The HSUS’ Crime Against Racehorses

Wayne Pacelle, president/CEO of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), has penned a blog post that should shock and enrage every (true) animal advocate on the planet, as he betrays, once more, the very creatures he purports to defend.

Calling for tighter regulation – reform – Pacelle makes clear (again) that the HSUS is not at all interested in the end of Racing, just a better (cleaner) version of it. Even worse, to him Racing is a sport: “This is a national industry, and like football or baseball or other major American sports – perhaps more so, since the equine athletes cannot speak up for themselves – we need national standards…” “Like football or baseball.” “Equine athletes.” Pacelle goes on to say that in order “for this sport to retain credibility with the American public,” blah, blah, blah.

As an advocate, I recognize the great challenges – hurdles – presented by food and testing. It’s why I understand, though remain conflicted on, a subtler, more incremental approach: “Meatless Monday,” “Vegan Before 6,” “Replace, Reduce, Refine.” But animal entertainment – that is, the enslavement, exploitation, suffering, and, sometimes, killing of animals as a way to pleasantly pass time? We – 21st Century America – should be ashamed at even having this conversation. It must end. Yesterday. Thing is, Pacelle and the HSUS agree as it pertains to…

circuses, acting: “The HSUS opposes the use of captive wild animals as performers in circuses, film and television, and commercials.”

marine-mammal shows: “It is unacceptable for marine mammals to be held in captivity for the purpose of public display. The HSUS…believes that…it should be rejected outright.”

rodeos: “The HSUS opposes rodeos…bull riding, bronco riding, steer roping, calf roping, ‘wild horse racing,’ chuck wagon racing, steer tailing, and horse tripping.”

bullfighting: “The HSUS opposes…bullfighting.”


greyhound racing: “The HSUS opposes greyhound racing. This practice leads to an unacceptable level of greyhound exploitation and suffering solely for profit. The industry promotes and tolerates an overproduction of dogs, resulting in an annual surplus numbering in the thousands, many of whom will end up being destroyed. The sheer waste of life is a scandal.”

Everything, that is, except for horseracing (and other “equine events”), even as all they’ve written on dogracing clearly – at least to those with functioning brains – applies to the equine version. (Worse, actually: Most “surplus” racehorses die violent, terrifying deaths in foreign slaughterhouses. Talk about “scandal.”)

So the question becomes, why? A theory: Either Wayne Pacelle is a closet fan (or can’t quite shake a fandom past) or he counts Racing people, most likely rich and powerful ones, as close friends. Whatever, at least where horses are concerned, both he and the organization he represents – an organization, by the way, sitting on over $200 million in assets – are fakes. But it’s even deeper: By (very publicly) endorsing The Big Lie, by refusing to repudiate this vile-to-the-core industry, the HSUS, with its almost incalculable reach, is helping to ensure that all of Racing’s inherent, other-than-drugging evils – the commodification, the social and emotional deprivation, the abuse (whipping?), the maiming, the destruction – continue, ad infinitum. Betrayal, Mr. Pacelle, is too kind a word. What you are doing to racehorses is unforgivable.



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  1. I will never support HSUS again until they retract their statement, and stop supporting this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    Wayne: SHAME on you!
    I can only guess that you were given lots of money in donations by pro-horse racing people to support this despicable cruelty to animals.

  2. Ok… let us be democratic about this..for the sake of argument… there is a fine line between abusive horsemanship and horse and rider ” partnership ” … if you are sensitive to your horses needs and really just want to be in partnership with the other your horse.. you ARE a team and it is amazing… real horsepeople know and understand this because it is a spiritual thing…those who are actually afraid of horses will never understand..they see horses as a dangerous animal…something that should be revered but at a distance..I agree..there are some unscrupulous people just in it for the money… or the fame and money.. to me… horses are a passion.. and one should NEVER destroy that passion for all of the gold in the world

    • The abuse starts with the extremely young age that these horses are put under saddle and then trained hard. The rest of their lives, that frequently end in slaughter, is just blood icing on a cake of cruelty.

      • To be fair, there has been studies that show that starting them young decreases the chance of a catastrophic injury. I don’t necessarily agree with starting horses that young, but there is research out there that says otherwise so I’m not sure where I stand on that anymore.

