Wyoming’s Dead Racehorses, 2015

Through a FOIA request to the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission, I have confirmed the following racehorse deaths on Wyoming tracks in 2015:

2-year-old DD Twist N Shout, July 4, Wyoming Downs 7
“horse fell, cannon fracture – outcome fatal”

7-year-old Taras Ruler, September 25, Energy Downs 1
“collapsed, cannon to knee fracture – outcome fatal”

8-year-old Victor Waco, September 26, Energy Downs 3
“stumbled, shoulder injury – outcome fatal”

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  1. DD Twist N Shout was a 2 year old colt having his first TRIAL when he suffers a catastrophic injury and he dies.

    This baby is just one example of many other young horses in training who never make it to a race start because they suffer a career ending injury or die like DD did. In my experience, these deaths are usually kept quiet.

    This is what happens in the so called “sport” of horseracing. The industry used to say “oh that’s just racing” like why are you questioning this? Well, one doesn’t hear that so much these days – what one does hear is dead silence!

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