Another “Pulled Up, Euthanized” at Delta

For the second consecutive night, Delta Downs recorded a “pulled up, euthanized.” 7-year-old Jump Jump, 57 whip-runs in, killed in the 7th. Gone.

Please stop betting on horse races.


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  1. JUMP JUMP a dark bay entire rising 8 years of age had his first start in May 2010 as a 2 year old.
    40 of his starts were in the sinister Claiming races.
    Career 57: 12-7-11 for $267,805 (averaging $4,698 per start) placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 30 of his starts which might be the reason he was not gelded with possible stud duties in the future.
    He raced for 5 years and 8 months and appears to have been a good money earner for his connections. During this period he had a few owners and trainers –

    Trainer Glenn Delahoussaye – Owner Coteau Grove Farms
    Trainer Patrick Devereux – Owner Coteau Grove Farms
    Trainer Alex Dunn – Owner Jody Lormond
    Trainer Keith Bourgeois – Owner Jody Lormond
    Trainer John Prather Jr – Owner Michael Greer
    Trainer Preston Adams – Owner Iles F Blanchard
    Trainer Brian House – Owner Iles F Blanchard
    Trainer Thomas Amoss – Owner Maggi Moss
    Trainer Thomas Clark – Owner Howard Durand & Lucky Man Racing
    Trainer Allen Landry – Owner Donald M Black
    Trainer Keith Bourgeois – Owner Hardy Racing Stables
    Trainer Karl Broberg – Owner Karl Broberg
    Trainer Karl Broberg – Owner End Zone Athletics, Inc.
    Trainer Patti Turner – Owner Patti Turner
    Breeder: Dr Dan W White

    Horse traded and traded until he finally breaks down and DIES!

    Just to explain the trading, here’s just one example –
    In Sept 2013, Maggi Moss claims JUMP JUMP for $17,500 and starts him only 4 times with total earnings about $23,960. In Dec 2013 he is sold for $12,500.

    Noticed that the winner of this race Executive Call (earned $13,500) is owned by Maggi Moss.
    Just imagine watching the race and seeing your horse beat 5 others but one of them suffers a catastrophic injury, which was highly likely a limb fracture,

    and DIES,

    when that horse was once yours!

  2. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the tumultuous life of Jump Jump, Carolyn. It makes me sick.

    And I only have to IMAGINE watching a horse of mine DIE for the gambling entertainment of all in attendance that night…because imagining it is enough for me to be SICKENED. Maggi Moss doesn’t give a damn about the horses she buys and sells…obviously, because her dying horses haven’t nudged her to stop putting others at risk yet. Pathetic.

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