Halos and Angels – Again

I have posted twice previously on Halos and Angels:

11/18/14, “Halos and Angels: Dead Horse Walking”

10/19/15, “Halos and Angels’ Hell Continues…”

After that last horrible race on October 17, nothing (again) for over 2 1/2 months. And then (again), she re-emerges:

Yesterday afternoon in a $5,000 claiming race at Laurel Park in Maryland, Halos and Angels “was distanced” – DNF. She is still owned by O. Mason Racing Stable; her current trainer is Bassam Captan.

The only way to save these creatures from abuse like the above is to ensure they’re never born. Please stop betting on horse races; please stop patronizing racinos.



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  1. I have been following her and in fact prior to this race the poor soul was entered in 2 previous races and scratched from both of them. Obviously she was not well enough to run in the last 2 races!

  2. > “The only way to save these creatures from abuse like the above is to ensure they’re never born.”

    Did you mean that you want to ensure that the abuse is never born or that the horse is never born???

  3. After Halo and Angels’ poor performances and her last two scratchings (the last reason “unavailable”) I took her off my virtual stable list thinking that they wouldn’t take the risk of racing her again, hence my failure to notify this last start.

    To date the period of her racing career is 2 years but she had 1 year off (highly likely an injury/adverse health condition) so it seems that she must make good for not bringing in any money for that period.

    O. Mason Racing Stable continue to race her with disregard for her welfare. They’re playing Russian Roulette with her big time.

    Despite the fact that this mare has been performing very poorly, coming home distanced and scratched twice from her last 2 entries, Maryland Racing Commission condoned and authorized for this mare to race. The chart says she came home distanced but that distance is not disclosed ……? I hate to think of her distress, this is blatant animal cruelty.

  4. I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult to rescue horse? Just from a pragmatic view it’s costing owner waaaaay more to keep her on track racing. They are losing tons if money keeping her on track. Strange
    Obviously awful for the poor horse

  5. Concerning Halos And Angels whom we affectionately call Angel. I am the assistant to the current trainer and we believe she has a high ceiling for improvement as a race horse. She is 100% sound and getting proper vetinary care. The performance in her last race indicated she was not as fit as we were lead to believe from her previous connections. As her new trainer and only having Angel in our care for 2 weeks and at the request of the owner we entered her to race at Laurel. Her current trainer, Captan, will make sure when he believes her race days are over, she will have a good home.
    Now if you are serious about horse rescue, why don’t you go to New Holland and buy a cheap horse from the kill pen. I have 3 horses I pulled from that kill pen and countless others that I have rehabbed and rehomed over the years. In fact I will be there tomorrow and doing just that if anyone would like to meet with me there and if you have any questions about Angel I would be happy to answer them face to face.

    • Michelle Sheets – this is the link to her profile


      And the following links are a must read for you and then you will really know about her


      You state you’ve only had her for 2 weeks…..what would you know about her?
      “a high ceiling for improvement”? This filly has proven to be uncompetitive and she is not well.

      If she’s 100% sound as you claim, why is she requiring veterinary treatment?
      If she’s 100% sound as you claim, why did she not finish off her last race?
      If she’s 100% sound as you claim, why did she have a whole year off?
      If she’s 100% sound as you claim, why was she scratched twice from her last 2 entries?

      All of her 19 starts have been in the Claiming races, so every time she’s raced she’s had a “For Sale” sign on her. I noticed that she worked out recently and no doubt she’ll be raced again soon – her owner O Mason Racing continues to play Russian Roulette with her and you and Bassam Captan play a major part in that. SHAMEFUL.

      You state “I have 3 horses I pulled from that kill pen (New Holland) and countless others that I have rehabbed and rehomed over the years” so Michelle you would know a lot about the mess that your industry creates with the overbreeding, abuse, whipping, drugging, maiming and killing of racehorses.
      And I wonder how many of the horses that have been rehomed have remained in those homes because in my experience many do not come up to the expectations of the new owner who is often unaware of the true state of health and injuries that the horse has suffered thanks to horseracing. I’ve seen many hearts broken when new owners have been deceived in this way and they have nothing but contempt for the racing industry.

