On Horseracing, Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS Are Frauds and Cowards

Our position here is clear and unequivocal: Horseracing is inherently wrong and it must go. Not so, says the “nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization,” the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). In a Paulick Report article announcing the “partnership” between the HSUS and the Jockey Club on an anti-doping bill, HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle says, “We’re not against racing. We want it done well and humanely.” And: “…while PETA may be an anti-racing organization, HSUS isn’t.”

Whether Wayne Pacelle actually believes this or not is wholly irrelevant, for either way he has revealed himself a fraud. If he truly holds that horseracing is a sport and that it’s worth saving, then he (quite obviously) is not the ethical vegan he claims to be. If, conversely, he privately opposes horseracing but says these things publicly in order to placate the many HSUS donors who, while calling themselves “animal lovers,” do not oppose using other species for human ends, he is both a fraud and a coward.

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To make matters worse, as the article points out, HSUS opposes greyhound racing. (From its website: “We can eliminate greyhound racing through education, compassion and action.”) Why would the HSUS make a distinction between the coerced racing of dogs and the coerced racing of horses? Simple, really: Dogracing is poor, has no “tradition” to speak of (like “The Sport of Kings”), and is deeply unpopular (banned in most states) – it’s on its way out. Horseracing, on the other hand, is rich, still (sensationally) covered by NBC Sports, and while its popularity is clearly waning, its big-monied interests continue to have lawmakers’ ears across the country (racino subsidies). In other words, like any good slimy politician, the HSUS has placed itself on the “right” side of these issues. Frauds and cowards.


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  1. Donate to PETA an organization with a 98% kill rate on animals they tell people they will find a home for. HSUS just like PETA serves a purpose but neither organization is good in all areas. If you want to support something whether by signing petitions or monetarily go to a rescue group locally, they handle the situations daily and without the benefit of making news to generate money.

    • That “kill rate” defines distorted truth. PETA euthanizes to prevent extended suffering. The villain here is an American public that treats dogs and cats as commodities to be bought, sold, traded, and dumped.

      • Sorry but you are believing in something that just isn’t true. They are currently being sued, PETA by a family that turned over their one year old chi mix to them in the belief a home would be found and within less than a day in fact more like an hour the dog was put down. Their shelter in Virginia Beach is not a safe haven for people giving up their animals. I work in rescue and do have the facts about PETA. Again, they serve a purpose of putting a light on a problem but they are not all good just like HSUS.

      • Exactly, Patrick.

        People like to assert their “rights”, including their right to own and breed animals. However, they seem to forget along with the “right” to own and breed animals there is something called responsibility and accountability.

      • Absolutely spot on Patrick and Rose. The one (1) year old chi mix dog’s owner family should hang their heads in shame – it’s these type of people who are causing insurmountable problems for organisations like PETA, the RSPCA, etc. which organisations rely on donations to survive and do their absolute best for neglected and dumped animals. What a hide this family has to sue PETA when they handed this dog over in lieu of sorting out whatever the problem was that they had with this dog. I am forever hearing about the RSPCA accepting dogs when the owners no longer want them, do their utmost to rehabilitate/make them well again and re-home them, only to go to owners who find they don’t like the dog for this or that reason and return the dog and with no home available the RSPCA has no choice but to put the dog down. This chi mix dog might’ve had a problem that PETA realized was not in any way suitable to go to another home or there was simply no home available. No, Claudia Prowther, this pathetic family would never look at itself and question its part in all of this!

  2. Ms. Prather, I support PETA and they are in my will. Yes, they do euthanize animals because they do NOT run a shelter. A previous friend of mine stated that PETA drove their van through neighborhoods looking for animals to “kill”. That, of course, is a monstrous lie. Patrick is correct. The villain is NOT PETA. It is those that breed, breed, breed and then dump, dump, dump.

  3. Mr. Wayne Pacelle is a hypocrite. I have no doubt that he receives large donations from his cronies in racing and, therefore, feels a need to play both sides of the fence. I have asked people why they support horseracing but not dog racing and no one has been able to come up with an answer. Yes, those people are hypocrites, too. As I have said many times, you can’t mix money and animals because the animals always end up losing.

  4. I’m a supporter of both PETA and HSUS, and I will tell you why since I know this sounds confusing. My ultimate goal would be to see horse racing end so I’m with PETA on this one. However, from a realistic point of view, I know that the very powerful, well-financed, and politically-connected horse racing industry is going to be around for some time just like any business that profits from the exploitation of any animal. Thanks to PETA for releasing the Steve Assmussen video of everyday “business as usual.” in most horse racing stables because the industry has never been exposed for what it really is. Of course the industry scrambled for damage control, but at least they put it out there. This exposure was so needed since it was always talked about, but never shown on tape so the industry consistently denied it. There was no denying the doping, and dumping model so prevalent in the horse racing industry. Here was a Top Trainer, and his personnel, treating the racehorse like a disposable commodity. In my view, they were directly responsible for the death of Champion Racehorse NEHRO. So sad, but he’s one of many. So while the horse racing business continues to operate, I support HSUS to be a watchdo, but on of many. I realize that they are not perfect, but I think having some well recognized organization working in tandem with the industry will be better than nothing.I sincerely hope the net affect is a more compassionate life for the active racehorse. That said, I predict that there will be some conflict between HSUS, and the horse racing industry because in order for this industry to operate, time and again, the health and welfare of the racehorse is not a priority in order for the profit to be maximized. In the least, we all know what happens to racehorses when filling races is a priority. I always felt that all animal rights, and animal advocates have something positive to contribute. I know that both PETA, and the HSUS do amazing work on behalf of animals. This is why I support both.

  5. If HSUS supports everything going on in the industry without speaking out about it, then they are merely a management extension of the horse racing industry. This is where I agree with the fraud Patrick because they have been “bought-off” by the horse racing industry to legitimize the cruelty, and exploitation of the racehorse.

