Indicting Themselves

Various direct quotes from those within the industry…

Dr. Rick Arthur, equine medical director, California Horse Racing Board (New York Times, 3/24/12): “It’s hard to justify how many horses we go through. In humans you never see someone snap their leg off running in the Olympics. But you see it in horse racing.”

Dr. Margaret Ohlinger, track vet, Finger Lakes (New York Times, 3/24/12): “It’s hard to watch these poor animals running for their lives for people who could really care less if they live.”

Dr. Rick Arthur (New York Times, 4/30/12): “If the public knew how many medications these horses were administered after entry time, I don’t think they would tolerate it.”

Dr. Tom David, former chief vet, Louisiana Racing Commission (New York Times, 4/30/12): “It’s [the racino/claiming equation] strictly self-centered greed of not thinking about the horse but thinking about maybe I can get one more race out of him and get a piece of the game.”

Maggi Moss, prominent owner, on racinos/claiming races (New York Times, 4/30/12) “If horses don’t win, people just get rid of them.”

Juan Serey, trainer, on racinos/claiming races (New York Times, 4/30/12) “Everybody just wants a horse, and they want him now to race in 10 days. I want a horse today and I don’t want it tomorrow. I’m a businessman. …If somebody takes my bad horses, it’s good. …This is a game, and we have to know how to play.”

Maggi Moss, on running “claimers” (The Iowan, July ’12): “It’s getting much easier for me to run my horses out East so that I don’t get so personally attached to them. This is a business…”

Dr. Phillip Kapraun, Illinois vet, on his liberal use of the banned substance “snake venom” (New York Times, 9/21/12): “The economics of horse racing does not allow for that. Horse racing is on the decline. If a horse needed a year to heal up, they would go to the killers up in Canada or Mexico [slaughterhouses].”

Bill Casner, prominent owner (Thoroughbred Daily News, March ’14): “Our industry is permeated with those who have no regard for the welfare of the horse… The horse becomes only a tool for fulfilling their own agendas of WIN AT ALL COSTS. Most trainers have little or no investment in the horses they train, whether it is financial or emotional. They will run red light after red light in pushing that horse until it fails and then they will call the owner and spin him a story. …those trainers will tell the owner that the horse ‘just took a bad step’ and ‘that’s horse racing.'”

Dr. Lisa Hanelt, track vet, Finger Lakes (Blood-Horse, 7/8/14): “We’ve all heard about the ‘bad step.’ It isn’t true. …Trainers have the power to make a horse high-risk or lower-risk.”

Michael Matz, Barbaro’s trainer (AP, 5/9/16): “The worst part of it is, we never will really know how good he really was.” (not that he died)

Dr. Dean Richardson, vet who operated on Barbaro (AP, 5/9/16): “It’s not that horses can’t be repaired, it’s just that many times the economics of repairing a horse’s injury are not aligned. You don’t have the combination of an owner who has the resources and a horse that justifies that expense.”

Ray Paulick, prominent racing writer (Paulick Report, 5/27/16): “The public has changed. We’re using animals for entertainment here. And, all you have to do is look at the circus where they’ve eliminated elephants from the show…look at SeaWorld… We have to do everything possible for the safety and health of these horses because we’re using them for entertainment. That’s the bottom line.”

Bill Finley, prominent racing writer (Thoroughbred Daily News, 5/27/16): “He [a Jockeys’ Guild official who argues that the new more-liberal California whip rule is not abuse] might want to bring that up with my 15-year-old daughter. Brought up in a family where both parents work in the racing industry, she has zero interest in the sport and when asked why said it is because she doesn’t like to watch the jockeys beating the horses.”

John Wheeler, prominent trainer, after three horses were killed in a single day at a New Zealand racecourse (New Zealand Herald, 6/8/16): “We accept the risk that comes with it…but that’s part of it. Where you have livestock, you have dead stock.”

Maggi Moss (Paulick Report, August ’16): “The anti-slaughter policies, they’re worthless. The track policies are not going to do anything at all. I’m not an extremist, I just love horses, and I have seen what is truly happening to our racehorses. What is happening is what no one wants to talk about. I have sat down with the head of The Jockey Club; I have sat down with some of the biggest owners and trainers in the country. I start talking and I promise you, they start staring at the ground. They do not want to hear it.”

