Fasnacloich Killed in 2nd Race; Del Mar’s Death Toll Stands at (at least) 8

Fasnacloich became the latest victim at the much-celebrated Del Mar Summer Meet when she “broke down” about midway through the 2nd race Sunday afternoon. Dead. The 6-year-old was under the whip for the 25th time. By my count, since tracking began on July 11, at least eight horses have either died on Del Mar grounds or while being trained off-site for upcoming Del Mar races. (I say “at least” because there may or may not be overlap between the stewards’ anonymous “deceased” and those who have been identified here and/or others may have simply slipped through the cracks.) Again, that’s (at least) eight dead “athletes” for Del Mar in just two weeks.

The ones we know about:

Presidential Air, July 15, race 6
Dynamite Charge, July 17, training
Whisky and Wine, July 23, training
Dutchessa, July 23, race 2
Fasnacloich, July 24, race 2

From the Del Mar Stewards Minutes, week of 7/11/16-7/17/16
“Deceased: 5”

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    • The racing industry better wake up and start taking care of those beautiful animals they don’t deserve them if they don’t take care of them properly

      • I agree. It sounds to me like some people need to be jailed and the entire operation halted. Those who disagree with me are invited to run around around a track in the heat and humidity until they drop dead of heat stroke.

      • Hey, Jon Vera, one only has to watch a race to see that the horses are not well cared for e.g.
        being beaten viciously with whips causing both physical and psychological pain:
        being ridden abusively, often resulting in clipping heels with injury (and in some cases death) the outcome:
        being forced into the gates when horse refusing/reluctant the only way he can communicate his fear of the task ahead of him:
        being forced to race after becoming fractious in the gates when they often suffer an injury from rearing, going down momentarily but the vets pass horse fit to race:
        being forced to wear blinkers which severely restricts their vision and often makes them overrace as a result of their fear of not having full vision, one of their necessary needs -blinkers are a known risk factor:
        being often abused in the mouth by riders insensitive to the pain the bit can cause the horse when rough hands are in use on the reins – bleeding mouths and cut tongues are often the outcome:
        being forced to race when carrying pre-existing injuries, sore, not recovered from previous start:
        being forced to race in very hot weather conditions often resulting in horse suffering heat stress and in some cases death:
        being forced to race in very cold weather conditions:
        being forced to race in heavy rain conditions (vision for the horse disastrous):
        being pushed beyond their limits when seriously tired, often resulting in injury or death:
        And of course the above list is not exhaustive.

      • Del Mar has actually undergone several changes in the last decade. The old dirt didn’t work so they tried Poly. That wasn’t working so they installed a new state of the art conventional dirt surface. They have done several changes to help improve. That kinda negates the whole “you care to bring change” comment.

      • Twelve dead….again, twelve dead….so a reasonably intelligent person could ascertain that changes in track surfaces aren’t working. Several changes over the last decade? Laughable, at best. Again, you have to care to bring effective, permanent change, and racing doesn’t want to change. If they did, the industry would have changed by now and 24 horses a week wouldn’t be dying in the dirt. Oh, and those are the ones we know about since it doesn’t include the ones that limp back to their stalls and are later euthanized due to the severity of their injuries or the ones that aren’t reported by an industry that is corrupt from top to bottom. Therefore, I stand by my original post that you have to care to bring about change.

      • So agree with you, Mary.
        To pass on a quote from a colleague in Australia:-
        Horseracing should be called out as “the cruellest show on earth”.
        And as my late father said:-
        “Horseracing is violence”.

