Lainy’s Sweetness Dead at Remington

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Lainy’s Sweetness is dead after breaking down in the 9th at Remington Friday night. The filly was being raced for the seventh time.


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  1. And the blame is strictly on the trainer. Necropsies have proven that horses who break down in races (and I am sure it’s true for training as well) had pre-existing conditions. Conditions treated and masked by drugs and other methods, which trainers claim are for the good of the horse. It really is sickening. And I am sure if racing authorities were not as bad as those trainers, some people would speak up. But racing is filled with cowards – from jockeys, to grooms, to trainers, to stewards, etc.

    • That’s right, Joanne…and that’s why WE – good people! – are doing something! And we, all of us together, are making certain evil does not triumph! Racing is dying…triumph will not belong to that deplorable industry,

    • You are right, it is abuse. Where else can an animal be beaten?? Where else are animals used at such a young age? It is no different than dog fighting. It is animals being abused for people’s entertainment and greed.

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