  6. Been in the horse world since a child. I am amazed & grateful that anyone does anything to educate , and to “try” to make it a better more humane world for all horses.Thank-you to all- In my life NO one , ever cared, NO one would speak-up- NO one would stand-up- for horses- for animals. Glad that you are showing the real dark side of the gambling factory of horse-racing. On the subject of The Humane Society of the US-they have done tremendous good for animals- that is a fact.The fact that they are aligning themselves with The Jockey Club- to me is a good thing- WHY ? Jockeys are being put at great risk- riding drugged horses- many horses whose hearts are bursting- from the over-use & over-drugging of “legal” drugs-. I find it a good thing to align with the Jockeys to help the problems- here & now- I come from reality- horse racing is bad- it needs regulation from the inside out- So I as a realist agree with The Humane Society- I find your personal insults to the CEO – not appropriate or professional, yet I do understand your take- hope you understand my take- I am against horse-racing personally but it is a powerful industry that is not going to stop- So promoting humaneness -educating everyone- trying to create and pass laws- protecting – helping the horses is a good thing- I thank-you for your contribution to that – I share your site constantly- you do a great job- at getting the truth of the dark-side-of-racing- and its destruction of horses out there.- Keep up your great work.

  7. Well said, Patrick!

    Pacelle is a sell out and and completely useless! His office needs to be flooded with letters!!!!

    People like Pacelle are the dark side and need to be ousted!

    “We want it done well and humanely” quoting Pacelle is completely idiotic and makes me sick!!!!!!!

    Let’s race Pacelle a mile, on pain medication and speed, under the whip, with injury after pre-existing injury, after he’s had shock therapy to cover up the pain, raced in previous weeks with masked injuries, shocked with a buzzer, and then we cheer him to victory so we can have more blood money in the bank!!!!

  8. Patrick,

    PETA needs to tell the truth.

    PETA needs to let people know that they are going to kill their dog when it arrives and not even attempt to find a good home.

    THere was an expose done in Virginia with PETA in the last couple of years. It turns out that people were dropping their dogs off at the PETA shelter Thinking they were going to find good homes and instead the dogs were being killed within 24 hours and no attempt was made to find them a home.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals killed most of the animals at its Norfolk, Virginia, shelter in 2014, according to preliminary figures filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

    Recent documents uncovered by PETAKillsAnimals.com indicate that the Commonwealth of Virginia was so shocked by the number of animals PETA kills each year that the state inspector attempted to revoke PETA’s license to operate a shelter.

    This is probably because most animals taken in by PETA aren’t housed for very long. After reviewing two months worth of records, Kovich found that 245 of the 290 animals–84 percent–that PETA took into custody were killed within 24 hours. Only 17 were reported as adopted or in foster homes.

    Kovich noted that PETA’s shelter did not meet PETA’s own published guidelines for operating a humane animal shelter.

    • Kathleen, you need to do your research. PETA does NOT operate an animal shelter…to repeat…they do NOT operate an animal shelter. Therefore, how can people drop their animals off at the PETA animal shelter? Please answer the question. Misleading, at best. Yes, they may have euthanized animals but every single shelter in this country euthanizes animals. Why? Because there aren’t enough homes for all the animals that need one. Please do NOT succumb to sensationalism.

      • Mary,

        I also read somewhere that PETA was euthanizing dogs in their shelter in Virginia, within an hour after arrival, and I even saw the pictures of deceased dogs in black garbage bags piled high outside of their facility. I was shocked and disappointed to find this out, as PETA has done great work in other areas, including exposing the Racing Industry. I wrote directly to Ingrid, that all my contributions were specifically to be used to investigate the racing industry, but I am still alarmed by what I saw.

        I totally stopped sending contributions to the HSUS, once I found out they supported the racing industry, which is completely contradictory. The best way to get aid to the thoroughbred is to donate to thoroughbred rescues. I know that some rescues are pro-racing, but at least they are taking care of retired, broken, racehorses who are in urgent need of care and safety.

        TO DEBRAOLIVAS78 – I can’t believe you are at it again. Still trying to discredit and distort the truth. Why don’t you go run and play with those who think the twisted, distorted, way you do, and stop wasting your time on this site. You have absolutely nothing to offer here.

        Marlene Thornley

  9. I guess I’m confused. The HSUS has spoken out against dog racing but not horseracing. The two are the same except for the obvious….different animals. Therefore, how do you support one but not the other?

  10. PETA is no different than HSUS. Both have agenda and both sell out. PETA wants horses to go to slaughter as they see nothing wrong with that are each of you that so strongly support them thinking that is okay too? I do rescue and have for over 35 years and have seen the worse humans can do to an animal. I have reached out for help from PETA in the past only to be told they couldn’t intervene as the number of animals was to small. For both of these organizations it is all about getting their name out and in the process they sometimes do some good. Neither is inherently good for all animals in all ways but at least HSUS is not advocating for slaughter like PETA.

  11. Below is a portion of the email I sent this morning to the HSUS/Pacelle regarding their glaring hypocrisy of opposing “the cruel greyhound racing” industry yet supporting horse racing;

    Mr. Pacelle, the following paragraph is regarding your opposition of dog racing that is on your HSUS website…
    “Records shows that dogs suffer serious injuries, especially broken bones, while racing, and deaths are known to occur. They are treated like racing machines. What’s more, the dogs at the track endure almost constant confinement when not racing. And when they don’t perform well, they are discarded, killed by track henchman or put up for adoption to compete with humane societies and rescue groups already overburdened with their awesome adoption responsibilities.”

    In scanning the HSUS website, it appears you view both dogs and horses as sentient beings worthy of humane treatment. Therefore, we should be able to simply replace greyhound (from your statement of opposition with dog racing) with racehorse…so let’s do that…
    Records show that racehorses suffer serious injuries, especially broken bones, while racing, and deaths are known to occur. (https://horseracingwrongs.com/killed-in-action-2014/) They are treated like racing machines. What’s more, the horses at the track endure almost constant confinement when not racing. And when they don’t perform well, they are discarded, killed at slaughterhouses across our borders after enduring long and tortuous trips there (https://horseracingwrongs.com/2015/05/29/in-all-likelihood-most-spent-racehorses-are-slaughtered/comment-page-1/), or unloaded into rescue organizations already overburdened and underfunded.

    So why the hypocrisy, Mr. Pacelle? Why the opposition to dog racing but not to horse racing? Exploitation of an animal (dog) for the entertainment of racing fans and the gambling enjoyment of bettors EQUALS exploitation of an animal (horse) for the entertainment of racing fans and the gambling enjoyment of bettors. Of course, greyhound racing doesn’t bring out the celebrities on nationally televised and illustrious race dates like horse racing does on the TC series and Breeders’ Cup days. The “rich and famous” folks attend those glorious affairs in scores. Some are even racehorse owners – possibly friends of yours, Mr. Pacelle?