  1. Like I’ve always maintained horse racing is a cruelty circus, and a death camp.
    The mandatory operating procedures perpetrated on racehorses is: whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and/or dying.
    It makes no difference if a racehorse comes from opulent surroundings, is owned by rich owners or blue collar connections – they all are subjected to one, some, or all of these operating procedures.
    They have been getting away with Felony Animal Cruelty charges for so long now that they have no incentive to change.
    If, and when they do attempt change in order to placate the public? Nothing ever changes for these racehorses because the end result is subjugation for profit, maiming and/or dying.
    In fact, recently, they INCREASED the number of times a racehorse can be whipped in the stretch when they are more than likely tired and/or sore.
    Any whipping/beating going on in the stretch is not for steering, but to get the most out of the horse, to get the performance, to satisfy the supporters who wager.
    Total disregard for the racehorse, and if this happened in a public park?
    The person would be charged with Animal Cruelty.
    Yet, this industry continues to get away with public floggings, ongoing animal cruelty, abuse year in and year out under the guise of fancy hats, party, and mint juleps.
    The supporters claim that the racehorses get the “royal” treatment.
    Well, if beating a tired and/or sore horse is the “royal” treatment then another word needs to be found.
    If repeatedly restraining a horse to inject needles into their joints, veins, and wherever else they can find a route – then this is not “royal” treatment.
    This is horrific animal cruelty, and it needs to stop.
    All funding to racetracks from any revenue sources (casinos, tax breaks, taxpayers money, Interstate Horse Wagering Act) needs to end.
    I’m so disturbed by racehorse owners who send their “beloved” horses to these multiple drug violating Trainers who have plenty of racehorses die under their direct care, with contracts giving them carte blanche to turn the horse into a dope dispenser in order to perform.
    How can anybody who loves their horse treats it like “family” as the owners say, send their horse into these torture chambers where many come out maimed if they make it out alive.
    To all you owners, and supporters of horse racing your little gig is up. Your ongoing delusion that you want everybody to believe is a delusion that only you believe, and support.
    People are being educating daily, and any owner who doesn’t leave this business, and pulls their horses, are supplying and supporting these horse killers.
    Shame on you.
    Fasnacloich – so sorry that you were turned into a profit slave for this industry – a win at all costs industry, and you paid the ultimate cost – you lost your life.
    My thoughts, and my heart goes out to all the racehorses who have died in this past week for an antiquated industry that needs to shut down.
    We will shut it down one racetrack at a time.

      • I purchased Tahoe Lake off the track, 4 year old jet black gelding. He is 29 now and I ride him and he loves it. He has fox hunted, sit hunter trials 1 month off the track and I ride him today. No slump back and push button. Finally calmed down after 25 years. I love him!

      • Well i can speak for my friends at mercury equine in Lexington, as well as for my husband who is a horse trainer, those horses are treated very well and taken care of better than any race horses I’ve seen on the industry…. They train, they are cared for, they are checked regularly by the vet, they are brushed and petted and fed and bathed, every single day… So not everyone is committing animal cruelty in this industry….There are plenty who don’t deserve to be in the business, but the Reed’s at mercury equine, and Emory Brenklin, horse trainer and husband, are awesome people and take their profession seriously…

    • Fasnacloich was forced into racing action though she was unruly in the paddock while the handlers attempted to give her jockey a “leg up” on to her back. I witnessed roughly two minutes of her vain attempts to dodge the jockey the “care givers” around were trying to force up oh her. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as she tried to convince those in attendance, including her owners and trainer, that she wasn’t right. 10 minutes later I learned exactly what she was so scared and nervous of..
      After 15 years of supporting this industry through good times and bad, I’m done.
      I can’t do it anymore..I now know too much

      • That poor filly was trying to tell the stupid people she was afraid for her life! Its so sad they did not listen to her.That is why we left the track in 2005 after being in the industry from 1977. We became disgusted with the insensitivity of race trackers towards the horses. We have also seen that terrified look in a horses eyes at an auction in Washington state that was used as a dumping ground for spent/ worn out race horses.Upon learning that if a horse was ridden in the ring it would be saved from slaughter buyers we proceeded to ride a horse we knew bareback with only a rope halter/ lead in the ring. We knew he was good horse and deserved better than being killed for food! We were the ONLY ones who had the gumption to ride him in the ring.It was difficult to climb aboard as no one would assist us but once we were on board he settled down and we were able to demonstrate that he was still sound and well trained for a family horse to ride. The family who ended up with him were pleased and thanked us later after the auction for riding him as they were at first unsure about taking a chance to bid on him.