      • Obviously you know nothing about the care and training that goes into training a race horse, or any horse by the sound of it.
        A Vet comes out to our
        farm on a bi weekly bases to do jog ups and flexion tests on all our horses, looking for any underlying issues they may have so they can be addressed if need be.
        She did not finish her last race due to her not being as fit and thought and we had told our jockey to pull her up if he needed too, which he did.
        It is also normal for race horses to have time off for some rest and relaxation, but your wouldn’t know that would you? Why don’t your check out Don’t Panic, she is owned by us, had a couple of years off and raced fantastic for us last year.

        Angel scratched from2previous races, 1 due to truck trouble and didn’t make to the track that day, the other due to a miscommunication with the owner and trainer.
        As for the horses I have rehomed, I have adoption contacts on them and check up on them every 3 months. Also at home I have Power Key, Proud Prospect, Tame, Oh Billy Billy, Proud Heart, Caseys Bluff and Good Girls Don’t, all retired races horses at my farm., As well as my none thoroughbred
        rescue horses that I bought from the killers that I feed and care for out of my own pocket.
        I am currently looking to purchase a bigger farm with more acreage so more retired race horses can live out their days. How many rescue horses do you have Carolyn?? In rescue I mean a horse that was
        in dire straights, ill health and in need of immediate attention?
        Keep an eye out for Angel and when she is entered to race why don’t you come to the paddock to meet her and I in person and I will happily answer any questions you may have.
        I will not be responding to any more comments as they its a waste of my time
        doing this over the computer, I am a more a face to face type of person plus I have been around horses my whole life and find that every horse I interact with I learn something new. I wish there was some more equine educated horse on this site that actually new what they are talking about.

    • Well I hope YOU’RE serious about horse rescue, Michelle Sheets, because as long as this industry that DAILY cripples and kills horses exists – an industry you take part in – you’ll stay extremely busy. And your efforts AND ours will never be sufficient. The numbers of discarded racehorses can be compared to a raging waterfall…and our saves, just drops in a bucket.

    • Offering horses for $500 – for a quick sale – makes me cringe. But that’s the way this industry works, right Michelle?…move ’em out ASAP because there are new slaves needing those stalls!

    • “A vet comes out to our farm bi-weekly”?…yet you’re asking for vet recommendations on Facebook because you’re in need of one?

      Yes, you’re definitely wasting your time here. You see, there are a number of individuals commenting here who’ve BEEN in the industry and have chosen to leave because they could no longer reconcile taking the money earned from the non-consenting horses’ labors. They know the ugly truth.

      • No need for “stalking” in this day and age…simply put the questionable individual in one’s FB search and behold! Doesn’t take much looking before the facts show themselves…see the need for a vet although you had claimed bi-weekly visits…see the cheap, previously injured horse that needs to go quickly…see that “your” horses are raced at Penn (even a Penn vet – Kevin Brophy – stated that the track is “less than desirable”). It’s quite simple to challenge someone’s claims these days…

    • Michelle Sheets: you exemplify the word MORON.
      You are not 100% of sound mind when you submit such an outrageously VILE comment about the ongoing abuse of this poor racehorse.
      Now, I certainly hope you read my comment you fu**cking moronic apologist, and racehorse abuser.
      Since you have posted this comment this poor horse HALOS AND ANGELS has raced 22 times, finishing often by lengths, being beaten to a pulp just to cross the finish line, and has been entered again.
      HALOS AND ANGELS entered at Mahoning January 9, 2018 dropped down into a $7500 claimer.
      So much for your stupid asinine comment right?
      You sure as hell ran her at Laurel where she DNF’d you blood sucking leech.
      Now why don’t YOU haul your ugly ass down to New Holland so it can be sold into slaughter.
      I doubt that anybody in France would eat your moronic genes you low life animal abuser.