  12. The PETA scandal involving animals being killed has been misrepresented by many sides. PETA has an euthanasia policy that it explicitly states on its website. If an animal is suffering it will be euthanized, and shouldn’t they all?According to reports filed by PETA the majority of pets they received were suffering from debilitating medical permanent issues. Most were not adoptable, and many people don’t adopt pets that are healthy let alone sick. The vet bills would be astronomical. The main issue is that their quality of life was not good. Many of these pets end up at NO KILL shelters or get dumped on the doorstep of rescue groups because nobody wants to deal with the issue. In actuality, these pets need to be humanely euthanized, but nobody wants to take responsibility for this decision. We must step up to the plate, and PETA did. So I don’t condemn them for doing what eveyrbody else failed to do. Which brings us to the topic of NO KILL shelters. I support their policy regarding NO KILL shelters. PETA doesn’t support NO KILL shelters. I have been an animal lover, and active animal worker/rescuer for most of my life. Initially, I supported NO KILL shelters, and then I worked in some. Most of these animals spent the majority of their day caged with little comfort or love. It was not that we didn’t want to give it. It was just because we were so overwhelmed with unwanted pets. We simply didn’t have the time. Also, most of us were volunteer. Money was stretched so thin. The pets got the basics: shelter, water, food, and minimum exercise. There were far more animals coming in then going out. We had the most amazing animals. I can never understand why people buy animals. I just can’t justify it – never could. There were so many beautiful, loving unwanted pets just wanting that home – an owner to love them. Animals are like us – they need love, they need social bonding. That’s part of all of us. Simply providing the basics was not enough. Moreover, animals are not meant to live in cages. Cages should just be used as temporary housing for various things. Cages should not be their house for 23 hours per day. It just isn’t fair. To me, deprivation of love is as equally critical as essential components of living. We all need love. That’s how we were designed. Another thing, the volunteers were getting so burned out. How can anybody expect somebody to volunteer so much of their time? We need to pay bills. Most of us, myself included, are not in a situation where we can do this full-time. So there are a multitude of issues surrounding NO KILL shelters. Do we continue allowing these animals to live in a cage day in and day out? It’s just not living. It’s horrific to decide who lives, and who dies. It’s not pleasant, but neither is living in a cage. Nobody deserves to die, but nobody deserves to live like this either. Humane euthanasia is the lesser of 2 evils over the lack of quality of life that these unwanted pets live. We should all channel our dislike of such great organizations as PETA and HSUS to the real problem: BREEDING. My position on Breeding is extreme. I say stop all breeding of animals and human beings. Our planet is currently overwhelmed with all – stretched to the limit. Why can’t we all start thinking this way?

      • Follow the money on this one !!!
        “We want it done well and humanely” according to Mr. Pacelle. I would love to know how this gambling industry could be “done well and humanely”. I find the statement ridiculous. The very foundation of this business is the use and abuse of the horse. We see it every day and it will not change until racing is no more.

  13. I have nothing but admiration and respect for PETA which organisation does incredible work for animals. It exposed NEHRO’s unspeakable cruelty and also exposed the terrible lives of top racehorse stallions serving mares when they’re exhausted and FORCED to serve (some people in the racing industry have admitted that some have died from exhaustion) and of course one must not forget the long suffering teaser pony. These serving stallions live in isolation and more often than not have very high fences surrounding their yard so they have absolutely no contact at all with any other horses. Many are also stabled for far too many hours. A terribly cruel life for them and look at the $millions they earn!

    I’m sure the Humane Society does some great work for some animals. However, in my view, for far too many decades it comes across as being very weak when it comes to the plight of the racehorse. Pacelle’s words leave me stone cold. The HSUS continues to dismally fail and neglect the racehorse.
    As Patrick points out, why would the HSUS make a distinction between the coerced racing of dogs and the coerced racing of horses? This is very telling about Pacelle/HSUS. I also suspect that the HSUS has been infiltrated by certain powerful influential people in the racing industry.

    • In regards to HSUS they have helped thousands if not millions of animals since their inception. How can I say that, because they were never founded to take animals in and care for them but to make laws that protect animals that allow law enforcement to make arrests. There work isn’t perfect but in trying to get laws passed to close loopholes that trainers, owners and veterinarians use to harm a horse then that work is worthy of getting those laws passed. PETA’s answer has always been that slaughter done humanely is the answer to any over-population problem whether horse, dog, cow, cat, rabbit, etc..Both organizations serve a purpose but neither is without fault. I have worked with both and around both and know people that knew Ingrid Newkirk when she was working at a local animal shelter. The shelters opinion of her isn’t good as she seemed to not have a problem with animals being put down. No one should work in an animal shelter that seems to either not have a problem or enjoy the fact that some animals will die.

      • Your characterization of Ingrid Newkirk is way off-base. And on that note, no further comments on PETA will be approved – stick to the topic at hand (the cowards at the HSUS).

      • I have been in the animal rights movement too long to reply to most ignorant comments, however, your comment:“PETA’s answer has always been that slaughter done humanely is the answer to any over-population problem whether horse, dog, cow, cat, rabbit, etc..” I cannot allow go by without response.

        Slaughter and euthanasia are two distinctly different things. Slaughter is often semi- or fully-conscious throat-slitting and bleeding-out, or in the case of horses at slaughter plants, fully-conscious close-range unskilled shooting. Euthanasia is done with a sedative and a needle. No pain, suffering or fear from the animal involved. Also, PETA is not a rescue organization. And that is all I will say on the subject of PETA, since we are off-topic on that.

        The issue at hand here, and I suppose you should be concerned only if you are unequivocally against horseracing, is that Wayne Pacelle with the power of the HSUS that, as you say, has accomplished victories in helping thousands of animals, coming out to say that horseracing is acceptable exploitation is nothing but abhorrent. These powerful words can, as a result, push a former-bettor now fence-sitter, over the edge back to supporting and betting and believing that horseracing is perfectly fine. This fictional person (of I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands) will then stop looking into the numbers of horses that are currently dying on tracks across the country. Remember this number is estimated here to be 2,000. Not to mention the thousands that die at the slaughterhouse.

        Wayne Pacelle’s words, and the resulting stance the HSUS is taking regarding horseracing is gravely damaging, irresponsible and inexcusable. This fact will kill many more horses. So, if you are here commenting and reading this blog to advocate for animals, and like us, for the demise of horseracing, hijacking this blog to PETA-bash is a waste of everyone’s time. There are anti-PETA websites and blogs of which I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms.

  14. THANK you, Patrick!!…your tolerance amazes me. If I had commented on a pro-racing blog even a fourth of what the apologists post here, I would’ve been banned. But the pro-racing folks just hate our facts they cannot disprove….so off to banishment world for those of us who speak the painful truth.