Cliff Goodrich, former president of Santa Anita, on Del Mar’s dead horses (The San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/25/16): “Goodness knows in society there are problems that are unsolvable; this may be one of them.”

Stephanie Beattie, prominent trainer, on illicit drugging (Paulick Report, 6/28/17): “Almost everybody did [illegally drug their horses on raceday]. Ninety-five to 98%. It was a known practice. We wanted to win…”

Stephanie Beattie, on jockeys using electrical devices – “buzzers,” “batteries” – during morning workouts and in actual races (Paulick Report, 6/28/17): “Did I ever ask them to, no. Does it happen at every racetrack, yes.”


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  1. Wow. You have added Tabloid journalism to ambulance chasing . So much cut and paste in this , why not print the whole article ? Why take quotes out of context , oh wait I know , you like your drama served with innuendo .

  2. Great Patrick.
    The people who participate in, and support horse racing are so delusional that even when they are exposed to the ugly cruelty, and abuse they still continue.
    If not delusional, then certainly masochistic.
    How can anybody invest, participate, and support such a cruelty circus, and death camp?
    Here’s an excerpt from the groom of Cherokee Run who was euthanized yesterday:
    “He was now four years old and was plagued with foot problems since the previous year. In his last race before the Breeders’ Cup, the Vosburgh, Cherokee Run shed the frog underneath his foot. As he galloped back to be unsaddled following a third-place finish, he left a trail of blood.”
    Sounds just like Nehro.
    I can tell you from a Trainer’s perspective that any racehorse who is “plagued with foot problems,” is running in pain, to what degree depends on the dope he is given.
    Back in 1994, the drug rules were much more lax so he was more than likely running on some form of pain medication in order to perform at that level.
    Despite the fact the owners were made aware of the problem they still ordered
    the horse to stay in training, and racing.
    He was not rested.
    He continued to fill the wagering machine with profit and fatten the wallets of the connections.
    Just another racehorse exploited for profit like they all are.
    The only difference is he was a stallion, and was bought by one of the richest owners in the world who can afford to provide him with good care until euthanized yesterday.
    At least his groom admitted it:
    “I always try to keep up with my “old friends” after their racing days. It is hard to see all of them, as most do not get the care that Cherokee Run was fortunate enough to have”
    It’s difficult for many to keep up with any of them unless they visit the local kill auction or pick up the upper lips left on the slaughterhouse floor to check the tattoo – then they have a good chance of finding them.
    One think I know, when I have found them at a kill auction moments away from being loaded onto the slaughterhouse truck none of the connections can be found.
    If I’m lucky enough to locate them, they will say how much they “loved” the horse, but rarely send a dime to get them out of harms way.
    Isn’t it amazing how this multi-billion dollar industry, that receives unprecedented amounts of corporate welfare, tax breaks, taxpayers money and/or casino profits give little or nothing to the racehorse it exploits?
    Whether it’s whipping, doping, dumping or dying these are just some of the necessary modes required to operate, and not one racehorse escapes one of these.
    Most racehorses require dope in order to keep them running on physical ailments.
    Then when the dope starts to wear off in the stretch, they get beaten to perform.
    How can anybody with any compassion or any moral compass participate and/or support this ongoing cruelty to racehorses?