        Also, it is illegal for horse trainers to send race horses to slaughter (they will be banned if they are caught doing so) so the horses that end up at a slaughter house are those from second hand owners.

        I used to be very anti-horse racing. Then I took on an internship in the racing industry working on one of the farms. These horses have the best vets, best feed, are constantly handled, constantly groomed, and taken care of. The people working in this industry love what they do, and they love the horses they work with. Part of this internship was also attending conferences and meetings of the big names in horse racing. I’ve never seen more passionate people about improving the standards of their sport. They are constantly doing research and working to unify the rules of racing in order to regulate it and make it safe. They are worried about the shady people mistreating horses (as happens in anything that involves animals, unfortunately. There are always bad people). They are so passionate about improving. I came out of that experience with respect for the industry.

        Unfortunately these things are not black and white; there is so much grey. Banning an entire sport is not realistic. It employs thousands of people; it isn’t going to disappear. What you can do is do UNBIASED research and look at what you can do to help the horses. Have you ever volunteered at an ottb aftercare facility? No? Complaining on the internet (with inaccurate statements, at that) is not helping these horses. The only ones I’ve seen actually passionate about helping the horses are those involved in the industry, not those being internet warriors.

        Basically, it’s not perfect. Nothing is. But the people who are involved in it are constantly working to make it better and safer. The amount of good (ie. research, aftercare efforts, charity) that comes from it is pretty amazing. Take an unbiased look at it or you’re doing the animals no good. What would happen to all these horses if you suddenly ended the industry?

      • Emily, I disagree with your entire comment.
        I have, as well as others on this blog, extensive direct experience with the horse racing industry in many different capacities.
        In a nutshell? Horse racing is a cruelty circus, and a death camp.
        This entire business model is based on the exploitation of a racehorse. Period.
        In order for the profit to be made racehorses pay a price such as doping, maiming, dying either on the racetrack or in the slaughterhouse.
        There is a plethora of evidence showing that starting racehorses before their muscoskeletal system is fully developed results in maiming, and dying. It also results in sore, crippled, and lame racehorses running to fill races, and increase wagering income.
        “Also, it is illegal for horse trainers to send race horses to slaughter (they will be banned if they are caught doing so) so the horses that end up at a slaughter house are those from second hand owners.”
        WRONG. Myself including Joy, Mary, Joanne (regular posters on this blog) have notified many racing offices, racing secretaries, and stall management that a Trainer has sent a racehorse to the kill auction, and absolutely NOTHING is done about. They carry on business as usual. So the policy you quote is not even worth the paper it’s written on.
        These are not second hand owners, these are owner and trainers who are active in the industry. Another thing, many owners and trainers will use a middle man (second buyer) intentionally to cover-up the art of dumping. Common practice now that they are finally being watched.
        We have found racehorses at kill auctions that have made over $100,000 and were dumped by its connections at some point. So that still makes them responsible. Moreover, when contacted, they will not ante up $200 to get that horse out of harms way. So if they LOVED their racehorses so much (assuming they slipped through the cracks) then they would want to help, and MANY don’t.
        What more could you expect from an industry that has multiple drug violating Trainers STILL training, being rewarded with everything from stalls to good racehorses, and even being inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame after many racehorses in their direct care have died.
        If they can’t even clean-up multiple drug violating Trainers how would they ever clean up those sending racehorses to slaughter. So NO – it’s NOT illegal and the policy is rarely enforced.
        “These horses have the best vets, best feed, are constantly handled, constantly groomed, and taken care of.”
        This has to be one of the biggest myths portrayed by this industry.
        MOST racehorses, who are no longer profitable, don’t have the best vet or the best feed. Heck, many at the B tracks don’t even have bedding!
        Moreover, horses all over this country get that treatment, and it’s not considered royal treatment, it’s considered basic care of any living being. People taking good care of their horses outside of this industry are doing the same, and they are not exploiting them for profit.
        So the racing industry doesn’t do anything special whatsoever. They are no different when it comes to the proper care of any horse. This is another delusion that they carefully construe.
        The only thing that may set them apart is the vets – many vets.
        They sure need to have lots of vets, and lots of ambulances because these racehorses have ongoing chronic issues that needs lots of dope to keep them going, and those 2 year-olds?
        Most are done by the time they are 3. They are either running sore, dying or dumped. Take your pick.
        A steady drug cocktail is needed in order to keep them running, and a whip to beat them when they are tired and/or sore. That really sets your “royal” treatment apart from other people who own horses.
        You make me sick in your attempt to blame other people for the unwanted horse problem.
        This industry makes BILLIONS in wagering and does little or nothing for the racehorse when it’s no longer profitable.
        Their aftercare programs are overloaded with horses, and most are not taking anymore. There’s no possible way that these horses have a home to go to because there are too many of them.
        You need to go approach these multi-million dollar farms, and multi-million dollar owners – see how far you get. Let us know how it goes.
        You need to place the blame where it belongs – the horse racing industry.
        They are the ones who create the problem, they are the ones who dump them, and they should be the ones to be fiscally responsible for them – NOT people who had nothing to do with the exploitation.
        Don’t you dare ask me what would happen to the racehorses if this industry shut down!
        Go ask the industry – the ones who breed them, use and abuse them, and then dump them.
        If this industry shut down tomorrow, and that isn’t soon enough, then their entire business model of irresponsible over breeding, unwanted horses, crippling horses, beating them, kill auctions, slaughterhouses – all of that would go with this despicable industry.
        Another thing that would go is all the corruption.
        This entire cesspool of horrific endings would be flushed down in the abyss where it belongs.