    HSUS AND PACELLE are hypocritical cowards. And I’ll tell everyone that I possibly can about their hypocrisy of anti-dog racing and pro-horse racing. I’m tellin’ you, Pacelle has some friends and/or big donors to HSUS who own racing TB’s. That I would bet on.

    • Excellent comment Joy! I believe Pacelle/HSUS will be hugely discredited for their incomprehensible public statements on horseracing. Wayne Pacelle has shown his true colours to make such an outrageous comparison between the racehorse (the equus ANIMAL) and the racing greyhounds (the canine ANIMAL).
      In my view, his position as the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States is now untenable, it is an organisation whose ethos is for animals to be treated HUMANELY!

      PS: Did he think NEHRO was treated humanely? Did he think AMERICAN PHAROAH when whipped 32 times in the Kentucky Derby was treated humanely?

      I call on Wayne Pacelle to resign immediately. In my opinion, he is not a fit and proper person to hold this position, he has proved to be unethical and he would simply be unable to satisfactorily show cause why he should remain the CEO of the HSUS.

  15. I agree with this article because there should be no distinction between Greyhound vs Horse Racing. In fact, there is little distinction between any business that exploits an animal for profit. All the symptoms are the same while the only distinction is the animal itself, and the methods used to maximize profit. In the end, most animals die while generating profits for these industries. Their only glimmer of hope is organizations like PETA who steps in and gives them the retirement they deserve. If Pacelle is saying this from the get go then it seems like he’s a hired PR person for the horse racing industry and using the HSUS to legitimize this horrific industry. I suppose time will tell, but it was PETA who exposed the industry for what it is. I thank PETA for that. Finally, nobody should criticize a person (Ingrid) who had the guts and vision to start an organization who has done so much work on behalf of animals. We should be thanking her, not knocking her down.

    • I thank those that deserve to be thanked. She is not one to thank unless you believe in killing animals as a solution to the overbreeding.

  16. Wayne Johnson Ph.D

    What is PETA supposed to do when unwanted dogs and cats are dumped on them and there are no homes for them to go to? It is a FACT that there are not nearly enough people wanting to adopt these animals which results in a situation where PETA has to make a decision with the welfare of these animals being the consideration. PETA has no choice but to euthanase them and at least these animals die in dignity and do not suffer starving to death or such other horrible possibilities. PETA is not accountable. It is these heartless callous people who create the problem in the first place who are accountable!

    I dream of a law where any person who wants a dog or a cat has to make application to PETA first – in lieu of purchasing from these horrific puppy mills and scumbag backyard breeders.

    While on this subject it reminds me of when I attended a horse show which was conducted with a carnival in a country town so there were not only horse people there. My daughter and her friend were flat out with their horses and babies when my daughter’s friend asked me to look after Molly, a female Labrador about 15 months old. Now this dog had been dumped in an industrial area on a weekend where no one was around, she was starving and she obviously recently had puppies. When I took Molly for a walk I knew I’d get some unwanted remarks but the walk for her was more important. Well, I cannot begin to tell you the abuse I copped and the scowling looks, mostly I was in a position to tell them Molly’s story. And I was glad that these people had a go at me because it confirms that ill treatment and abuse of an animal is no longer accepted in today’s society.

    • There are better rescues in each state than PETA. Do your research and find one you can support that actually finds homes for the unwanted animals no matter whether it is domestic or farm.

  17. Seems to me Claudia Prather that you are telling me that I have no right to have a favourable opinion of Ingrid/PETA.

    Notably absent from your comment is any mention of credit to PETA for the fantastic work they do for many animals in many parts of the world. Your hate for Ingrid/PETA is palpable and I find this puzzling given you claim to be an animal lover. It appears that because PETA was not in a position to help you when you wanted them to, you are intent on discrediting them.

    I do my research – I have a dog rescue place not far from where I live, have nothing but admiration and respect for them and I support them as well.

    I’ve just looked back and you are the person who wrongfully claimed PETA was pro horse slaughter and then Patrick informed you (and any person reading your comment on this public forum) how wrong you were.

    Telling other people to do their research Claudia when you yourself failed to research PETA’s stance on horse slaughter makes you look very stupid indeed.

    • Agree, Carolyn. Claudia, you really don’t make any sense. Not sure if you are all there. Grudges don’t help the cause. Divide and conquer gets us nowhere which is precisely why our USA is falling apart as well. Pick a side and advocate or go home!

    • I have a question , if Patrick allows it .Say you get your wish and tomorrow horse racing ends , what are your plans for the 1000s of horses who will no longer have a job , now don’t go dumping them on the owners , by your own words “they are only in it for the money ” , your words not mine . So you get your wish , now the responsibility for your actions is yours to own , so what is the plan ?

      • Ms. Curtis-Olivas, your confusion, and ignorance, continues….unabated. What is the plan? Anyone who reads this blog knows that we want racing to go bye bye. Even those with minimal intelligence should know that racing can’t be “cleaned up” or someone, such as yourself, would have done so by now. We must continue to put the truth out there with the hope that the bettors will stop betting on the horses and will do what Pete Rose did….they will bet on baseball instead.

        What are “our” plans for the thousands of horses who will no longer have a job? Let me ask you this, Ms. Curtis-Olivas. What plans does the racing industry now have in place for the thousands of horses who have nowhere to go because their job was to make money for those who own and race them? Yes, thousands of horses who can’t produce enough revenue to pay their way. You know, the ones who were raced into the ground….used up and thrown in the trash. Don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth to me. The responsibility for your actions, and the actions of other racing apologists, is yours to own. What is your plan, Curtis-Olivas?

      • Gee Mary , sorry I was doing horse chores or working at my job , sorry I do not have the time to sit on the edge of my chair and wait to see if Patrick allows my post . As far as retired race horses go , the industry as a whole is doing much to find second careers . I have attempted to post some of that but Patrick won’t allow anything positive . Apparently you are to busy looking under rocks to be aware of any of that either. Now you can answer my question I asked of you , with an answer Mary not a question . You want are the ones wanting to end HorseRacing , putting 1000s of horses out there needing retrained and rehomed , oh wait that is right you want animal liberation , so turn them all loose , is that your answer.