    • Gina you have many good comments and I know your heart is in the right place. Horse racing has many down falls but for someone that grew up at the racetrack you are also so wrong about so much of what you stated. Horse racing has become so regulated and it should be yet the public is not aware of it. They have not increased the number of whips down the stretch they have decreased it and if a jockey goes over it he is fined or suspended. Plus many tracks only allow popper style whips today which I have hit myself with and they make more sound and leave no marks what so ever. If you understand about racing that is too get the horse to switch leads coming down the stretch as they get exhausted in one and it takes the pressure off of the tired front leg and allows them to use their other side. The general public would never understand this. Now let’s talk about drugging we are so regulated we are regulated. Any testable medications are 8-10 days mandatory from race day so basically at that point it doesn’t even help the horses with anti inflammatory or joint pain. They are athletes so yes they get stiff and sore just like any athlete. We are not even allowed to give them bute or banamine with is the equivalency of you taking a few advil accept 48 hours before a race. Once again that far out from the race it is not helping, hiding or masking anything. The general public does not also know that the race horses are checked by the state veterinarian the morning of the race and they go over their legs and jog them to see if there are any signs of soreness. They are checked again at the receiving barn before they go up to a race and blood is drawn for additional drug testing. Once they they finish the race the winner is drug tested and random horses from the race are picked for blood and urine test together. Dr. Allred at Los Alamitos racecourse has started strand testing to determine if any steroids have been used ever to rule those horses out and throwing trainers and owners out that don’t comply with his rules. I am not saying that horse racing is perfect but many owners and trainers love their horses and care for them to the end and try to find loving homes when they are done racing. In Northern California they have started drug testing the pony horses with no regulation what so ever. The pony horse is a key part of racing and part of everyday life, they have a job. Some are old retired racehorses (one of the most famous is lava man that won several million in his career), and they may have an old injury that bute or Banamine once in awhile keeps them comfortable. Now several of those horses have been kicked off the track as people said no medications and nothing can be done to make them comfortable! One trainer simply used his old retired racehorse to walk up to the track and back to the barn every day. I don’t know where this poor horse has ended up because zealouts say he is not allowed to be there because he is old and cannot have any medication what so ever. So people don’t take aspirin, Tylenol and Advil every day for aches and pains. Should we rip it off the shelves and tell everyone you can’t ever take that. You must feel 100% everyday including all athletes are you are not allowed to participate at all in anything?!

      Horse slaughter is disgusting and makes me sick. Now I ask you why do you know a racehorse is there?! Because we tattoo our horses. What about the hundreds of others that are standing around that race horse waiting to die that were cast off retired show horses, backyard ponys, work horses, or just unwanted in genearl. There is no way to trace them so who gets attacked?! The racing industry, of course we stick out like a sore thumb. I am not saying additional changes are needed but the racing industry has done a 180 from what it use to be and yes sadly horses break down. But again you only know this as it is usually a televised event and more of a large audience. If horse racing should stop then all horse showing should stop, barrel racing, rodeos, reining, and all events that include horses. Jumping horses break down all of the time but not on national TV and I never see posts that it must stop. They are injected every time they show yet I see no posts that they need to stop. Why, there wouldn’t be anymore jumping, or dressage or showing in general. Horse racing people are not all bad and I know some that the horses eat before they do. Please don’t just center on one group on all horses in general. Many good rules apply and many don’t, it should always be in the best interest of the horse.

      • Gina is spot on. As for…
        whip rules…American Pharoah…California new whip rules…
        http://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/with-new-ca-whip-rule-racing-gets-it-wrong-again/ ..and yes popper style whips hurt. And whipping up the stretch is not to make a horse switch leads. Please stop trying to fool people who know better.
        Doping, blocking, running sore horses with previous injuries, are the main reason for horses breaking down. As a jockey, myself and my mounts where victim to this countless times. The so called soft regulation rules in the racing industry to not deter cheaters. You should know this.
        Pony horses..some are the hardest working animals on the backside. Banamine is used to mask pain. So do you support ponies having to work on banamine to get them thru the race card?
        State Vets…they cannot compete with cheaters who tap, block, and dope.
        Slaughter…one of the MANY ugly sides of racing.
        This is Horseracing Wrongs….and that is why I am here.

      • My reply was to Gina Nichols comment. And my remark is that Gina Powell is spot on. No misunderstandings.