      • Exactly, MorganG – thank you. And thank you to all who’ve taken the time to support the horses with such great comments – Gina, Carolyn, Janet, Ellen, Jean, Tracy, Rose, Marc, 20yr+, janwindsong! The horses have true friends in all of you!

        Morgan, I wanted to include a quote/link that confirms what you mentioned – that being the training of “racehorses in the making” at an incredibly young age; “The average racehorse learned how to carry a rider at the end of their yearling year or early in their two-year-old year.” ( ONLY the racing industry thinks that riding 1 and 2-year-olds is acceptable. And any so-called “studies” that associates early training/racing with decreased catastrophic injury are produced by individuals who benefit from the existence of the racing industry. Exercise does build strong bones and muscle, but it’s the type and amount of exercise that youngsters would get naturally from being out with their herd as they grow and mature – 24/7 unrestricted turnout exercise yields better bone density.

      • Emily, where to start…so just one thing because Gina addressed your flawed comment so well…”these things are not black and white”. Actually, Emily, when it comes to the exploitation of an animal – ANY animal – it IS black and white. There IS a right and a wrong. NO grey. NO “two sides”. NO settling. NO compromise. Ever.

      • Emily, you mentioned the studies re starting the horses at a very early age. These studies are funded by the racing industry and cannot be taken seriously because they always find for the industry. The most recent one I looked at was done in Australia and in its conclusions stated that one must proceed with caution when putting young horses into training. I cannot put my hands on it atm to give the verbatim quote. Not all TB horses born have good conformation and this can be disastrous when such horses are forced to do high speed exercise. Unnatural bone is formed when young horses are put into training to cope with the unnatural physical extreme stress placed on their immature bodies. In my view it’s unconscionable and utterly unacceptable.

  3. Thank you, Patrick. I saw his statement and became physically angry at yet another slap in the face of animal rights defenders – of which HSUS purports to be a member. This is not the first time HSUS has found itself on the wrong side of the issue and reveals once again it is NOT the advocacy organization it gathers its over 300 million in donations and grants to do work on behalf of.

    There is nothing HSUS can ever do to regain my support. This has been my position for years. That organization has turned its back on millions of animals, some of whom could easily have been helped but not being politically conducive to become an advocate organization – the animals suffered and died (speaking specifically of the Dann Sister horses rounded up in 2014 and sent direct to slaughter despite many calls to HSUS to open their doors to save them. This is all the more sickening when you know HSUS tried to take credit for the end of horse slaughterhouses on US soil (never speaking or working against it, always flailing in Washington and begging for lobby dollars).

    Pacelle’s provision of talking points for those in support of continued racing was his “job done.” He is a greasy well paid empty suit of government, science experimentation and industry.

