Two Standardbreds Killed at Yonkers

From the NYS Gaming Commission:

8-year-old Soho Highroller A “collapsed and died” after the 4th at Yonkers May 23. “Possible cardiac event,” they say, but fret not – the “investigation continues.”

10-year-old Feels Like Magic N “shattered pastern” in the 1st at that same track Monday. “Euthanized,” probably where he lay.

images (2)

Two more long-abused horses killed at a place that wouldn’t even exist if not for racino cash. Please eschew the “VLTs” at NY’s harness tracks, for each time you press one of those buttons you are unwittingly subsidizing animal cruelty.



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  1. Trainer of the horse, Feels Like Magic N , is a known horse drugger and is a front for banned trainers. There really should be criminal investigations into the trainers and owners of the horses that race there.

    • They are breaking the law two fold, cheating and cruelty to animals. However, laws are only as good as how they are enforced. In this gambling business, unlike other business’ , there is no enforcement and no accountability. I wonder why ? Could it possibably haveo anything to do with money ? !!

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