Sea John’s Spirit Dead at Santa Anita

The Daily Racing Form reports that 7-year-old Sea John’s Spirit was euthanized after breaking down in the 4th at Santa Anita yesterday. Curiously (because she was 7), this was only her 12th race; she was inactive from May ’14 to April of this year. In that return race on April 3, Sea John finished last, 19 lengths back. Now – dead. Her people: Joseph Talamo, Ronald Ellis, Pete Fer, Peter M. Fer.


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  1. The killing continues. Just one of those things, right racing apologists?

    RIP, Sea John’s Spirit. Your enslavement is over, sweet mare.

    TY Patrick for letting us know about her…she’s deserving of the acknowledgement of her life and death.

  2. This is disgraceful! A seven year old mare with only 12 starts in her career, has almost one year off racing (highly likely a health issue) and comes home 19 lengths on resuming and then some 10 weeks later breaks down racing and is euthanased. I would imagine that when training this horse up in preparation for her return to racing, there would’ve been signs that something was amiss with her and just wasn’t up to racing anymore. Once again playing Russian Roulette with a helpless horse. The persons responsible for this mare’s death –
    and of course the “vets” on duty and the racing officials for allowing her to race when she was not fit for the purpose.

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