    Sure, his affiliation with the rich and privileged is at risk if he were to call our racing for what it is – a predatory and manipulative industry. Government policy – which at this time functions to allow the drugging and lethal handling of the racing equines all the way to the slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico places HSUS in a conflict of interest position should they take a stand against the brutality in the racing industry. Of course, Pacelle is going to smooth the waters. The Belmont and Kentucky Derby are coming up! You can bet the emails and phone lines were burning!

    HSUS’ “difficulty” in seeing the abuse of equines spans all equine life and societies, including as wild societies. Their role greasing animal rights defenders in the wild horse fight has been egregious and sneaky. Telling everyone they were working WITH BLM to find humane methods was an outright lie but allowed BLM to nearly wipe out the wild horses from their legal herd areas, all witnessed by HSUS emissarries (who reported back that all was well). It has just been revealed that HSUS has collected millions in grant money from BLM to oversee injection of the wild horses with porcine ovarian tissue to stop their reproduction and justify deaths as “oh well, they are wild.” HSUS has single handedly taken care of the burro problem for BLM by contracting with third world countries to send our burros to be free labor machines – through their Platero Project. That attempt was stopped when it went public, but who knows what they do behind the scenes.

    It is a truth that HSUS is more concerned with their position than the brutality of man against nonhumans. This includes the livestock industry which is immune from HSUS attack. HSUS’ difficulty with carrying out its mission of protecting nonhumans ran afoul of another nonprofit, the football industry, when Michael Vick was found to have tortured and killed many pitbulls. Vick became Pacelle’s poster boy for rehabilitated killers of pitbulls and has been allowed to have dogs again with Pacelles endorsement. Everything is okay there now. No matter the dogs Vick personally tortured are still suffering – but safe in the hands of loving custodians.

    No, HSUS is a petty organization (if you count their good work), dressed up with well paid advertising and psychologists schooled in the art of public manipulation. Their role is to quiet the masses with well framed rationalizations allowing continued torture of our nonhuman companions. And of course, HSUS makes alow of money as clean up crews.

    So thank you – for putting HSUS in the proper light. No one should depend on that organization to do what is right or take a stand that is timely and necessary. If advances are made, you can count on hearing HSUS’ self proclaim. HSUS is corrupted by wealth and influence and even more a part of the problem than anyone thought.

  4. The HSUS is a sham. Actually his so called opposition to animals that are enslaved at Sea World is a blatant lie. Instead of being on board to releasing the animals some “deal” was made to help Sea World and stuff his pockets with more blood money. Now this! Horse racing needs to STOP. One strike and one blow to any horse while some pissy little jockey on their back should be deemed animal abuse. Instead is justifies this. This organization should be call the Non-humane society of the US. They should stick to dog and cat rescues only because they do nothing for the rest of the animals on this planet.

  5. I have been a contributor on and off to HSUS over the years and have noticed that the organization has become much more involved with animal rights for all animals, not just dogs and cats. And I have been amazed that the vegan life is increasingly emphasized. We all know that urging people to go vegan runs counter to huge profiteers.
    So I am not only dismayed but confused why HSUS would not vehemently oppose horseracing.
    Even with my limited knowledge of this industry, I know that horses suffer much when bred to race.
    Mr. Pacelle, isn’t it clear to you that horses are bred to race but many of them don’t “make the cut”? Isn’t it clear to you that those who do race are often drugged a d whipped and often injured in these races? Isn’t it clear that tbe vast majority of horseracing owners are in this business solely for profit and will do whatever they need to in order to maximize their bottom line.
    The horses always lose.
    Mr. Pacelle, if you are for animals, you must oppose racing horses

  6. This is why I don’t support HSUS. They don’t care about the racehorse at all. He probably has a lot of donations that come from the pro racing community and that’s why he doesn’t want to end it. How is it ok for horses to be whipped and abused on the track for entertainment and gambling but it’s not ok for animals to be held in zoos? Where is the justification? EVERY animal has the right to live a PAIN FREE LIFE!!!

  7. Like prisoners in jail, the racehorse is confined in his cell and let out for an hour’s exercise each day. However, people in jail don’t get beaten with a whip and forced to run at high speed when having time out of their cells. Wayne Pacelle is the epitome of a hypocrite and his position at HSUS is untenable. His statements on horseracing in the past confirmed his total disregard for the welfare of the horse and his most recent statement proves that he condones the inhumane treatment of the equine animals in the racing industry.