      • So you acknowledge whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and dying in your comment?
        Yet, you continue to support this?
        How can you watch the ongoing cruelty, abuse, exploitation, and dying of racehorses, and still support it?
        You even come on this blog trying to justify it?
        Then you attempt to divert attention to other disciplines?
        Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY who continues to support, and/or participate in this despicable industry doesn’t “love” their horses.
        Moreover, whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and dying is not “royal” treatment.
        This is exploitation to the point of death, and you are indirectly responsible for all of these operating procedures by continuing to support it.
        People like you, who support this cruelty circus, and death camp accurately fit the psycho-pathological description of deliberate delusional abuse.
        If you “love,” and “care” about these exploited racehorses then stop supporting the industry, go out and help the overcrowded/lack of funding racehorse rescue groups, and take off your blinkers.
        Your “good” intentions could be used to shut down this factory farm called horse racing.

      • All you say is true Gina, however, it doesn’t change the fact that the horses are still dying. There is still a problem with the system. I am a horse person and I perfectly understand all your points.

      • And yet, horse die. Two and three year olds are raced. And yet, horses die. Think about it a bit more please.

      • Dennis, I don’t see human athletes DYING on a daily basis. Nor do I see athletes being needled in every joint of their body, nor do I see an athlete summons a private vet to their dressing room to get an injection 4 hours prior to competition, nor do I see a running back in Football get beaten with a whip when he’s not running fast enough, nor do I see an athlete confined to their bedroom 23 hours per day, nor do I see athletes being dumped into neglectful situations or the slaughterhouse when they can no longer perform.
        So you Dennis are the one who is miss informed, dumb, or in a complete state of denial.

    • Gina, you said it so eloquently and truthfully and I support everything you said. These beautiful animals are really treated as cash and no one seems to care about the abuse and torture they experience.😭😀

    • Just in reply to Don.
      Lovely to read about Lake Tahoe – what a wonderful partnership over so many years.
      I abhor fox hunting, it was banned in the UK so why is it allowed in the USA? What has a fox done to suffer being hunted down terrified for its life, one of God’s living creatures, leave them be!
      Can you not be satisfied to pleasure ride this magnificent jet black gelding and appreciate him without having to hunt down a defenceless animal. I hope LT remains sound for many years to come. One extremely lucky OTTB and thank you for saving him from ending up in a slaughterhouse like the vast majority of racehorses.

  2. can you please share the source of your numbers, i’m trying to find it on the equibase site and can’t find it. i want to help share these deaths with people, but want to be able to point them to the source for credibility. thanks!

    • Michelle, I would like to point out that the death facts stated here are conservative at best because there are many private training centers, throughout the U.S, that don’t have to report deaths.
      Here’s a list of some to support my statement:
      There are 2 types of racehorse training centers that are not registered racetracks, but still have the facilities to train, and prepare their racehorses to run.
      The first kind is open for people to rent stalls. The second kind is exclusively owned, and used by their wealthy owners.
      However, in both cases deaths don’t have to be reported. What goes on there – stays there.
      I trained on 4 different private training centers when I was an owner/trainer, and I can tell you that I directly experienced racehorses getting maimed and/or killed on a daily basis.
      Nobody knows the names of these racehorses because the “stall” is rented so the name of the racehorse doesn’t have to be disclosed like a racetrack.
      I saw so many physically/mentally broken racehorses at these training centers that is was pathetic, and so sad. There was no oversight for the protection of these racehorses – none. That’s why they call it a “private” training center because it’s on private property whereby people rent stalls to use their facilities.
      The predominant racehorse population on these private training centers are 2 year olds. The rest are usually lame horses that I saw often being sent to the track limping and hobbling in obvious pain, and discomfort – out of the public’s eye.
      The 2 year-olds go through what I refer to as an “experimental” process to see which young racehorses show talent, and can withstand the rigors of training at such a young age (approximately 1.5 years old).
      Many don’t make it. Many are either maimed, or killed or just don’t have the talent to make it into a top Trainer barn. They are disposed of, and the Trainer doesn’t ruin their reputation because nobody knows about it.
      It’s a very carefully construed system. If they do make it they are either sold and/or transferred into a top Trainer’s name, and get entered to race.
      I would guess about 2 out of 10 young racehorses actually move on to race, and win at top levels.
      So the other 8 become liabilities to be disposed of or they go to a lower tier Trainer’s barn if they are not maimed or killed in the process.
      I would see racehorses get punched in the face, and if I went to the office I was told it would be forwarded, but nothing was ever done about it.
      Just try reporting racehorse abuse, and cruelty in Lexington, KY – what a joke!
      It’s virtually non-existent, and they operate with total impunity in most cases.
      Nothing gets done, and the abuse continues unabated.
      Then I would be labeled as having a “big mouth,” and my stalls would often get revoked from me.
      Again, it’s a very carefully construed, and legitimized cruelty circus, and death camp whether on the racetracks or at the private training centers.
      This is the dirty world of horse racing.