  18. I support PETA. They have made giant strides for animals. My anger is directed towards a horrific industry called horse racing. It’s not unlike other industries that exploit animals for profit. Like PETA says animals are not ours to eat, entertain, or make money for us. They are on this planet to live out their lives. Like us, they are on a journey. It’s members of the human species that destroy them. Anybody who watches the PETA video of Steve Assmusens daily operations in his racing stable can only conclude that it’s cruelty, pain, abuse, and exploitation of the racehorse.

  19. Debraolivas78, I rank you right up there with Asmussen. If one thoroughbred racehorse dies it is too many. These horses are raced to death for human gain. Again, you and Claudia make no sense and are vile. I have no use for people like you. It is plain and simple, life vs. death. These horses are being bred to win at all costs! They all pay a high price and their life is cut way too short!

    You have said enough “nonsense”. You are wasting our time! I hear Asmussen is looking for assistants. Qualifications needed: a depraved and senseless heart. You don’t need an interview.

    • You show how little you know by name calling. In order to have someone listen you have to listen first, which you haven’t. I stated from the beginning PETA has done some good things but it also stands for slaughter of horses and the killing of pitbulls, which if you are an animal advocate you shouldn’t want. I did offer sites where Ingrids comments were made were they not shared. I have been an animal advocate for over 30 years. Someone like you likes to play at it but doesn’t understand what it means to be an advocate. So go ahead make my day and show how you can’t make a point so you try to belittle, which didn’t work. By the way, Patrick also stated all thoroughbreds need to be killed, not saved so of course he is in line with Ingrid.

    • April, I think you have made an excellent suggestion. I know Ms. Curtis-Olivas would fit right in with the ASSmussen gang. Maybe she could even place some bets on which medication would be the drug du jour in ASSmussen’s filthy barn, or which horse in his barn would die in the dirt. What fun that girl would have!

  20. Mary don’t answer my question with a question. Patrick will not post the positive things that are being done as Claudia pointed out , it does not serve Patrick’s agenda to post the positive , and you blind followers believe everything he says , in fact you all sound like recordings.

  21. Patrick your one word comments are a bundle of wisdom, why don’t you answer my questions , what do you think should happen if you end HorseRacing ? Oh and you never did tell me how many horses you have or if you have any animals . Do you ride Patrick , have you ever rode ?

    • Ms. Curtis-Olivas, I am going to try to answer a question that you asked Patrick. I have said the same thing on this blog over and over and over but there are still some people who just don’t get it. You are one of those people, sad to say. As we all should know, SeaWorld keeps orcas in pools about as big as my backyard. SW keeps the orcas in these concrete pools because the orcas bring in money. Seems simple, right? A year or so ago, there was a film that was released called Blackfish and it has been shown worldwide and I have actually watched it twice. The film attempted to “educate” people on the exploitation of the orcas as well as other marine animals. Once the documentary came out, other information exploded onto the scene. I am against ALL forms of animal exploitation….again, I am against ALL forms of animal exploitation. However, I never really thought too much about orcas. After all, I have NEVER ridden one, I have NEVER owned one or had one in my backyard, and I have NEVER given one peppermints or patted one on the head. However, once I saw the film, I became an ADVOCATE for the orcas. I emailed SW, posted on their FB page, and contacted companies that advertise with them expressing my displeasure over how the orcas are treated plus I encouraged family and friends to boycott SW. Over the last year, attendance is down drastically at SW and their stock fell about 5% a couple of weeks ago. Anyone with minimal intelligence knows that ANY industry or organization can be affected financially if enough people turn against them and I have turned against SW. Therefore, my question to you is this. Why does Patrick have to own horses in order to advocate for them? Why does he need to ride a horse in order to speak for horses? Again, I speak for the orcas yet I have NEVER ridden one nor do I own one. Got it?

      Patrick has been extremely patient with you. I would have blocked you many posts ago. Another poster and I had to chuckle when you sarcastically mentioned that Patrick’s comments are “bundles of wisdom”. Of course, you asked Patrick if he has ever “rode”. No, dear girl, it is “ridden”. Let me review. The question should have been…”Do you ride, Patrick, or have you ever RIDDEN? No wisdom coming from your mouth, Ms. Curtis-Olivas! By the way, why don’t you learn how to put a sentence together that is grammatically correct and learn to use proper grammar? Just some words of “wisdom” coming from someone who is anti-racing…me!

      Finally, I need to follow my own advice. It is time to put you, the “crazy baby” to bed. Engaging you in conversation is a waste of my precious time and just gives you a platform to ask your crazy questions and make crazy comments. You simply aren’t worth it.

      • Thank you Mary.

        Excellent post and summary of what can happen when more people know the truth about specific abuse.

        I also agree that Patrick has been incredibly patient putting up with Debra’s hostile attack on this site.

        I do hope she takes that energy and goes and starts a website for a cause that she believes in.

        I believe horse racing is WRONG and i know you do as well.

  22. Debra Curtis Olivas

    Don’t know if you want me to answer your question but here it is –

    Horseracing would have to be phased out over a period of years for the sake of the horses.

    And of course the total responsibility for this phasing out lies with the racing industry itself. It created a situation where the abuse, mistreatment, cruelty, injuring and killing of racehorses is no longer acceptable in today’s society. Forget about tradition – it goes out the window.

    Quite simple really.

    Have you seen what Pope Francis said recently?

    On 18 June 2015 Pope Francis tweeted –
    “It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly”.

    And I’ll leave you with that Debra.

  23. Speaking of PETA, HSUS and HORSERACING


    This is a PETA Email I just received

    PETA has documented, exposed, and worked for seven years to end horse-racing cruelty, including drugging, running horses who are too young to cope with the stress of racing, whipping, slaughtering horses in Canada and Mexico, transporting horses to slaughter in appalling conditions, and more. We have called for federal legislation, which is desperately needed to end the worst abuses. This legislation must be strong and meaningful. But if some, including The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), have their way, the bill that passes could do more to keep the old guard in place than to help horses.

    After PETA released its groundbreaking investigation last year which showed that powerful medications are used to keep horses running when they should be recuperating from strain and injury, there was an uproar in the media and an immediate call for better regulations. Ogden Mills Phipps, chair of The Jockey Club, which works with all members of the racing industry, announced plans to introduce federal legislation to clean up the drugs.

    But what happened was something different. Instead of backing this good legislation, The Jockey Club, with help from HSUS, appears to have given in to people in the racing industry, which has fought a federal law for years, and has come up with a damaging bill called the Thoroughbred Horseracing Anti-Doping Act of 2015. This bill will not protect horses as it should.