  3. Here’s yet another story about GREED.
    Little Mike sustained a serious enough injury to warrant a 2 year lay-off.
    Nobody would have imagined, after making $3,543,012, that the connections would put him back into horse racing – the business that almost ended his life.
    Oh, but they love the horse. Well if this is love then I wouldn’t want to see their hate.
    Apparently, making close to 4 million is not enough to retire him to a grassy paddock, safe from his prior injuries, safe from maybe having a catastrophic breakdown.
    I often read the comments on the Bloodhorse where this article was, and there’s one pro-horse racing lady that sickens me with her comments on most occassions.
    However, this time she actually said something with substance that pretty much indicted these greedy owners of Little Mike:
    From Ida Lee: Overheard from Little Mike: “Get me the hell out of here …. I’m tired … I’m disgusted … I’m ready to retire …. call Michael … get me a nice paddock and send out the invites to my adoring fans .. I’m ready for them”.
    From Linda Daly: Hasn’t he earned his retirement? Let him retire/go on to another career with dignity. $3.5M for your team… he’s more than paid for a soft landing.
    Susan Earl: Little Mike has so many fan. I don’t want him hurt. After $3.5 million he deserves a nice
    retirement place.
    The majority of comments urged the connections to retire Little Mike.
    The connections are being supported by the industry itself because they rarely deny entry, and racing of any racehorse.
    They know Little Mike has fans which results in increased wagering income which is their priority.
    If they really cared about racehorses then they would release a statement urging the connections to retire the racehorse, but this is horse racing.
    We have seen time, and time again where racehorses are being pretty much sent to their death based on the PP’s or sent into another round of cruelty, and abuse based on their PP’s.
    Horses like Halos And Angels. The list goes on and on.
    Another horse on my watch list very recently is LORD OF GREATNESS. This is a 10 y.o. gelding who made $615,044 for Owner/Trainer Robert (Bob) Tiller. He’s still running, but now he’s running for a $6000 tag – up for sale. Oh, but Bob just loves his horses – yea right.
    This horse is a shadow of his former self, who ran his butt off for Bob, but Bob doesn’t think that over $600,000 is enough to give this horse a decent retirement.
    Anybody who keeps up on the scene at Woodbine knows that they are having trouble filling many races, or if they fill, they are running 5 and 6 horse fields with the upper level races being dominated by about 6 Trainers who get all the stall allocations, and access to supporting personnel.
    There have been stake races worth over $100,000 with 5 and 6 horse fields all compliments of the Ontario taxpayer, the person who makes $10 per hour is supporting 5 horses winning $100,000.
    So what does this have to do with racehorses possibly breaking down and/or dying?
    When any racetrack is having trouble filling races, then the pressure always comes down on the racehorses.
    When Trainers see small fields, and big purse money then racehorses will be entered despite the obvious need for retirement.
    I don’t know the condition of this racehorse, but he has well-earned his safe retirement.

    • Gina, I’ve been reading about Little Mike, as well. The most recent PR article about where he ran 5th (his “heart wasn’t in it”…that was per either his owner or trainer – oh really?!?!) had SUCH “interesting” quotes in the article AND comments in the comment section! What just infuriates me is why LM is deserving of retirement, according to these commenting apologists – because he’s a multi-millionaire. So just how much money must the horse make before he/she DESERVES to be retired? – how much money? how old? how many starts? Isn’t running something they LOVE? Isn’t running GOOD for their musculoskeletal system? Aren’t they bored and depressed when they are retired and leave the track? These people talk out of both sides of their mouths…

  4. Thank you,Gina. No doubt Little Mike is a gelding so they’ll race him until they get the last drop of blood out of him. It is beyond belief that after suffering a serious injury and 2 years out AND earned more than $3.5million that they’re forcing him to race again. Pure greed. And no respect for the horse’s welfare one iota!

    This is horseracing, folks!

  5. “Indicting Themselves”- let me count the ways !!
    Bringing back this 9 year old high profile horse with millions in earnings after a serious injury is pure genus at “self indictment”.
    These people just can’t see past the $ signs. They are beyond stupid and just plain don’t give a damn about the horse.

  6. Another thing, anytime they take care of the horse on the track it is only to increase the possibility of bringing in money.
    They lie to themselves, they live the delusion that they actually “care,” but their actions speak much louder than words.
    It’s the racehorses that don’t have words, don’t have a voice, but their action results in dying in the dirt for $2 bets in many cases – almost on a daily basis.
    This is so sad.

  7. Again today, a FB post is pleading for information on the whereabouts of a particular racing TB. And it follows;

    “MISSING! If you find at auction please call the contact below ASAP. We have a Hinkle Farms homebred that we are getting pretty worried about. Ran recently at Thistledown and the trainer is saying the horse was sold by the owner and he doesn’t know where he is. Was a $5K claimer, so not looking great. His name is Sail Maker. Big 2011 Malibu Moon ridgling.”