      • Interesting link Gina we appreciate it. Don`t forget there are county training tracks such as in Tillamook that right now are being used for the preparing/ conditioning of race horses. We started riding at that track in1982 and have seen many atrocities there including one filly who we told the owner NEVER to tie tight as she was the type of horse who would never give up or quit.Sadly, he did not listen to us and she later pulled so hard she severely injured her neck and finally the county track manager insisted that the owner put the filly to sleep or haul her off the track to his own property. She was the first filly we ever taught to ride. She was a beautiful bay that had an indomitable spirit. As we were teaching her to ride all the retired jockeys from California told us to treat her with respect as they all wished they were younger and could ride her.To this day we do not know who those riders were but clearly they had seen/experienced many things.Her name was Special Paula and she truly was special as once we taught her to be ridden we even rode her the 5 miles to the owners farm when he neglected to pay us so we could pay for gas to go back home at the end of the day. We now feel very sorry for training such beautiful sensitive creatures for this abusive business.

  3. To have some impact here, you need to post the names of the traimer of each horse. If the names of the vets were public, you’d really change the game.
    Del Mar obviously has yet another problem in the composition of its dirt tracK but you’d have a revelation when trainer names re-appear. And be sure to include the vets list with trainer names. Every trainer is likely to have one or two, but some stand out.
    The illegal racing here is a problem, but you’re dealing with people who really wIll kill you as,well as horses and can disappear over the border.

  4. We have also seen horses punched in their faces by race track vets and were appalled by the abuse /mistreatment we observed. That EVIL vet practices to this very day at our local recognized track and in his private clinic in a city south of the track. Another race track vet upon the evil vets needing someone to operate his practice for awhile we he under went surgery REFUSED to do many of the procedures done by the evil vet. The vet with integrity would tell the owners/ trainers what they wanted to hear but many times he only injected saline solution as he told us he did not want a jockeys injury or death upon his conscious due to a horse breaking down in a race.That good vet has since LEFT racing and now operates his farm and performs lameness/ soundness exams trying to help horses in other aspects of equine sports.The only participation in racing he has is through his wife who seems to insist on racing one horse with the wife of a prominent trainer in the lower mid-west circuit. This despite the fact that they were at one time both trainers at Golden Gate and first met there and later married, with the both of them having good winning records.We hope they both quit and she realizes what a complete waste of monies this cruel business is. We will always cry and feel badly for the horses suffering! We always HATED the use of lip chains and impatience of race trackers towards the horses they supposedly loved and wanted to work with. To this day we WILL NOT use a lip chain on any horse on our farm! There are other ways to distract a horse so as to give any needed medications by injection say for gelding or injury repair.We usually surprise vets with our methods as they do work, but are unconventional to say the least.They require mutual respect and trust between horse/ human.

    • Thanks for sharing Joan and Fred.
      If people only knew what goes on they would never watch or support another horse race for the rest of their lives.
      So it’s up to people like us to recount our experiences, and to educate.
      Then blogs like this, with all the killed in action stats, also educate.
      Just as it takes many people to remain silent in order for abuse to continue, it also takes many people to speak out about it, and to upset a well cemented traditional cruelty circus, and death camp known as horse racing.

  5. Racing on dirt is hideous, it’s not as stable as grass and if a racehorse had a prior weakness the dirt will take no prisoners

  6. All horse racing should end!!! It is cruel and wicked!!! People should stop supporting this selfish, inhumane industry!!!!