    Please instead ask your senators and representatives to support the two horse-racing bills introduced by Sen. Tom Udall and Rep. Joe Pitts and their colleagues. They are our best hope for helping horses used for racing.

    From PETA

  24. HSUS also ignores the plight of wild horses. BLM wipes out every herd on the range under the guise of “management”. Special interests and cattle get the land. The brutality of round ups is insane. The thousands of mustangs and burros they stuff in barren, shelter less holding pens suffer from exposure to extreme elements, high triple digits which they cannot escape, as they are held captive. Horses die, especially young foals, as they cannot cope with this heat. A public campaign to get shade there was basically dismissed with a fake “workshop”, all geared to pacify the concerned tax payer. The cruelty continues. HSUS donated a few tarps, and BLM has a biased scientist on retainer to do a ludicrous shade study. Hanging thermometers on horses baking in the brutal heat. The public outcry grew to national media coverage, yet HSUS claims they cannot do better. Tarps are detrimental to wild horses, they flop and tear. They are too small. A thousand horses at PVC Palomino Valley Holding NV suffer. The cruelty and abuse is real. BLM adoption policy requires shelter. HSUS fails wild horses on range and in holding. These animals are subjected to power tripping government officials and grossly ignored by HSUS. Sub minimalist standards and a total lack of welfare dominate. I have asked HSUS for years to help facilitate higher and humane standards with a raise awareness campaign. They fail and ignore it still. Americans do not know what is done to our wild horses. HSUS stands by pretending they cannot do much…. while they brag with other campaigns and how they reach milestones with lawmakers…. mustangs perish in barren dirt holding pits without shade, foals try to seek relief at 113 F. under their helpless mother’s bellies, while BLM conducts a fraudulent “shade study” to blow off the public and abuse the horses. It is pure madness. BLM has hazard free roofs over their hay, next to the shelter less animals. I submitted a package of DVM recommendations for shade, heat charts data by the Nat’l Climate Center, heat stress info, proposals for portable misters or hazard free roofs, and photos of wild roaming horses seeking shade under trees, riparian areas or rock formations. BLM took no note. HSUS does nothing. The corruption goes deep and so do the fraudulent pretentious stage acts by the HSUS brass to keep rounding up member dues. He appeared on Issues with Jane after I raised hell on his lack of concern, there his mission was only to ask people to join HSUS…Shame on them for ignoring the horrible plight mustangs must endure at the hands of an agency gone amok, while you are kept in the dark. Shame on them. Now BLM is bidding contracts for “sterilization” projects, mad science, to wipe out our horses, which is against the law, against our wishes, and an abomination and disgrace.

  25. To make it clear how HSUS fails not only racing horses… but thousands of wild ones… please read this article on my efforts to bring humane standards to holding… while HSUS stands by and lets captive horses suffer in miserable sub humane, non-innovative, shelter less and barren dirt pits – one mare died two weeks ago, while giving birth… in an unmanned (!!) holding facility. BLM shows up in the morning, scoops her up with the loader and dumps her in the mass grave amongst other hundreds that die… unnoticed, alone and in secret – as BLM is lying to the public since decades. WE need to get to our Congress men and educate their staffers to get the Chief of staff to note the current plight is real. Please help – and do not fall for HSUS propaganda – they only target what serves them best. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/355910 My efforts to bring shade

  26. In 2013, I exposed the failure of HSUS to aggressively pursue this issue on the lack of welfare at holding. Pacelle ended up on HLN, where he claimed there are too many wild horses on the range…. (another propaganda fed by BLM). Instead of working with BLM on sanctuary ideas such as Reserve Design by Craig Downer, he pushes for fertility control as HSUS makes money on this. Your tax dollar (this year BLM milks Congress for 80 million) is used to wipe out horses, brutally stampede them under low flying aircraft (we have footage showing a helicopter knocking over a panicked horse with its skits…) and pile the broken spirited animals in neglecting government prisons with NO welfare. Since years we are promised higher standards, placated and animals suffer while the brass of BLM and HSUS ignores the dire needs. Less than one percent goes to improvements, I did a budget analysis two years ago, your taxes do not go to protecting these animals for our future generations but to wipe them out, forever. It goes to clever PR gigs, each time the public inquires and a negative publicity campaign takes stage. Same with HSUS. They stall and disappear. The cruelty that exists on our own soil for wild horses is simply ignored.


  27. Race horses and wild ones… are not a target that earn the full attention by the biggest and richest animal organization on the planet. They focus on sending you graphic images of puppies etc. to milk your wallet – they never showed graphic footage of wild horses being chased to death, pregnant mares collapsing, foals dying left behind, suffering hoof slough, and stallions breaking their necks due to unprofessional handling. HSUS could do well in reaching the masses on both of these issues, yet miserably fail by choice.
    Share my article to tell the shameful story (not glorious and freedom minded) of wild horses’ plight…. think about this one when you sing the National Anthem next time. http://www.thedesertinde.com/Articles-2015/A-Unified-Call-to-Preserve-Americas-Icon-of-Freedom–0609.html America was built on horseback –

  28. Wayne Pacelle has a reputation for disingenuous and unscrupulous politicking that precedes him.
    The Humane Society was begun with a clear, and unequivocal mandate in 1955, and Pacelle uses these words, ironically, in many of his pleas for donations to members. Robert Chenoweth, then chairman of the board, said at The HSUS’s first annual meeting in 1955, the humane movement “needed a national society that would stand, absolutely, on humane moral principles—an organization that would unequivocally, vigorously, adamantly oppose any and every kind of cruelty, no matter by whom committed and without concern for who might be offended or alienated.”
    I emphasize this FAILURE to expose, one that is not nearly so difficult politically for them to do when it comes to animal fighting or puppy mills.
    Many of the members and the larger public are deeply offended by the failure to call the BLM on what it does, and the HSUS becomes draped in the costume of deceit and begging for funds at every turn while it ignores what is really difficult in our government agency, the Bureau of Land Management. Deplorable is the best term for this. Abraham Lincoln characterized your timidity best—“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men”

    The Humane Society’s staff have written some of the most patronizing, appeasement filled platitudes about the aims, “improvements” and “culture” of the BLM that I have ever read from a so-called animal protection organization. Two years ago, Holly Hazard said that “hysterical” condemnation of the helicopter round-ups, deaths and injuries would simply “become noise to the BLM” and they “would become rigid and unresponsive” if advocates did not allow the HSUS to be the main interlocutor in dealing with reforms and policy. It has become abundantly clear that the diplomatic dance this hugely funded organization is playing in Washington and behind the scenes with the BLM is corrupt and they simply do almost nothing to tell the little old ladies and men responding to the pleading eyes of puppies what is occurring in the far West with the monies of taxpayers.