  6. I grew up attending race meetings with family/friends and admiring the beautiful horses and thought how wonderful racing was until my racehorse owning family was informed that some of our horses were being mistreated. I soon took off my rose coloured glasses and felt that the only way I would find out the truth was to work at the coalface, which I did and the TRUTH I most certainly found. I witnessed what goes on behind the scenes when i worked in the industry and saw shocking abuse e.g. living conditions, the drugging, forced to race when sore and/or carrying pre-existing injuries, suffering catastrophic injuries when in training and killed out the back, the vicious beating with the whip every time the horse went out and believe me, this list is not exhaustive. After that experience, I researched and continue to research the life of the racehorse.

    Unbelieveable “she did not finish her last race due to her not being fit” BUT you still sent her out there fully aware that she wasn’t up to it and forced her to race? For the benefit of the readers, this is not uncommon in racing and sometimes results in a horse suffering an injury because her/his unfit body is unable to cope with the high speed exercise and stress, both physically and mentally, which a horse race demands of the equine.

    Agreed, it is a waste of your time Michelle Sheets to attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

  7. “Nothing but the best for our horses”. How many thousands have broken down and died, due to their wonderful treatment? How many suffer catastrophic injuries because they were raced with previous injuries, and end up dead in the dirt? How many flee in terror and crash into the gate splitting their heads open and dying, how many have died impaled on the railing, or who fell over another horse down. How many died from the constant drugging. How many have been discarded like trash, when they are no longer productive, or have been injured or maimed? The answer is THOUSANDS HAVE DIED for nothing.

    They have been abused, maimed, and many suffer and die alone all for nothing. You say “nothing but the best for our horses”, what a joke. You are just another exploiter. Why don’t you get a real job, instead of making money on the backs and blood of defenseless creatures. You are part of the problem Michelle. Your business is a blood sport, and if I were you I wouldn’t be too proud of it.

    Marlene Thornley

  8. Michelle I know your trying to stand up for the people in our business my advice to you is don’t bother .. See these people are so unbelievingly arrogant that they actually think they know more about this horse that they have never laid eyes on than you the person that cares for her on a daily basis … They also know more about racing than those of us who spend 7 days a week 365 a year at the racetrack

      • Yes Mary its me and no I’m not referring to you .. Im so very tired of no matter what we say or do . it’s never right or enough for you people . The professional horse people like Deb ,Michelle or myself who finally get fed up and comment here get told we are abusers , or stupid , or conditioned form birth (my personal favorite) to see things the way we do .. It just never ceases to amaze that y’all think you know more about horseracing than the people that actually do this for a living on a daily basis . Or know more about a horse that you have never actually even laid eyes on than the people who care for that animal every day

      • Laura, if I remember correctly, you asked me if I would be willing to help you find a place for one of your horses to go when the horse was done racing. The horse had an unusual name and was trained by Mr. Westermann. I will look up the name when I have some extra time to do so. However, when you reached out to me, I graciously offered to help the horse in any way that I could and that hasn’t changed. This isn’t about you or me having different views on racing….it is about the horses. With that being said, you need to realize that I spent years on the backside of a low level track and most tracks, as we both know, are low level. The atrocities I saw would fill the Empire State Building. In other words, I have personal experience when it comes to the racing industry. No, it will never be “right” or “enough” for “us” people just as it will never be “right” or “enough” for “you” people. I have been bashed and trashed, unmercifully, on pro-racing sites and I know that you have posted on those very sites. When I say bashed and trashed, I mean that I have been called every name in the book including moron, idiot, crazy, and imbecile. Today, Ms. Sheets said that we “wouldn’t know a horse if it kicked us in the head”, and here is another from that nice Ms. Sheets….”we have probably never touched a horse”. The poor girl was trying to put us down but only made herself look foolish. Anytime we speak out against the exploitation, we are attacked so I would assume if it is okay for you, and Ms. Sheets, to attack us we are entitled to stand up for ourselves, right?