  7. This is wrong to push these horses to the breaking point of death for what? I do not watch or participate in anything that puts animals in these situations

  8. Can we see what the post mortem is?
    It would be good to know cause. If heat, that can be helped, if something genetic (enlarged heart), then need to look at breeding lines. If due to overwork, rules can be changed and there can be better track supervision.
    Let’s not jump to conclusions before knowing the cause (s)!

    • Are you serious?
      Are you offay with the so called “rules” in racing?
      The current rules encourage racing horses into the ground until they drop, jockeys mercilessly beating them with whips when the horses are exhausted being pushed beyond their limits which often triggers off a horse breaking down, doping them up with a cocktail of drugs, confined in a dark cell 23 hours a day, often inadequate nutrition, often deprived of necessary veterinary and dental care, often bashed and inhumanely treated.
      How about you contact The Jockey Club which presides nationally over horseracing and ask them to change the Rules. Let us know how you go………..

  9. They have such a miserable life, used to make money for human pleasure. After their racing age, they are killed at such young age. This is absolutely unfair and barbaric. I am against animal race. Human beings selfish sadistic entertaiment. Must end.

  10. What a load of BS, you people must be the most stupid bleeding hearts gullible idiots i have ever come across, but at least try and get your facts right before you try and recruit more idiot followers

    • Such a sad comment.

      If there’s one thing that any person can absolutely rely upon on this blog, it is that the facts and the truth are told.

    • Hey, Marie! What do you consider to be a load of BS? Fasnacloich is dead. Do you consider that to be a load of BS? It is a documented fact so maybe a gal as sharp as you needs to get her “facts right.” If you have a hard time deciphering the difference between a load of BS and a fact then you are either incredibly stupid or delusional.

      • Christine, my comment is based on my personal experience working in the industry. 23 hours a day confinement in such a small space for these huge animals is unacceptable, Deprived of natural day light resulting in many horses suffering inhumane conditions including but not limited to boredom and depression, lack of vitamin D from the sun, as well as respiratory illnesses which fill their lungs with mucous and then the horses are expected to gallop at high speed?

        Read my comment again and look at where I used the word “often”. Many trainers do their own cruel vetting rather than getting a vet in purely to avoid handing over $$$ and the horse suffers as a result.

        I once witnessed a scumbag trainer do his own surgery on a horse which had underrun heels – he cut away at the overhanging flesh without anaesthetic and then crudely stitched. Horse throwing his head about whilst restrained by 2 mongrel bastards.

        The equine is a prey animal. The canine is a predator animal. The dog would’ve yelped and yelped displaying his pain if this was done to him, at the same time raising awareness with a good chance of someone coming to his rescue.
        The horse suffers in silence.
        The PETA expose evidences this fact. The noble NEHRO – pure torture for him – such horrific cruelty ordered by Steve Asmussen
        a hall of fame trainer. Ah yes, the hall of shame and the criteria to be met is indisputable evidence of intentional acts of animal cruelty upon the racehorses.
        Speaks volumes about the notoriously SICK horseracing industry.

  11. It is amazing how money continues to speak volumes over a life. No living soul should become a commodity.

  12. It’s interesting what we humans do to have money! Any way you look at it the industry that includes all animals being used to make money or for entertainment purposes (the circus, dog fighting, cock fighting, dog racing, horse racing, etc.) is tainted and there is always someone pushing the needle for their own benefit. Animals suffer in all instances at the hands of humans! The unfortunate part is, it’s based on greed. You are a heartless human being if you think beating, whipping, starving and “breaking” an animal down to control them is justifiable!! People can talk the talk all day long and give you a 1,000 reasons why but plain and simple…these are animals and deserve to be treated with respect…period!

    • Karen, I personally feel that many humans are morally and ethically bankrupt. Once you know about the atrocities that occur at tracks throughout the country, there is no way you can support an industry that maims, and kills, horses DAILY if you have a moral compass, but, sadly, many people don’t have that compass. No wonder our country is such a mess.

