A Tale of Two Sports

Last night at a football game in Dallas, Seattle Seahawk Ricardo Lockette was injured after colliding with another player on a punt return. As he lay motionless on the turf, a deafening hush fell over the stadium, with players from both sides (as well as the fans) locked in on Lockette, thoughts of paralyzed footballers past inescapably floating in their heads. Turns out, he should be fine. Which, of course, is good news.

Now, contrast this with what transpired at another “sporting venue,” Los Alamitos Race Course, just a couple hours later. There, three separate “athletes” – Under the Moon, Abu Dhabi Do, From Here to There – had to be removed from the track via ambulance. It’s a good bet that as you read, at least one is dead. And no one cares.

Meanwhile at Zia Park in New Mexico, two were “vanned off” and another, a 3-year-old named Classey Cash, is said to have “broke down”; “broke down,” for those of you who are uninitiated, is racing-speak for dead. And again, no one cares.

Horseracing a sport? Only to the ignorant, delusional, or unconscionably callous.



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  1. Hello I am the trainer of the 3yr. That broke down at Zias park Nov.1 Classey Cash is his name. You are correct about one thing in your comment. He did get injured and had to be put down. But the comment no one cares if far from the truth. You have no Idea about the owners his jockey or his trainers. I suggest if you really care take a closer look. The ones who don’t care are never held accountable.

      • The problem, Bernadette, is nobody is held accountable for much of anything in racing and least of all for the welfare of the horse and you know that.

        The horse is a disposable commodity in this gambling business. The bottom line is the money. The horse is the means to that end and suffers for it. Frankly, horseracing is immoral.

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