

      If you think putting “Retired From Racing” on a racing TB’s JC papers is going to ensure they 1), are truly retired from racing and/or 2), assured a forever home, you’re dead wrong.

      Even racehorses whose registration papers are marked with “Call this number when you no longer want this horse” (with the phone number included) get dumped at auction.

      So, have you or someone you know found Jewel in the Sky and given her a home? If not, she belongs on this list.

  2. I believe we may own Matagorda Bay. We are new to the horse world, bought this horse for our daughter only to find out we bought him from a shyster to had bought him at an auction. He is lame but we adore him… I happened to see his tattoo, when I put it in The Jockey Club that’s the name that came up. Is there any way for me to confirm this is him? I would love to find out his history

  3. I do a lot of searching on unknown horses. I will let you know if I find out any information on any of the horses that are unknowns.

    • Good for you. Lucky for Mean Maxine, but where were all the good folks in horse racing? You know the ones who “love” and “care” for them. MM was used and abused by this industry has evidenced in her PP’s. Multiple owners and nobody ensured that she had a soft landing. MM generated thousands in wagering while another gambling number and where was the HBPA who makes this money? This is typical of these delusional apologists.

      • I don’t know much about racing at all and I’m certainly no apologist. I had to google what HBPA meant. Wish I could save all of them and eliminate kill pens- MM is living the good life though and loved by a family now. She spent a few years playing polo after getting dumped by her racing owners.

    • Joanna, what a lucky mare! – thank you for saving her! With tens of thousands of discarded racehorses going to slaughter, it truly is miraculous when one is found among the many kill pen horses and rescued by a compassionate individual – TY!

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