    This plea was made to the FB page “Horses of New Holland” – so obviously, there is concern and the possibility that this bay 5-year-old may find himself at the KB-attended New Holland auction. There were no comments indicating that Sail Maker has been found, but the administrator turned off commenting for this post at approximately 5 PM.

    Bred by Hinkle Farms, Sail Maker started his “career” for owner WinStar Farm in February of 2014. He didn’t run again until January of the following year and his owner then was Michael Hui.

    Without noting owner/trainer changes from his January 2015 race for Hui to his race on March 16 of this year, the following reveals his fall down the claiming ladder in just the last several months;

    -March 16, 2016 – 30K claiming race (Pegasus Stables LLC (Joseph and Patsy Rink) – owner)

    -March 20 – 10K (Pegasus Stables LLC – owner)

    -May 12 – 8K (claimed from Pegasus Stables LLC, new owner Ken and Sarah Ramsey)

    -July 2 – 10K (Ramsey’s – owners)

    -July 23 – 5K (Ramsey’s)

    -August 6 – 5K (Ramsey’s)

    -September 16 – 5K (Ramsey’s)

    -October 2 – 5K (Sail Maker has a new owner this race – Francisca Cano – but since he was not claimed on September 16, the Ramsey’s must have privately sold him or given him away)

    -October 21 – 5K (for owner Francisca Cano)

    Sail Maker, for sale for 30K in March of this year…dropped to 5K just 4 months later. Since it appears by the FB post that Hinkle Farms, Sail Maker’s breeder, is trying to locate him, my question to Hinkle Farms is this – where were you for the last few months?…you had plenty of opportunities to claim Sail Maker for 5K. Do you follow the horses you put on this earth?…horses you sell (like inanimate objects) to make your living? And if so (in the pretense you care), it’s clear to a blind man that he was slipping and slipping fast. You must have seen that. You could have claimed him. You didn’t.

    Maybe Sail Maker is safe. Maybe not. Maybe he’ll be found, maybe he won’t be. But THIS we know…because of how this animal-use-for-entertainment business functions, it puts horses on the path to slaughter – either directly or indirectly. Breeders, owners and trainers? Stop with the declarations of love for your horses and the claims they’re like family members. Just stop.

  8. Lord of greatest was claimed from tiller and has since been retired. Claimed in July retired in September. New/current connections listed on equibase.

  9. As far as ‘Indicting Themselves’ goes, this from the NY Times 12/31/2012 is super clear cut. Tweebster, 5 year old gelding in 2012, racing for Kaleem Shah and Baffert; was in a stakes race in September ’12 and dropped to 40,000 claiming in October ’12. Then he was entered for 12,500 on 12/30/12 showing only two workouts, which for that trainer is totally irregular. Tweebster ran the race, suffered fractures to his left fore and was put down. Social media calls out Baffert on it and he denies any knowledge that Tweebster was not sound. Follow the link to see the full illustration of what GPowell is talking about.

  10. One only needs to keep their eyes open to spot the frequent self-incrimination by racing insiders. Recently, an 18-year-old TB stallion was found at auction in Texas and when all was said and done, he was taken in by an equine rescue that was founded by a racing owner/trainer. In reading about the stallion – Tricky Prospect – on the Paulick Report, the statements by this individual were telling in light of what she does to earn her living AND in regards to claims she’s made in the past.

    Specifically, two things. First, in addressing those who don’t want this stallion to be castrated, this individual, Donna Keen, stated; “What? [Keep him] Isolated, by himself? Kept away from other horses so he can’t breed [very strange since he would be gelded, but I’m just quoting verbatim], play, have horse companions? We have had tremendous luck castrating older stallions who so enjoy getting to be part of a herd (like they were meant to be), for the first time in their life. 19 years of isolation is enough. …the horses finally for the first time in their lives get to be free. Free to have friends and run with a herd.” ABSOLUTELY! – “part of a herd, like they were meant to be”!…”finally…get to be free”! But wait a minute here, Mrs. Keen…what you just stated is in complete contrast to what you spoon feed racing fans. What about your video of the racehorse confined to his shedrow stall? The horse that is bucking, rearing, squealing? The horse without “friends”? The horse unable to run and play at will? You take sarcastic jabs at commenters who raise valid concerns the horse in the video is displaying his anxiety and unhappiness at being confined, isolated, alone and physically restricted. You call those concerned folks “haters” then exclaim that the stall-bound, isolated, friendless horse is HAPPY. So which is it? If your racehorses are happy being stalled and “kept away from other horses”, unable to “play” and have “horse companions”, and prevented from being “free to have friends and run with a herd”, why shouldn’t the 18-year-old stallion live the same way? According to you, if he’s tied to a stall wall and fed a sweet potato now and again, he’ll be ecstatic.