  29. A little insight on HSUS’s failure for horses. —–Original Message—–
    From: Tcourt5096 To: wpacelle ; jane.velez-mitchell Sent: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 4:58 pm
    Subject: HSUS – Is it ? ‘Tis the season to stop the cruelty ?

    Hello Wayne,
    I have to say I thought you meant what you said. Meeting you was nice but being ignored is not.
    I’d like to see you do a public awareness campaign about the mustangs’ plight. I understand you keep the dialogue with BLM – but there is more that can be done to educate your members. In that very room in Denver, where you spoke, many attendees had NO idea about the mustangs’ plight. Matter of fact, it is kept hush hush – and gets little attention, seemingly due to other driving factors which disgruntle many amongst us. With good reason.
    Let’s give love to those who helped us build this nation. To those who are forgotten in the war against schemes and VIP cattle ranchers who run the show. To those who are illegally removed from their rightful lands and sold to greedy middlemen, contracted for years by the agency who is assigned to “protect” them.
    HSUS is a powerhouse that does great work for puppymills, against horse slaughter, soring, etc. yet the wild horses receive little if no publicity. Why ? I know you have a partnership with BLM, but to keep your ethical commitments as the HSUS founder established them… the mustangs are not getting a fair share by you in the bigger picture.
    I’d like to hear back from you Wayne – we are all busy, and here is another year gone by with nothing much progressing towards a more humane world within BLM. As you said, the Interior Secretary can “turn the program around”. Yet, is this just more political talk.. as Ms. Jewell, being evasive, has not appeared to show much concern or taken a strong stance to do just that ?? How about helping out a bit ? I am sure with all the reps and legal experts available to you, there is more you can do to assist.
    Currently, most cruel round ups on Navajo lands are going down, again. Horses chased by ATV’s, colts left behind. Of course we know the drift by Navajo President Shelly, as he is yet another clever PR person to try to pacify the public, whilst in reality he does nothing but pursue an agenda. Polite inquiries again.. have gone unanswered. Pleas and attempts by the public to stop the madness, as well. I think HSUS and a blog issue by you on this very shameful chapter would enlighten many, which in turn would apply the necessary pressure to reach any results.
    I think the issue with you on Jane Velez ( http://hsus.typepad.com/wayne/2013/07/interior-secretary-can-turn-around-broken-wild-horse-program.html) was an attempt to expose the topic of wild horses somewhat – yet it was also a good incent to recruit more members, which deserve to know what is going down within our own government, and their destructive impact and constant cruelty on wild horses. We have so many in holding because the same pretentious lies continue.
    We, the people, are getting tired of the same old – while horses suffer and get little help in the face of political games and agendas. Humane management on the range is long overdue, and ovariectomies are not part of the intent of the 1971 Act, nor is the constant merciless pursuit and brutal eviction of the so claimed “excess” horses… which are not excess at all, just a clever misnomer to keep up the same crappy propaganda.
    Furthermore, a polite inquiry to Dr. Stull on her much anticipated animal welfare program to having been published by this past October… has gone unanswered. Perhaps you could update me on this.
    The public is getting tired of being assuaged. We are all busy, such as you are I am sure. But this deserves attention, not delay. People want answers and results.
    Please respond. Thank you for your time.
    Monika Courtney

  30. More… Sent: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 11:02 am
    Subject: Is it ? ‘Tis the season to stop the cruelty ?

    Here we go again. The “Season” is fast approaching…. with the teardrucker approach to milk well meaning people – use the “holiday” spirit to give…. milk those folks. No disregard to dogs in puppy mills … they suffer, no doubt…
    Yet in this very season… our wild horses still suffer too, still have no shelter from any elements in holding,( http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/355910) still are forgotten and the HSUS still has not started an effective public awareness campaign to educate all American HSUS members on the comprehensive, allover horrific plight and situation of the last wild horses in this country.
    Matter of fact, the crisis for wild horses has reached biblical proportions – you are witnessing their very extinction – just cleverly disguised. Take your grand kids now to see a wild horse if you still can find one…. they are fast disappearing. Ovariectomies and brutal, evicting round ups are the real mantra – not humane population control on their rightful western landscape.

    So perhaps with the “season” approaching, you also could kindly ask Mr. Wayne Pacelle to reverberate not only on the dread of puppy mills etc., but on how wild horses suffer, are secretly sent to slaughter by middle men and exploited by political and personal agendas – all at your tax payer’s fund and cleverly covert, with no progress in sight.

    How about sending some season’s considerations the mustang’s way ? For the thousands of HSUS members in America, most still don’t know what is going down for our mustangs and burros. While much good work is done on other fronts, our wild horses and burros being doomed under the brutal, manipulative tactics of our Bureau of Land Management regime; enjoy little, if no public exposure. The truth would knock your socks off and if found out, make you pale in the joy of holiday glitter and spirits.
    So here comes another season of giving… some of which could well go to wild equines suffering in holding, during most cruel round ups and heading to slaughter middle men as I type. Wild horses… still have no shelter in holding, still are stuck in closed government feed lot style pens with dark futures, still are the secret lucrative harvest of Western public lands… while BLM’s gospel of “transparency and new paths” echoes down the halls decked with holly…. in a hopeless, hollow and miserable sound.
    Happy Holidays. Chose your giving wisely.
    Monika Courtney
    Proud supporter of http://www.savingamericashorses.org