        Just because someone cares for a horse everyday doesn’t mean they are doing what is best for the horse. Halos and Angels isn’t competitive, plain and simple. Sheets says this about the “idiots” that offered to buy her…the owner of this horse “thinks they are some kind of cult with a hard on for Angel and want to abuse her for their own entertainment.. There’s some sick people out there so it wouldn’t surprise me”. That was posted by Ms. Sheets. Now, I have experienced some pretty sick attacks from racing but I would put the Sheets comment right up there at the top. You see, Laura, I have a contact in the NY area that inquired about purchasing Halos and Angels about a year ago since she was “for sale”, i.e. she was running in claiming races, yet Sheets’ colleague thinks I am in some kind of a cult with a hard on for Angel. How sick is that? It reminds me of the time that Ms. Lynn (Marilyn) Boggs called Mr. Battuello a “sick fuck” on a racing supporter’s wall. Both are such filthy comments that I can’t even try to be civil to people who trash talk. .

        Ms. Sheets seems to be proud, mighty proud, of the fact that she has “rescued” horses from kill auctions. I have done the exact same thing and I do it because I love the horses. In fact, two of mine were inside Richelieu, the Canadian slaughterhouse, and I had to spend a small fortune to “save” their lives yet they never won a dime for me. For some reason, Halo touched me but so many of them do. Since Sheets has saved so many horses out of bad situations, it seems to me she would be more than willing to help Mr. Westermann’s horse should he need a place to go at the end of his racing career.

        I speak out against racing all the time and nothing you can do or say will ever change that. If what is posted here bothers you so much, it would be best to concentrate on the pro-racing sites where you have a platform that allows you to promote your agenda. I don’t believe that there is anything good about racing except for the horses that “put their lives on the line everyday”. Sickening…

      • Laura, I just replied to your comment below, but I believe Patrick has gone back to moderating posts. Hopefully, it will show up soon and I’m sure it will enlighten you!

      • Laura, I remembered the nickname of the horse you asked me to help when we communicated on email. You called him Chaz. I can’t recall his JC name and I’m not so sure I want to waste anymore time trying to find it.

    • So Laura, do you have an opinion on the lives of circus elephants?…road-side zoo tigers?…SeaWorld marine mammals?…monkeys used in experiments?…etc.? Well we can safely assume you best NOT unless you’ve been employed in those industries!

    • Laura Mohr, earlier this year you publicly stated the following in one of your comments –

      “People who think they are doing the right thing by adopting OTTBs and then realizing down the road that they have neither the money or knowledge to care for that horse are the ones you see starving to death in some pasture. That to me is true abuse!”

      Recently, you publicly stated that you buy OTTBs (discarded racehorses) and sell them.

  9. Michelle, like most people in the industry you are living a delusion. The ongoing abuse of this horse whom you refer to as “angel” is a disgusting blatant display of animal cruelty. I not only blame you and your connections, but the racing commissions for allowing this horse to enter, and run.
    Another thing, I simply don’t believe that you have bought horses from the kill auction. Feel free to state the names of those racehorses here.
    Finally, with the intense ongoing vet work being done to patch up this poor horse you would be much better off spending the money (because I know vets are very expensive) getting her a retirement home.
    If you really cared then you wouldn’t partake in this animal cruelty.
    This horse is an angel, but you are a devil for making this horse train, and race.
    It’s pure evil.

  10. To Laura and Michelle. You called me a liar. That’s fine. I’ve been called all sorts of names by pro-horse racing people. It doesn’t bother me. The following link is about a very rich prominent former racehorse owner called Mike Gill. In this article he states that the horse racing industry is corrupt. He talks about the corruption between jockey agents and the racing office. He talks about the allocation of stalls, how the tracks keep it a mystery while so many others are denied stalls essentially being denied access to the system. He has a long record of breaking down horses as well.
    It’s important to point out that this is coming from one of YOUR people, somebody who supports horse racing. So are you going to call one of your horse racing supporters a liar too?
    Here’s the link to the article:


  11. Halos and Angels just had another workout yesterday, 3/29/2016. Any chance her Hell will end soon. Before her life ends?

