Three “Vanned Off” at Sunland Yesterday

Three horses were ambulanced off the Sunland track yesterday afternoon; as you read this morning, it is highly probable that at least one is dead:

6-year-old Zoomin for Time in the 2nd

4-year-old Watch for Corona in the 4th

2-year-old I’ll Be Dom in the 7th

Going into yesterday’s action, these three pathetic pieces of chattel had been put to the whip a combined 38 times. This, folks, is horseracing.

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  1. On whipping racehorses

    Some of the comments are interesting and some are pathetic.

    Comment: Ban the whip. One key point to consider in this ban. A horse is capable of running literally, run until it drops. Its heart gives out. It dies.

    The above link is recent and was published after the Catalyst TV program went to air.

    CEO of the Australian Racing Board, Peter McGauran stated on the program that if scientific evidence proved that the horse felt pain they would have to consider abolishing the whip.
    Then he does this backflip:

    And now, we the public, are to be “educated” for the reasons for having it (the whip) and that it DID NOT INFLICT PAIN. Oh and the study was only 2 pages long! It appears McGauran considers the number of pages of a study is far more important than the scientific content!

    One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know that beating a living creature, such as a horse, a dog or a human being, with a whip causes pain and tissue damage.

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