“Delays” at Parx Include at Least One Dead Horse

The final footnote on the (Equibase) racing charts for Parx yesterday reads: “Due to many delays, the final race went off 20 minutes later than the scheduled post time.”

The delays?

In the 3rd, 4-year-old Aces Are Wild “broke down in his left front and fell about fifty yards from the finish line and was humanely euthanized.” Dead.

In the 4th, 6-year-old Bully Song “clipped the heels of DIDN’T TAKE IT on the far turn and fell.” DNF. Condition undisclosed. Same race, 5-year-old Linda’s Last “was forced to take up sharply and alter course to avoid fallen rival.” DNF.


In the 7th, 5-year-old Light Weight “broke down near the top of the stretch and was vanned off.” Almost assuredly dead.

Good, clean family fun. This is horseracing.

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  1. Shame on Parx I bet they called that a stressful day it should be memorial day OMG how tragic for the horses RIP innocent hearts

  2. A good friend who owns race horses, introduced me to your blog. It has been quite a heartbreaking few days of reading. I had no idea it was so horrific… and I’ve no idea how he, an animal lover and sweet man, can continue while knowing all this. How can anyone continue?

  3. Amy, if I may, my thoughts are that your good friend might’ve been involved in horseracing for a long time and no doubt genuinely loves his racehorses. I could be wrong but I’m guessing he is addicted to horseracing as I’ve seen a great deal of this. Like many racehorse owners they place their horses with complete faith and trust in the trainer (and the industry) thinking that their horses are being well cared for but sadly this is not the case. As to why he is continuing, only he can answer that question. He is an animal lover and no doubt he’s probably very disappointed to learn of the terrible things the horses are enduring. I get the feeling that the reason he informed you of Patrick’s site is that he wants you to know the truth about horseracing and wanting to turn you off ever being a racehorse owner or the like. Seems to me he is spreading the word. I’ve assumed a fair bit in responding to you but felt your question needed to be addressed.

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