  8. These horseracingwrongs group are a group of radical extremists. And while there are good and bad in everything they take only the bad and sensationalize it. The fact of the matter is the majority of racehorses are treated like royalty by their owners and trainers. Yes, there are a small percentage that are not and yes I agree there needs to be more regulation to stop this people from that inappropriate behavior. However, to liable everyone as bad, or cruel is wrong.

    • Michele, the people who support and participate in horse racing are the radical extremists.
      In essence, they are support the ongoing doping for chronic issues, maiming and killing of racehorses on a daily basis, dumping them when no longer profitable either into their disposal system known as the claiming ranks or at kill auctions, and subsequently slaughterhouses.
      Now that’s extreme.
      I don’t consider this treatment royal. I consider it abusive, cruel, inhumane, and unacceptable.
      This is normal operating procedures for this entire business model; this is not the exception.

      • Not all of them. I don’t. It’s like saying everyone named “Gina” in the world are bad people. Of course that’s ridiculous. Not all people involved in racing dope their horses.

    • Okay Michele. Provide me with the names of your racehorses, and I will prove you wrong.
      There is not one active racehorse, in training or racing, that is not on at least one type of drug including joint injections.
      I’ve been around this game too long to know that any racehorse in your care has been on dope at some point.
      There is no such thing as “good” folks in horse racing.
      They are all willing participants in the ongoing doping, maiming, dying, and dumping.
      This is a delusion that you people are living in.
      Don’t threaten me with your “liable” word. I get your subtle hints at liability.
      You can shove that where the sun don’t belong.

    • No Michele LePage the majority of racehorses are not treated like royalty by their owners and trainers. The majority of racehorses are running for their lives in claiming races as they descend in the ranks while being drugged and injected until they either breakdown or disappear into the slaughter pipeline.
      Telling the truth is neither radical nor extreme.

  9. I agree, Patrick. I absolutely agree. I am extremely disturbed about HSUS’ support for the near meaningless Tonka bill.

    Still, I must confess that my opinion today is vastly different than it was 35 years ago when, at the HSUS, I worked for racing reform. The decision to go after drugging and other means of getting an injured horse to race was a policy direction I recommended and pursued for several years. I thought that my efforts would lead to saving thousands of horses every year. Eventually, I came to believe that horses would still be raced and abused until no longer useful regardless of incidental reforms. So, I was wrong. The more I learned, the more I realized that I was wrong. And, in time, I became an abolitionist.

    I can say with absolute certainty that my earlier position to fight for reform was not related to fundraising, we got absolutely zero public support for the program, and none of us had the slightest desire to interact with the rich and famous in horseracing circles. I just didn’t think that racing could be ended and I didn’t see a realistic strategy forward to accomplish that goal.

    Today, HSUS is much more powerful and influential. And its position on racing is inconsistent with other positions relating to animals exploited for entertainment.

    I now believe that racing is increasingly vulnerable and can be attacked with an aggressive, multi-pronged approach. Senator Udall’s bill to repeal the Interstate Horse Racing Act would, if enacted, deliver a deadly blow to a deadly sport. At least 70% of bets are wagered off-track. Interstate wagering and racinos are keeping the industry economically afloat and it would collapse if those dollars disappeared. Right now, however, Udall’s legislative option doesn’t stand much of a chance. However a successful campaign against allowing state tax dollars to subsidize the industry would certainly close the many marginally profitable racetracks.

    Your documentation offers the unassailable moral argument that the animal rights community relies upon. How far can that message be spread? Much farther I suspect if HSUS, ASPCA and PETA came out strongly for the prohibition of racing. Absent that, our potential allies include those that want to de-couple slots and card games from racetracks and convert the facilities into more profitable casinos. We may also share common interests with those who would oppose the misuse of tax dollars to prop up racing.

    What you’re doing with Horseracing Wrongs is essential. And I hope you continue to pressure the big animal welfare groups that clearly ought to take a stronger, prohibition stance. Some months back, I’d spoken to Pacelle and urged him to come out in total opposition to racing. He was unmoved and HSUS joined the coalition formed by the Jockey Club with Wayne believing that it had some possibility of bi-partisan support. I think he needs to hear from many, many more people that his leadership on racing is inconsistent with animal rights principles and goals.