  31. A national call to HSUS was ignored.

    A national call for immediate provision of shelter for horses in holding has reached momentum. The plight of mustangs is dire, in the horse mills called BLM long/short term holding facilities, and out on the range under brutally relentless aircraft chasing animals into exhaustion and frozen fear.Using language such as “emotional horsy lovers” was long used to dismiss efforts by the opposition and enemies of wild horses, which feel either exposed or threatened in their framework, to build a shield against the rising pressure to their cattle kingdoms. Keep up the good work, all of you. The call for change is loud and clear; Americans will not stand by and witness the continuing abuse and cruelty while those in charge remain passive by choice. Decades of mismanagement to cave into the cattle muscle bearing monopoly are a contributing factor to the shrill outcry by some in the advocacy. When horses continue to die, suffer and remain trapped in a propaganda oriented mindset, is it a wonder? The public has not only offered input, help and ideas how to improve this mess. The public has been pushed aside with clever PR stunts and the constant pacifying statements in hopes we go away. The excuse based communication has more than not infuriated members of the animal advocates whose sole goal is to improve the lives of these horses. A thorn in the side of those who use any twist to justify their own callous or cruel actions, the advocacy has successfully shed light onto the inhumane standards which call for national reform. The tunnel vision of those who state helicopter touching horses is justified because these horses are “wild” reflects the bigger mentality under which the wild horses have been doomed. A lack of education in the general public adds to the national crisis. The current state of affairs is a product of secretive decade-long corruption, monopolized by special agendas and greed, with leadership appeasing the outraged public with yet more shield off comments. Mocking the efforts of advocates calling for increased welfare and higher standards in a time of national scandals dooming over the agency, is a tool used by those whose superlative domains and influence are threatened. No horse responds acceptingly to being touched by a helicopter, whether it is domesticated or wild. Yet this is exactly the absurdity on which this battle is raging. An agency, aligned with profit driven agendas, using any and all twists in hopes to alleviate national outrage on their current highly flawed methods. Horses suffer, period. Horses are not treated with the respect and care that would reflect the ironic non-existent “reform and transparency” of those who shout it coming. The American public needs to continue to demand reform, as the silence of new Secretary Jewell deems instructive of the shepherding that exists deep within, while BLM wants the public to believe they care. I am awaiting more action for horses in holding as the current facilities reflect the dire minimalist attitude dooming over any aspect of the program that is not in the interest of the very animals involved. Americans must continue to call in a chorus for reform, to see betterment against the sinister establishment inflicting this irreparable destruction while alternatives such as Reserve Design and proposals for self-stabilizing, sustainable solutions in the wild are on the table. We call on BLM to work with us, not against us. I call on HSUS to mandate immediate measures to take effect. The standby or diplomacy approach has failed our horses. Provision of shelter for holding is a call that has gone national as of last week. In a program allocating millions of tax funds to malignantly driven round ups to evict horses as I type, the agency’s claim of horses in “the open” not needing shade to excuse their absence of shelter is refuted by experts. It is a matter of priorities in which we have seen where they stood for BLM for the last 40 yrs. Any horse seeks shelter, if given a choice. Chutes, flags, panels, fences are not part of the “open range” yet they pose no concern to BLM. Dismissing mustangs as feral is another ploy to distract. Honing such statements shows the core value of those we have exposed to be deceptive. Dismissing real science and the work of capable experts willing to contribute to the much needed improvement of the program shows a fiefdom mentality of biblical proportions to gear to those who used the wild horses to benefit.

    Options are available to improve herd management in the wild as BLM was assigned to do. The extended research by experts on how to achieve a balance and truly manage, not extinct these animals, is smugly dismissed. Instead, the pilfering of wild horses continues under guise of managing, whilst all input from the public is ignored. The disregards for welfare in holding, where deaths are deflated or go unreported, are of great concern. The initial installing of a sprinkler for relief is noted and must lead to more efficient permanent infrastructure. These horses have no enrichment, no basic comfort but minimal care. They can be given a better quality of life after the traumatic experiences of being evicted, separated from their bands and degraded into warehoused, sacked commodities. It is just once again the question: where are the priorities of BLM? To mock those who drive for more humane treatment? To push for slaughter as a ploy to deter those defending the horses and their rightful habitat? To issue trivial statements instead of seeking real progress and work with the American public? It remains to be seen. In the meantime, the collective call of people for betterment in holding and on the range will continue. The inevitable urgency is clear and demands the attention of all animal welfare organizations to take note and get involved. The lingering of this debate as a politically influenced soap opera is not acceptable. These are America’s horses, and Americans are calling on BLM to change course. Provide appropriate shelter/relief to holding (suffering exacerbated to increased numbers of equines who should be on the range, not corralled), proposals of workable, cost-efficient ideas have been submitted. Contemplate solutions that reflect a result of a dialog with the public as well, not only the cattle parties. Balance must be restored, not only on our public lands, but within the think tank that has led to the current reality.

  32. From Wayne Pacelle on his record’s list… nothing on race horses or wild mustangs and burros. From: Wayne Pacelle
    To: Tcourt5096 Sent: Sat, Nov 30, 2013 6:48 pm
    Subject: RE: Inspiration avalanche for HSUS website – join now
    Here’s a list of just some of the major things we’ve done in 2013. I’d compare this record to any group in any field. Wayne

    My reply: Your list is incomplete, as you omit the wild equines, but mostly you deprive the American public (and your membership) from finding out the hideous truth. Since most media moguls (except Jane Velez-Mitchell and George Knapp who have the guts to show that horrible truth) are spineless bias wonders bought out by big $$ on what they air – you owe it to your members to shed light onto the wild horses and burros’ plight. They suffer, I can submit plenty of evidence and video footage. How the HSUS does not publicly pursue and acknowledge this suffering, is beyond many.
    How about getting that on national television as you did for puppy mills ?
    I and many others would greatly welcome it to see another record to your list below… such as :

    “The HSUS stopped cruel round ups for American wild horses and burros” and instead swayed BLM to implement humane fertility control programs (NOT ovariectomies) on the range as the main objective in managing herd sizes, protecting gene poles and ensuring equines’ welfare in their rightful habitat. Furthermore, the HSUS developed a federal welfare guideline for all horses in holding and on range, embracing humane care, basic comfort, routine trimming, shelter from all harsh elements, regular vet inspections and the permitting of adequate, viable numbers in their HMA’s. HSUS also strives to transform current holding facilities into more appealing standards, as to enhance nationwide adoptions and improve transparency to the public.
    As HSUS’ commitment to humane treatment for all animals; we led a national education campaign to inform/apprise our membership on current negligent practices and shortcuts affecting America’s wild horses and burros, resulting in increased general public interest and support for overdue change as to the immediate overhaul of abusive practices, ending cruel helicopter round ups, introduction of independent oversight, an unbiased BLM Board and mandatory humane animal welfare protocol. The longterm goal of HSUS is to create eco-sanctuaries, restoring habitat for all wild horses and burros in efficient partnership with BLM, the Secretary of Interior and independent sources/experts as to protect this American icon for all future generations.”

    Let me know when you achieve that to your record’s list.

    If you need help, there are many amongst us who can do so. And I am sure if your members find out, many would GLADLY know their dues went to aid the mustangs on whose back this very nation was built. Let’s not forget the wild horses and burros, let’s be there for them, too.
    Monika Courtney

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