    Then this…and I quote Mrs. Keen from the Paulick Report; “It’s such a tough, delicate situation because there’s just no answer for how many horses have been overbred every year. I’m totally against horse slaughter, but I don’t know what the right answer is.” No answer? I imagine it would be hard to utter a RIGHT answer – that is, to stop the breeding of Thoroughbreds for your “sport”, your livelihood, as there are not enough homes nor room in organizations such as yours for the many, discarded racehorses. Yes, I see the difficulty in stating the obvious when your husband’s FB page shows a 6-day-old foal – by your stallion – being advertised for sale along with his mother.

    • A six day old foal along with his mother FOR SALE! Another dark ugly truth about what goes on with these sentient, intelligent, innocent equine beings who are force bred for the horseracing industry. Am I wrong when I say that this mare and her newborn baby are ‘throw aways’ because they haven’t come up to the expectations of these vile and creepy breeders (in this case the Keens). Make no mistake folks, this is not an isolated case. Mrs Keen declares that she doesn’t know the answer to overbreeding and yet she contributes to overbreeding??? and in the same breath declares she is against horse slaughter???
      Mrs Keen, you are the epitome of hypocrisy as well as an unashamed cruel creature along with your husband.
      This time of the year calls for ‘goodwill to all men’ ……. how could one contemplate any goodwill to the Keens and the cruel participants of the horseracing industry who on a daily basis abuse these defenceless horses (as Gina correctly states, they are either abusers, enablers of the abuse or both).

    • Joy, excellent post because it is the truth! I believe that Ms. Keen has also labeled us “crazies” when we speak out against the confinement of horses exploited in the racing industry. Perhaps Keen is in denial (depending on the day) when it comes to horses being allowed to enjoy a herd environment or perhaps Keen is just spoon feeding her devoted followers (as you suggested) in an attempt to convince them that “warehousing” horses is the proper way to care for them. Ludicrous, at best. Those of us who are knowledgeable about horses realize that there is nothing natural about the way horses are “warehoused” at the track….nothing!

      Also, we have mentioned on this blog that racing supporters invariably end up incriminating themselves. There is a video on the New Vocations FB page where the Program Director is soliciting support from the owners and trainers of the Breeder’s Cup runners. She is asking them to take the Breeder’s Cup pledge and donate a certain percentage of their winnings to support TB aftercare and NV. She states in the video that everyone in the industry “….knows that these horses give their heart and soul simply for our enjoyment and our pleasure.” Again…”…for our enjoyment and our pleasure.” Oops, I think she forgot to mention that they sometimes give their lives for “our enjoyment and our pleasure” and let’s not forget the ones that are maimed, sometimes beyond repair, for “our enjoyment and our pleasure.” I find many facets of racing to be repulsive but, for some reason, I found this statement, coming from the PD of NV, particularly so. Horses maimed, and killed, so that humans can be entertained. Despicable…

  11. Maggi Moss, prominent owner, on racinos/claiming races (New York Times, 4/30/12) “If horses don’t win, people just get rid of them.”
    Right Maggi, but in your case, even when they do win, and win LOTS of money for you after coming off a claim, and increasing their performance greatly, for your wallet – you STILL dump them.
    I can’t count the number of horses you have claimed and stepped them up exponentially (one can only guess just how miraculously the horse starts winning) only to make lots of profit off of them.
    After all, this is a business right?
    Horses are bought, sold, dumped, and/or die on a daily basis.
    Sad part?
    Maggi you are not an anomaly.