    • Carrie, my heart breaks for Angel, too, but, remember that there are hundreds more just like her. If you’ll remember, a contact of mine reached out to Halo’s connections a year or so ago, and they were unwilling to sell her. This is a quote on this blog from Ms. Michelle Sheets…”Concerning Halos And Angels whom we affectionately call Angel. I am the assistant to the current trainer and we believe she has a high ceiling for improvement as a race horse”. Oh, and this from Ms. Sheets insinuating that…”…they are some kind of cult (referring to the anti-racing folks) with a hard on for Angel and want to abuse her for their own entertainment”. Sometimes, Carrie, I am at a loss for words…not usually, but sometimes, and this is one of those times. What do you say to someone like Sheets? Either she is incredibly stupid or she is a prolific liar. It is hard to fathom any horse being under the jurisdiction of someone such as Sheets who, in my opinion, is pure filth. Angel is simply not competitive as a racehorse. End of story!

      On another note, I do believe that Angel as changed trainers, once again, and is now with a Mr. Anthony Daily so her exploitation continues.

  12. Pro-horse racing people like the ones who commented here are living a delusional denial psychosis (my made up term). There’s no other way to explain it. I call it DDP. I saw this firsthand when I was in the industry. I was once suffering from DDP. Thank goodness I’m cured. Once you make the decision to leave you start to realize that you were suffering from DDP. The more time evolves, the more you realize just how utterly insane the entire industry is.
    I mean think about it. It boils down to horses running in circles being beaten, maimed, dumped and/or killed for $2 bets. It’s a cruelty circus.
    If they are lucky to make it out alive, then a kill auction or subsequently a slaughterhouse many times. Then the environmental, and inhumane disaster called a slaughterhouse.
    Poor Angel. I fell so sorry for you. I dread the day I read the KIA list and there you are.
    Please darling, please little Angel make it out alive.

  13. The abuse of Halos and Angels continues…unabated. Halo raced on Monday, August 28th, at the “hell hole”….Mountaineer. She finished 8th of eight and won $62 for her connections In seven starts this year, Halo has earned $852 or $122 per start. When will her exploitation end? Unfortunately, there is NO end in sight. Heartbreaking….

  14. Yes she is literally running for her life, and nobody – not one – not any of the so called “good folks” of racing is doing anything about it.
    Unfortunately, she is one of many, and this business doesn’t give a damn as long as their races are filled, and the wagering profits keep rolling in with no responsibility to these horses either during their racing or even after for the most part.
    This poor gal is so obviously suffering – heartbreaking indeed!

  15. HALOS AND ANGELS is entered to race on January 9 at Mahoning Valley. She has a sale price on her head at $7,500.
    She was a vet scratch on December 19.
    The ongoing abuse of this mare continues……

    And where is SHAMROCK ROAD ?

    And where is JILL’S REFLECTION ?

    Both these racehorses seem to have disappeared after being raced into the ground for years with their connections showing no consideration for their welfare.
    It is likely that these two racehorses, after years of serving the industry, ended up in a slaughterhouse – the ultimate betrayal.

    • Yes, Carolyn, what happened to Shamrock Road and Jill’s Reflection ?
      After years of being brutally overworked by unscrupulous people they most likely were sold to slaughter. And, of course, they are not the exception, sad to say.
      Everybody in racing knows “worn out horses” in this cruel business are slaughtered and nobody gives a damn.
      And there those who brazenly defend this business !!

  16. And of course, Carolyn, they have Halos overclassed again. First off, it’s a $7,500 claimer, and secondly, they are skipping a condition and have her entered in a never won 3 races, when her condition is actually a never won 2 races. So she will be up against tougher mares again. They seem hell bent on setting her up for failure.

