Big Book Euthanized; Del Mar’s Death Toll at (at least) 9

Big Book, injured at a Del Mar training session Saturday, was euthanized Monday, according to the Daily Racing Form. The 4-year-old filly becomes the third Del Mar casualty from Saturday, joining Whisky and Wine and Dutchessa. And – this means that at least nine racehorses have either died on Del Mar grounds or while being trained off-site for upcoming Del Mar races. Nine, at least, in two weeks. Carnage.

The identified dead at “Cool As Ever” Del Mar:

Presidential Air, July 15, race 6
Dynamite Charge, July 17, training
Whisky and Wine, July 23, training
Big Book, July 23, training (euthanized July 25)
Dutchessa, July 23, race 2
Fasnacloich, July 24, race 2

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  1. Tim Yakeen, a former Bob Baffert Assistant Trainer graduated out of BB’s barn with a load of high profile owners.
    The owner, George Krikorian, a very wealthy, and prominent owner in the industry.
    It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter who the connections are, rich or poor, they are all subjected to the ongoing exploitation to the point of dying.
    BIG BOOK – so sorry for you. You were a beautiful gray filly that died in the dirt for these despicable people, and industry.
    No amount of money or experience could save you.
    Forced into confinement about 23 hours per day, with probably a steady cocktail of dope, bandages for sore legs, and running in in circles to get your flake of hay.
    How can anybody support and participate in this antiquated cruelty circus, and death camp?
    If you loved your horses so much then you wouldn’t subject them to this.
    There’s no excuse or justification to buy and send a horse into this cruelty ring.
    Del Mar needs to be shut down now. This has been going on for years.
    This needs to STOP now.

  2. Wow…and a horse named BIG BOOK?
    How ironic…
    Only an alcoholic who refuses to surrender goes down with the bottle.
    I promise the lives of those loyal to the horse racing game as well as those involved in it will be better the moment we all walk away and let it die.
    It’s already on life support..
    And as soon as the remaining support it,
    The Horse Racing Game will surely Die

    • The horse racing industry heavily relies on outside financial support in order to keep it going. This comes from, predominantly, casinos now.
      So it’s very important to support DECOUPLING.
      Many people don’t realize that casinos are legally mandated to give a percentage of their profits to racetracks, as well as, run a live race meet.
      After years of doing this, casinos no longer want to support this carnage, and are now demanding a DECOUPLING Act which essentially divorces them from this legal agreement.
      If this passes, then the racetracks will lose billions in financial support, and many have already said that this will shut down many racetracks immediately, and many more to follow.
      We will applaud this development as it occurs.

  3. Stop racing baby horses. They should not race (if you have to) until the age 5 wake up your killing horses not humane

  4. I do not know why all these horses are dying, but it is despicable !! I may like horse racing, but Absolutely NOT how it is operated now. 2 yr Olds should NOT be raced ! The drugs & some training schedules need to STOP ! The race world needs Cleaned up !

  5. It seems these horses are nothing but tools to the owners and trainers, they are living, feeling animals and should be treated with care and dignified diligence!

  6. This horse was 4 so not a baby. If you google the ages of the others, some were 5, 6 years old so it’s not just the youngsters. And what are they doing during training that they are breaking down? I hate this industry. Not just for those that die on the track, but all those sold to slaughter if they don’t win, and later when they stop winning. Unless you make lots of money for them at stud, you will eventually find yourself in the kill box at slaughter. Wake up people.

  7. And people keep talking about fixing the injured so they can breed… That is wrong, and it needs to stop. We need to start breeding only sound horses… Or our feedlots will remain full and our U.S. TB breed will remain weak. Retire the injured. Don’t doom their offspring to similar injuries on the track or worse….

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