    • Here is another one for maggis long list…IT’S A JOURNEY she is part of her east stringMaggi Moss, on running “claimers” (The Iowan, July ’12): “It’s getting much easier for me to run my horses out East so that I don’t get so personally attached to them. This is a business…” as this shows by the way youve raced this filly here is my statement to Maggi moss do you remember that letter that you wrote to Mike gill saying he was bad for racing may I ask you what you’ve done different how has you buissness changed since meeting your own goals in 09 you should have wrote that letter to yourself take your 46 million dollars you’ve earned and do the horses a favor

      • Billy, I personally believe that Ms. Moss truly loves her horses as long as they are winning for her and, undoubtedly, the horses she owns get the best care when it comes to quality of grain/hay, farrier, vet, etc. However, once her horses are no longer productive in terms of being able to put money in her bank account, she will “unload” them via claiming races. She is no different than the thousands of others who use horses for their own personal gain and entertainment. In fact, I hold her to a higher standard simply because she is quite capable of making a living in another line of work since she has a law degree and was a practicing attorney before entering into the sinister world of horseracing. There are many in the industry who have limited skills and education and some would find it extremely difficult to find other “careers” but I don’t believe Ms. Moss would encounter those same challenges.

        Ms. Moss has publicly stated that she follows all the horses that she loses through the claiming process but that simply isn’t true. When I contacted her about a year ago concerning two of her former horses, Marchwood and Tricolette, she was clueless as to where they were or who owned them. She actually accused me of trying to extort money from her when I told her how much Burton Sipp wanted for Marchwood and I don’t believe she ever called the trainer who last had Tricollette. Moss’s bullying tactics don’t work with me and I think she realizes that I am NOT one of her “ass kissers” but she has many others and enjoys the adulations that her followers throw her way. Also, one of my colleagues has a list of horses that Moss has lost through the claiming process. I bet she doesn’t know where many, if any, of those horses are. Once they stop producing, they are eradicated from her racing portfolio. Remember…she loves the industry much more than she loves the horses.

  12. Six-year-old gelding Masochistic was recently disqualified following a race due to the presence of anabolic steroids in his post-race test. In the PR report today, a comment from a 50-plus-years racing insider was this;

    “Again, Masochistic is the victim because he had no say in the matter. Horses for these folks, no matter how good they are, are nothing more than a machine to make money and when the machine breaks, they get another machine and continue the cycle of cheating. It is a pathetic lot in California that will not change.”

    Straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • Joy, and here is another self-incriminating statement from the PR, about Masochistic, written by a Joel Schiff…

      The key thing here is the horse was given a performance enhancing drug. And all the key parties knew it. That is the problem. Solution: Performance enhancing drugs should not be given to a race horse in training under ANY circumstances, on track or off track, out of competition or in competition. If found, at any time for any reason, in any amount, the horse. owner, trainer, and veterinarian should be banned for life from horse racing in the United States. The big guys, Pletcher, Baffert, etc. have the best vets and know how to play the withdrawal time and dosage game perfectly so they don’t get caught, like the winner of the race.

      So many performance enhancing drugs, but the “hot shots” know how to play the system yet how many times have we seen Pletcher, Baffert, ASSmussen with their smiles smeared across the pages of social media? The vast majority are CHEATERS, plain and simple, and that is one of the many reasons that racing needs to die in the dirt just like so many of the horses do.

    • Carolyn…and that from a racing insider (since 1961)! It’s not US – the racehorse supporters – saying that!…it’s an INDUSTRY supporter! Incredible.

      • Yes I’ve been following this story on Masochistic which has been getting a lot of attention. The only positive is that it has well and truly been exposed and with many people commenting a lot of information is coming out of the woodwork. Industry supporters slamming the use of performance enhancing drugs on social media speaks volumes. And how dare these curs so cruelly and callously abuse this totally innocent horse. His racing history is highly suspect and should’ve raised alarm bells for the chief vet when the trainer was putting Masochistic on the vet list for 60 days.
        Despicable creeps!

    • Thank you for the link, Joy. It is a stunning article and shows the criminal activity and lack of morality at every level of this business.
      But how sad for all the horses and how they are made to suffer before they are dumped or enter the breeding programs to continue their stressful exploited lives before they, too, are dumped.
      Simply amazing how all this goes on in “broad daylight” and is allowed to continue without being challenged.