  17. Halos and Angels again beaten 13 1/4 lengths today – ahead of only one other horse. When handicapping the race – track announcer flat out said he doesn’t like this horse ( from a handicapping angle). So, reason to run her? None. Period.

    • Yes, just saw the result, SD.
      “Reason to run her?”….excellent question!!!
      And interesting comment by track announcer.

  18. After failing to finish in a race in January 2016, HALOS AND ANGELS has been forced to race for another TWO (2) YEARS when her racing history reveals that she continues to perform poorly.
    The blatant abuse of this mare continues.
    I wonder if the jockey who will be riding her at Mahoning Valley on February 10, has any idea about the fact that she’s being raced into the ground. If he is aware, then he doesn’t give a damn about her welfare if he accepts to ride her. Just like all those jockeys in the industry who day after day accept rides on horses who continue to perform poorly, who are clearly not coping with the stress of racing and are literally being raced into the ground with many suffering injuries and many dying as Patrick’s meticulous investigations reveal.

    • Most all jockeys review the PP’s of any racehorse they are booked to ride.
      It’s common practice.
      Furthermore, they usually work the horse in the morning especially at small tracks like this.
      They are all involved with the blatant abuse of this poor mare Halos And Angels.
      Heartbreaking, and she’s not an exception!

  19. HALOS AND ANGELS is entered to race on February 20, 2018 at Mahoning Valley in Race 6 at 3.04pm. Her claiming price is $7,500. Her trainer is David St Clair. Her listed jockey to ride her is Chad K Murphy. This rising 7 year old mare is owned by O Mason Racing Stable. It will be her 43rd race start – she’s been racing for 4 years – she began racing as a 2 year old. 42 starts for $33,131 is hardly viable considering all of the expenses of owning a racehorse. So why do her connections persist in running her into the ground when she continues to race poorly? And why do the racing officials/veterinarians permit the ongoing abuse of this mare?

    Dr Patty Hogan (USA) recently gave a presentation regarding racehorse injuries/breakdowns and one of the risk factors is the attitude of connections who have the mindset of “just one more race”.

    I often reflect on the name of these racehorses, and she is an angel in the midst of pure evil.
    I hope she makes it out alive, but what awaits her?
    We do know that about 80% of racehorses will end up unwanted within 2 weeks in many cases.
    We know this to be true because many are found at kill auctions with their racing plates still on.
    Some get homes, but 80% are subsequently dumped within 2 years of being profit slaves for this business.
    The connections of the racehorses who claim to love them like “family” almost never check up on them.
    DR DRE, exemplifies the dumping, and irresponsibility as he endured one of the most inhumane, egregious acts of cruelty that I’ve ever seen, and that’s after making his owners over half a million dollars.
    He subsequently died.
    I hope you make it out alive Angel.
    You are enduring horrific animal cruelty, and the fact you are surviving attests to your inner strength.
    Shame on anybody who support and/or participates and/or derives a living from this vile business.

    • HALOS AND ANGELS came home 6th by almost 10 lengths. Chart says “raced wide entire race, failed to respond into the stretch.” This poor mare was likely whipped when racing for her life. She won the grand sum of $110. The four (4) horses that trailled behind her came home at distances from 19 to 37 lengths. It just beggars belief. These four horses and Halos And Angels were running with a For Sale on their heads in the sum of $5,000.


      The four horses were –

      Centr Of The Stage – jockey lost his irons.

      Line of Boco – “failed to seriously menace throughout” – “menace”?

      Beyond Detection – “could not go on” – says it all.

      Love Totem – “had a steady fade” – and that “fade” was right from the start of the race.

      • Carolyn, I can assure you that we haven’t forgotten about Halo. She is always in my thoughts. There are just so many like her and yet people continue to support this industry that cripples, and kills, daily.

      • I know Mary – whenever i do an update on Halos And Angels, i think about your comment of two years ago
        “There are no words. Simply put, my heart breaks for Halos and Angels.”

        There really are no words. As with Shamrock Road and Jill’s Reflection, i feel a commitment to follow their careers to the end until they disappear. Never truer words said when you say that there are many like her.

