2-Year-Old Dead at Golden Gate

The California Horse Racing Board reports that 2-year-old She’s a City Girl sustained a fatal fracture while being trained (for her first race) at Golden Gate Fields the last week of September. Another young, innocent life snuffed out by this awful, awful industry. Please stop betting on horse races.



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  1. They killed a baby. And NO ONE will be held accountable. They do whatever they please and they answer to NO ONE.

    She’s a City Girl. We know she existed and once shared this earth with us ONLY because of this blog. The industry doesn’t want us to know there was a little filly named She’s a City Girl, a little filly they maimed and killed. They wanted her short life and tragic death hidden.

    But we know.

    RIP She’s a City Girl. We won’t forget you and we won’t stop trying.

  2. It must have been the proverbial “bad step” and nothing to do with the rigors of “training” on a 2 year old who really should not yet be ridden.

    Yes, Joy, they killed She’s a City Girl just as they do so many others. There is no accountability for the brutality and so much more in this corrupt business.

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