  13. The only reason we have rags like these is the gaming industry has a large agenda, get rid of live horse racing. There will be less liability, no head aches in their pockets. Their agenda has been obvious since the invent of simulcasting. In the 80s I was told the simulcasting would be the demise of live racing and though it took them some time; its here. To all of you that say its such a crime and even have the audacity to call accidents horses being “killed” shame on you really. Let me educate you if I might. The thoroughbred is a special horse and most of them love to race and compete. If you haven’t been raised into the racing game or you are a JLC, (Johnny come lately) then you really have no idea what you are talking about. I also think someone or a group with the agenda I just mentioned probably pays you to protest racing as that is the newest career, protesting. You are bought and sold and for money; you ruin the hard work of hard working people, rich, poor, immigrants, many that not only love the sport of racing but take grand care of their animals and support their families staying in the horse racing industry. Most folks from the track don’t even have any other skills and have spent a lifetime as horsemen and women. But you make your few bucks discrediting others…………..its the new generation of bought and paid for scumbags…………

    • VS: I grew up in this business, and most people posting here has direct experience, in some capacity, with horse racing.
      You don’t have to have direct experience with horse racing to form a moral opinion on the matte – just look at the facts!
      People strongly oppose dog fighting, but they have never participated in it.
      So let’s put your claim aside that people need to participate in order to have an accurate idea of what’s going on.
      As for the gaming board agenda?
      I don’t think for a moment that they wanted to deliberately eliminate horse racing.
      I think they entered the coupling business arrangements with good intentions only to find out what this business is all about.
      There’s only one reason why the horse racing industry is sinking like the Titanic, and that’s because of the industry itself.
      There’s nobody else to blame except for yourselves.
      The industry had an extraordinary opportunity with the coupling of other business entities, not afforded to other business places, to bring in huge amounts of cash.
      Yet, they continued to operate like the Wild West including self-governing, lack of transparency, lack of accountability, doping, cheating, monopolization of purse money, racehorses dying with no repercussions whatsoever, maiming of racehorses, dumping racehorses at kill auctions, and treating their product with total disdain.
      They have lost their social license, and neither business entities nor people want to support this anymore.
      This is precisely why most business people want to disengage from these failures, and for this total lack of compassion, which has resulted in decrease wagering.
      We NO LONGER want to financially support this ongoing cruelty, abuse, maiming and/or dying of racehorses.
      So these gaming boards that you refer to know all too well, as we do here, what is going on to continue running racehorses in circles.

  14. If you follow racing news sources at all, you’re probably aware of the near-black gelding Ben’s Cat. From the April 13 Paulick Report, this: “Looking to end the longest losing streak of a storied career, multiple Grade 3-winning Maryland-bred gelding Ben’s Cat will kick off his 11-year-old season in an open $50,000 allowance on Easter Sunday at Laurel Park.” It continues: “Bred, owned and trained by Hall of Fame horseman King Leatherbury…”

    An article from the August 6, 2015 Baltimore Sun had this to say about Leatherbury: “It’s the sport, not the steed that stirs Leatherbury, an inveterate gambler. Truth is, he doesn’t get on well with horses. Never has.”

    Not so warm and fuzzy so far. I just kept reading…

    “Once, to get [a rival trainer] to claim an undesirable horse [undesirable?…I had to read that again], Leatherbury tricked his rival into thinking that Leatherbury was trying to trick him.”

    Regarding his “tricks”, this from Leatherbury himself: “I had one horse who’d bowed a tendon and I thought, ‘I’m going to get [the rival trainer] to claim him.’ Well, when you want someone to think a horse has a bowed tendon, you bandage his leg and place some foam rubber in there to give it a little bulge. I even left a little piece of rubber sticking out of the bottom.”

    The trick worked. Leatherbury ran his injured horse, the rival thought he was trying to keep his horse from getting claimed with the “phony bowed tendon bandage job”, the crippled horse was claimed.

    Injured horse. Tricks and deceit. Hall of Fame “horseman”. All a big joke. Such is horse racing.

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