Sleepy Jean Dead at Penn National

From the 7th race at Penn National last night (Equibase): “SLEEPY JEAN broke down and fell midway on the turn and was humanely euthanized.” She was four years old – still in puberty. This is horseracing.


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  1. SLEEPY JEAN a four (4) year old mare having her third race start.

    According to, her connections for her 3 starts were:
    Trainer: Michael W Salvaggio, Jr
    Owner: Norris Gelman
    Breeder: Norris Gelman

    In her first start on 9/6/14 she was “no factor”.
    In that race another horse “passed tired ones”. Yes, these horses sure do suffer serious fatigue.
    In her second start on 10/1/14 she “gave way late”. She was tired.
    Nine months pass before she resumes racing again. In my experience, a very lengthy lay-off such as this usually indicates a health issue with the horse e.g. injury/condition.
    Her last two starts were Claiming Races. Did this horse display symptoms that she was not coping with racing for whatever reason? Highly likely she did.
    Then in her third fatal start on 7/30/15 she broke down and was killed.

    Another young defenceless horse in the racing industry DEAD!

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