Canadian Wish, Ghostof Gettysburg Dead in NY

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the following deaths:

Eight days ago at Finger Lakes, 8-year-old Canadian Wish was “humanely euthanized – severe diarrhea, dehydration, endotoxemia.” This “non-racing” death, it should be noted, came just four days after the 62-start veteran finished second-to-last, 18+ lengths back in a $5,000 claiming race. Pablo Torres trained.

Sunday, 3-year-old Ghostof Gettysburg was euthanized for “severe colic and diarrhea” at Belmont. The James Toner-trained colt had yet to be raced. Toner had a similar racehorse death back in November (Keen Katana).

46 horses have died at NYS tracks so far this year. And the beat goes on…

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  1. Thank you Patrick. It breaks my heart that this list continues to grow without a shred of conscience from the industry who claims to be so concerned about the welfare and safety of horses. But for you, these beautiful sentient thoroughbreds who are willing partners to their death would not be remembered for their efforts and service. I have worked the majority of my days in the company of horses and I can tell you first-hand they are willing, loyal, trusting, sentient beings who deserve so much more from humanity.

  2. Daily racehorse deaths. Daily. Yet some continue to support and even promote this unnecessary industry that maims and destroys horses. Unbelievable…it really is.

    So it’s not surprising that two more racehorses – not even in their prime of life – die from GI-related causes. Racehorses have increased risk factors for colic and its cascade of accompanying symptoms…1) heavy grain-based diets, 2) the dehydration that comes with Lasix administration, with-holding of water before a race, and going off their feed (and water) status-post race, 3) long-term bute consumption, and 4) STRESS. Ulcers are present in nearly 100% of racehorses….minimally, 80%.

    I feel so sorry for the horses that suffer for days, weeks….as horrific as it is when a horse suffers a catastrophic injury during a race that requires immediate euthanasia, their pain and agony is shorter-lived. Not the horses Patrick reports on here. It makes me sick.

    Canadian Wish. Ghostof Gettysburg. Your lives were important to us. Your deaths, we mourn.

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