  13. Racing is very difficult on these young thoroughbreds. Sometimes, they are only 1 1/2 yrs old which means the bones are not formed for this type of activity. No one cares & the old racing horses go to slaughter as no longer useful to the owners. Always money, no compassion at all. This cruel industry should be closed.

  14. It’s not the track- it’s the drugs and breeding strategies that are causing this. The entire industry needs to be restructured around drug free, whipless competition.

    • Michael, the track is providing the cruelty ring for doping, electric shock wave therapy, and dying to take place KNOWINGLY similar to harboring a fugitive under the law.
      However, it’s an entire circle of abuse because the commissions do little or nothing for these racehorses, they re-license multiple drug violating Trainers who have numerous racehorses die under their care, and continue to die under their care (2016 Doug O’Neill Presidential Air Todd Pletcher Squire Creek). This is just one example of many.
      It’s like giving a driver who has committed multiple DUI’s, resulting in vehicular homicide, another license to drive, and kill again.
      Another thing, this industry has had YEARS to figure it out, and nothing has changed.
      All of their million dollar studies, all of their multi-billion dollar wagering profits, all of their never ending committee’s, and NOTHING has changed because racehorses are still dying in the dirt/grass/poly for $2 bets.
      They can’t possibly restructure horse racing because the fundamental business model is based on the exploitation of racehorses for profit resulting in beating, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
      Nothing will change this.
      The only thing that should change is that this antiquated business model gets shut down by the public via their local governments.
      They should certainly cease to financially support this industry via tax breaks, taxpayers money, and/or casinos.
      Nobody should support this carnage.
      It has no place in the 21st century.

  15. Let’s race some of the owners, whipping, beating and drugging them. I’d love to see owners, not their horses, drop dead from racing abuses. Boycott racing

  16. It’s all animal cruelty irrespective of the type of animal being exploited. Big $’s involved in horse racing also drugs, mistreatment of animals and too often cruelty. 2016 time to stop, enough horses have been killed.

    • Really?
      The racehorses dying in the dirty for $2 bets, are getting their just desserts – aren’t they?
      I suppose they are the “LOSERS” right?

  17. Racing industry is playing with big money, big lobbying action, paying decision makers off; the people we elect!
    What do you expect?

  18. Maybe the Jockey’s the owners and the racetrack owners should all face criminal charges!!! This is nothing less than murder, and as always it is all about the money!! Hope and pray that when you people meet your maker restitution will be made!

  19. To Michelle Sexton: “Well i can speak for my friends at mercury equine in Lexington, as well as for my husband who is a horse trainer…..horses are treated very well.”
    Michelle, instead of speaking to defend the ongoing exploitation of racehorses – you should really consider speaking on behalf of the thousands of racehorses who are dumped at kill auctions throughout the country. Or, be speak for the racehorses standing in a kill box waiting for a captive bolt to their head.
    Or, perhaps speak for racehorses who are being beaten and/or maimed.
    Or how about speaking out for the voiceless racehorse who lays dying in the dirt for $2 bets.
    It doesn’t matter how good somebody’s intentions are because that’s what you saying.
    Your essentially saying that Eric Reed and the facility is “above and beyond” all the evil wrongs that go on in the industry. You know darn well that horses have been subjected to all the things I’ve mentioned.
    That goes for anybody in this business. They know full well that all racehorses will be subjected to all these wrongs sooner of later.
    Yet, like you, they continue to defend it.
    Racehorses are dying for $2 bets, and if the intentions are good it sure didn’t end up that way for the racehorse, and you know it.

  20. What the hell is going on? Anything new? Or just more of pushing these babies too hard? Unfortunately, we can’t change the good ‘Ol boys at the jockey club, or ctba! Shame on all of you!

  21. I’m against animal cruelty too but just know this. If there was no racing any more none of these horses would be born. They are bred to race and want to race. They aren’t pets although I believe they should be treated and cared for and not abused

    • Who bred them for racing, Rob?…who decided that? Is that what the breeding stallion had in mind when he covered the mare? They are only BRED TO RACE because that is what the breeder wanted! Being “bred to race” means absolutely nothing – except it’s used an excuse to use them for that purpose.