  21. Halos and Angels, Shamrock Road and Jill’s Reflection are emblematic of what horses endure in this business – outrageously overworked until they can no longer enter the starting gate then they just “vanish’ about the time they reach maturity. Their story is repeated over and over in this business that facilitates and even demands such abuse. This is how it gets to approximately 10,000 Thoroughbreds being slaughtered each year.

    These creatures have no voice so it is incumbent on the many who abhor cruelty to speak for the horses and to end this animal cruelty.

  22. I just cannot believe this –
    HALOS AND ANGELS is entered again to race on March 12, 2018 at Mahoning Valley.
    They’ve given her only 8 days’ respite since she last raced on March 3. One only has to read her history on this page to see that this worn out mare has displayed that she cannot cope with racing and continues to race poorly. They’re literally racing her into the ground. Her connections must be mentally ill to think that it’s okay to commit aggravated cruelty upon this long suffering racehorse.
    As Mary Johnson says –
    there are no words

    • There are many horses just like halos and angels as we all know……jills reflection after asking graci about her she was transfered to keisy cartagena raced once more finished 3rd…..searched high and low for this horse came across a stewards report for deleware parking fining keisy 1,000 dollars for having jills reflection double entered hasnt been seen since????………….today mahoning valley medallicious made his 70th career start foaled may 13, 2011 hes 6 his running line umruly gate no factor 11 3/4 lengths back…..he came from penn national trained by kim graci after running for her on 5/8/16 being fractious in the gate stopping while being eased…..he shows up again on 5/19/16 for mario rodriguez (same trainer as silent ruler also known as jet google him ill sure youll see what rodriguez did to him……he runs for rodriguez till his license is revoked and shows up at mahoning valley been racing there since….this beautiful black gelding with a white blaze down his face racing is just taking his life one after another

    • First of all, Carolyn, Halos’s racing connections don’t give a damn about her. They are ethically, and morally, bankrupt. The mare is non-competitive as are many of the horses racing at these hell hole tracks but her connections DO NOT CARE. Perhaps St. Clair is getting paid a day rate and needs the money to keep food on the table so he continues to run a horse who is seven and has only won once. Who the hell knows but I do know that St. Clair is not an exception. This happens over and over and over….every single day….and the racing industry continues to turn a blind eye while the anti-racing folks continue to speak out against the atrocities yet I hear, ad nauseum, how much those involved in racing “love” their horses. If you “love” your horses, you listen to them and you do not exploit them. Even a dimwit can grasp that concept. Those that support the industry and refuse to speak out are just as guilty as the perpetrators. Remember….silence never helps the oppressed. It helps the oppressor.

  23. HALOS AND ANGELS came home a distanced 19 lengths at Mahoning Valley on March 12 and for coming 8th/10 she earned the grand sum of $128 with a sale price of $7,500 on her head. The wagering odds on her was $57/1 which speaks volumes about the chance of this long suffering mare had of placing in the race. (I noticed that her stablemate, Wingnut came home 21 lengths second last).
    Chart says HALOS AND ANGELS had an awkward start – this is no surprise given she’s being raced into the ground and almost dead on her feet. Chart says she raced all the way inside to no avail.

    The abuse of this mare continues while her trainer David St Clair and her owner O Mason Racing Stable are permitted to put this mare through hell until she just cannot do it anymore. SICK!

  24. How do these morally bankrupt people sleep at night?
    How can you continue to abuse a racehorse and think that it’s okay?
    It’s not okay you assholes – every single one of you who support this business are all either abusers or enablers of this horrific abuse on this mare HALOS AND ANGELS.
    I predict she will die in the dirt on the track if she doesn’t get out somehow.
    Every single replay of Angel that I watch, to my utter dismay, shows a racehorse sore/in pain/suffering, and it’s getting worse with every race.
    Her tortured body is going to give out, and that’s coming.
    You apologists are the lowest form of slime on the planet.
    You all make me sick.

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