    • Thank you Marc.
      This industry is being financially supported by everybody else, but themselves.
      From state governments (tax breaks & taxpayers dollars in some) to casinos (AKA Racinos) to the Interstate Horse Racing Act.
      A recent survey showed that the majority of PA residents want all taxpayers and casinos money immediately stopped to racetracks.
      Many residents are outraged that much needed money for such things as education, and infrastructure are instead going to these tracks.
      If they were to stop this funding and funnel into these other places it would literally wipe out their problems in months!
      So I’m left with the question: WHY? Why do state governments automatically stamp approval to this abusive, and dying industry?
      They are probably receiving hefty financial donations to put this through against the will of the majority of people.
      It’s the only thing that I can come up with.

  10. Every university with an agriculture department benefits from racing in the form of “cut” from the proceeds. That cut is used to fund research supposedly – but often research that goes no where or is repetitive or pays for new buildings and administration. One reason betting is protected. Those are millions and millions of dollars.

    As for what would happen with thoroughbreds if racing were to be banned, which it must be, the breeding frenzy would stop. The TBs born would have jobs – they were originally ranch horses. They do have tremendous bonds with humans. It sounds more that you are concerned more with yourself and the other humans’ jobs than the abuse the horses go through to provide that income.

    As for the claim that owners don’t send their horses to slaughter, it must be “second hand owners.” That is ridiculous deflection, excuse my rudeness. Most breeders don’t keep their horses after the talent of the horse has been revealed. It is sold and resold, or changes hands in the hellhole of claiming races. Thousands and thousands of horses go through kill pens and repetitive auctions – but TBs go straight through unless they are lucky enough to fall into the hands of someone looking for a quick buck and the lip is flipped. I personally believe that TBs should be filtered out and the breeders face a hefty fine for each one that has gotten to the point of crossing the border. Slaughter MUST not be used as the chlorox of bad business, but it is.

    TB breeders and owners would do well to use some of their ill earned monies to see that laws are enforced. Laws that are in place would go a long way to stop this train of torture. We don’t really need new laws – we need laws to be enforced. The one lady used a loophole to explain away her role in slaughter _”second owners.”

    The one gentleman speaking of working with racing interests to allow drugging “to protect horses” is so shockingly against real care for the horses – it stuns me that people with that mindset have anything to do with animals at all. I mean if you can be convinced that drugging a horse so it doesn’t bleed, doesn’t feel pain, gets a boost if it is depressed is good for the horses – you had to know the horse would be used beyond its resources. Not to mention that knowing TBs are slaughtered by the thousands every year for human consumption – how are those drugs affecting anyone consuming the flesh of the horses being drugged. There are many issues that must be dealt with with those responsible for this train wreck.

  11. I am thoroughly disgusted with the stance the HSUS has taken on horse racing. I’ve included (below) a portion of my comment on Pacelle’s blog that Patrick mentions in his piece;

    “I find it very perplexing that Mr. Pacelle/HSUS calls for “reform” of this multi-billion dollar gambling industry instead of working towards its long-overdue demise! Isn’t the HSUS opposed to dog racing?…what is the difference other than the species being exploited? Horse racing isn’t a “sport”. The horses are not consenting “athletes”. And the lives of racehorses are anything but natural – in fact, the majority of racehorses run in low-level claiming races which are the backbone of this industry…the “cheap claimers” are passed from owner to owner, something an animal that craves routine finds incredibly stressful. They run with drugs in their systems (at least 26 drugs are legal!), existing injuries, and many end their “careers” at the KB-attended auctions and finally, the slaughterhouse.

    Does the HSUS support horse racing because Joe DeFrancis, a former Maryland Jockey Club executive, has the HSUS as a client of his consulting firm? Whatever the reason, it is questionable, at best, that an organization that claims to battle for animal rights chooses to support an industry that DAILY strips those rights from sentient beings, the magnificent horse.”

    You can read here about Joe DeFrancis and his links to the racing industry AND the HSUS –

  12. Thank you all for your insights into the abuse of horses. Something I have always known was wrong, but reading the many replies here has certainly enlightened me on “how wrong” it really is. Nothing I would ever support or agree with for sure. I am now following you and will continue to fight against horse abuse in all ways.

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