The Lame, Bleeding, Broken, and Dead

The weekend on American tracks (flats only):

Lukes Dream, Albuquerque, “bled, vanned off”

Zipping My Fly, Albuquerque, “vanned off”

Presidential Air, Del Mar, “broke down” – confirmed dead

Starship Galaxy, Gulfstream, “vanned off”

Hoodatcrook, Louisiana, “vanned off”

Cal Girls Reign, Prairie, “fell, vanned off”

Time for Angie, Belmont, “vanned off after the finish”

Mary’s in Utopia, Belmont, “vanned off after crossing the wire”

Todo O Nada Parami, Del Mar, “vanned off”

Supersonic, Ellis, “bled”

Dollar Signs, Evangeline, “pulled up suddenly when lame, vanned off”

Gunderson, Gulfstream, “vanned off after the race”

Pirate’s Cove, Laurel, “returned sore and had to be vanned off”

Sienna Siren, Los Alamitos, “vanned off following the race”

Big G Secret Crab, Los Alamitos, “vanned off”

El Charchas, Monmouth, “slammed into, fell, vanned off”

Anthony’s Flyer, Parx, “returned bleeding profusely, vanned off”

Berlusconi, Parx, “eased when lame, vanned off”

England, Parx, “bled profusely from both nostrils”

Jesses Maserati, Ruidoso, “vanned”

Check My Six, Ruidoso, “vanned”

Kapaya, Sacramento, “vanned off”

Genoclaire, Thistledown, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”

Valentine Boy, Del Mar, “vanned off”

The Chilli Man, Emerald, “vanned off”

Baby Doll Dancing, Fair Meadows, “injured, van off”

Tres Seis Zoe, Gillespie, “went down, vanned off”

Root of All Evil, Lone Star, “broke down”

Rage of Aquarius, Parx, “returned bleeding”

Spitfire Wind, Parx, “returned bleeding”

Proud Connie, Prairie, “vanned off”

Baldridge, Ruidoso, “vanned off”

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(source: Equibase)


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  1. I feel deeply saddened by the carnage and suffering. But it is simply not enough to feel sad. We must find a way to end it. Thank you Patrick for being one of the warriors fighting on behalf of these innocent horses. And thank you to those who protested at Del Mar Saturday and Sunday. -Vivian

    • My dear friend Melanie was there protesting with you last weekend. I would be there if I didn’t live on the East Coast. We need to keep fighting and keep screaming for justice for these horses as loud as possible.

  2. Vanned off when “lame” eh, more likely a sesamoid, tendon, suspensory apparatus injury, knee injury, etc. Such a convenient word to use to hide the real injury. Since when is a racehorse ambulanced off because it is only lame?

  3. Re the photo that Patrick put up for this post. Looks as though this horse suffered a horrificly broken left foreleg and his right foreleg looks broken also, hence him going down drastically on his hind limbs in a desperate bid to save himself. Never forget the day I witnessed a 2 year old filly breakdown on the home turn, she broke both her forelegs (both knees) and because of the momentum was unable to stop and went some steps with both her broken knees hitting the ground. I felt faint and nauseous and there was dead silence at the track.
    If only there was dead silence at race tracks because all the horses have gone …..that day will come because this obscenity called horseracing has lost its social licence.

  4. Horse racing is a cruelty circus, and a death camp for most racehorses.
    From whipping/beating, doping, dumping and/or dying these are the common operating procedures for most racing stables that is condoned by the racing commissions, and is financially supported by people who wager, casinos, taxpayers and whoever else they can get to sponsor the horror.
    In 2006, I was on business at Retama Park in Texas. I witnessed this breakdown. They are all horrific, but this one was particularly heartbreaking.
    This poor filly snapped-off BOTH front legs! She tried in desperation to get up, but kept falling on her shattered front legs. The spurting blood could be seen by the horrified crowd on the rail myself included.
    This article was blocked from being published in the mainstream media. The track was owned by Frank Stronach & Company at the time. So he has been blocking the truth for a long time since his Gulfstream Track, 10 years later, is doing the same thing.
    We managed to get this article out compliments of Ban the Horse Carriage people, but the photos were too gruesome to include with the article.
    Here it is:

  5. Jockeys killed or injured, don’t care they ask for it, horses killed or injured infuriates me they don’t ask for any ofthis

  6. Horse racing is clearly an abhorrently cruel event & is no longer socially acceptable!!! The horses are treated as gambling pawns & are immediately put to death after they are no longer useful for profit. It is time for this deplorable event to end.
    STOP IT NOW!!!!!

  7. What the Fuck are you doing…this is brutal slaughter!!!!Animal cruelty at its worst!!!!!!Shame Shame Shame!!!!

  8. Maybe you should look at the Downs at Albuqueque. The consultant Denis Moore has allowed over 25 horses to die so far this season

  9. I love horse racing. And I do not like the injuries and death. I think the 2 year olds should not race or even be worked as if they are going to race. They need time to grow and be strong enough to race that means light work. And proper training. Lots of basic stuff walking trotting ECT. But no fast work. If they are trained right they can be started racing as a 3 year old. And there needs to be some kind of agency or group to make sure the horses are properly trained and conditioned. Strong enough legs and minds for racing. If something like that is done. The breakdowns and deaths would stop. Although some times a bad step will occur like what happened to the wonderful EIGHT BELLS can still happen. There can be injuries like that at home to a pet horse just the same. And I am not defending the people who are just in racing to make the big bucks. I am defending the horses, and for e horses. Readind about All the deaths in the first weeks of Saratoga and Del Mar. Is disgraceful. The problems fixed weather it’s the ground or the trainers. It has to stop. I have been wanting to start a racehorse rescue retraining farm. Here in The Chicago area. One of the oldest tracks in this area has been closed Balmoral Park in Crete Il. I found out recently found that a Show Jumping group has bough the property. I was hoping to find a way of making it into the Rescue Shelter. But I did not have enough time. Where are the horses going? The small time stables have nowhere to go. What will or has happened to those horses? The Balmoral Park property would have been perfect for a shelter. It is a huge place. And with my idea lots of local jobs would have been made. I just wish I had the big money and help to make my shelter project a reality.

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