      And they want to race?…no Rob, no horse WANTS to race…just like no orca WANTS to swim in a swimming pool. I’ve said this before but I’m willing to say it again – man has taken the horse’s God-given or evolutionary means of survival – running – and has used it for his own gain. There isn’t a horse on the planet that will run at the speed the jockey is demanding, at the distance the race is demanding, with drugs in his system that dehydrate him and cause life-threatening electrolyte imbalances, (and only to the left!), unless he is running for his life. Watch horses for just a day and you will see very little running! – in fact, my ex-racehorses go DAYS without running! Horses are quite lazy animals, actually…preferring to mosey around and simply graze while in the presence of their herd. And NONE of that is the life of a racehorse. There is NOTHING about racing that is beneficial to the horse – it’s ONLY the human that reaps the rewards from the use of the horse’s body and very life.

      And Rob, are the thousands of racehorses killed while training/racing worthy of living?…living a life the horse would choose if given the choice? The newborn foal who was BRED for racing doesn’t know that is what some human has chosen for him – HE didn’t choose it…he just wants to live.

  22. I find it odd that circuses and seaworld are getting shut down for issues with animal abuse, yet horse racing is not. Is it because it brings in so much money? I mean the whales at sea world helped pull in tons of $ and activist shut that down. Barnum circus did well too for years then activists made such a noise as to shut down their use of animals. So, what makes this particular industry so immune from activists?

  23. I gave seen thoroughbreds injured and put down at the Greenwood track in Toronto. It us not a nice thing to see. Nor is it in harness racing.Espevually in a pile up.

  24. Its about time horse & dog racing was Banned both cruel sports when owners not getting money out of these poor animals there destroyed!

  25. I live in the UK and I support horse racing but on not one single track here in the UK do we have such an appalling death toll, it is disgusting and a total cruel waste of one of our most beautiful, loyal and intelligent animals, it must be stopped


  27. The harsh treatment of hoofed animals needs to be examined closely…. This is disgraceful and uncalled for!
    The greed of man is a sin I hope you all who condone this, pay for with max penalty some day!

  28. I have never been a proponent of horse racing. Or any kind of “so called” sport where animals are utilized. But man (and it’s mostly men) thinks it’s his inherent right to “use” animals for his entertainment. The term “sport” is used to define this entertainment to make it acceptable. IT IS NOT MAN’S INHERENT RIGHT TO USE ANIMALS FOR ANY KIND OF SPORT!!!. Inevitably it is the animal that pays for it with it’s life. A lot of men have to feed their egos it seems. SAD.

  29. Gina Nichols, I don’t care how many precautions the horse racing industry has taken to keep horses out of harm’s way. Any sport that utilizes animals to entertain humans is WRONG!!! Ultimately it’s the animals who pay the price. You say racehorses are bred to race. Well I think if they had the choice, they would rather be free and that goes for any horse that has to perform. Of course racehorse people will say all sorts of things to justify yet another cruel sport because it’s all about the money.

  30. RJ – an organised tour by supporters of the horseracing industry for members of the public who are likely ignorant of the dark ugly side of racing. Have a think about it…….. do you reckon they might have certain things in place? Rest assured, they most certainly do. It’s all so sickly sweet and pretty to give the impression that it’s horse heaven. Well I can tell you that it is in fact horse HELL. Having worked in the industry at the coalface and coming from a racing family, I know more than I ever wanted to know about what goes on behind the scenes and it ain’t pretty. If you haven’t seen the PETA video of what goes on in a racing stable, I urge you to watch it. I don’t have the link handy but easy to Google it. Steve Asmussen was the trainer and his assistant, Steve Blasi and one of the tortured victims was the horse NEHRO.
    Sadly, i’ve witnessed worse.
    To evidence how inherently cruel and sick this industry is, they promoted Steve Asmussen into their “Hall of Fame”. Yes, they did. They sure know how to shame themselves and tell the world that they thrive on unspeakable animal cruelty. No wonder the increasing movement of people protesting against the horseracing industry, worldwide.

  31. RJ – veterinary research scientists have found that from necropsies of horses that have broken down and died, about 80% were catastrophic limb injuries. There is evidence of pre-existing injuries e.g. stress fractures, wear and tear damage, as a result of racing.

    Look up Dr Sue Stover – UC Davis California university.

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