Domestic Warrior 4th Racing Kill at Saratoga

From the 4th at Saratoga this afternoon (Equibase): “Domestic Warrior took up the chase in the two path…broke down on the backstretch then was euthanized.” The 4-year-old is the fourth horse killed at Saratoga in only 10 race-days; overall, he is the sixth fatality (racing or training) at “the oldest sports venue in America” this year.

Please stop going to and betting on horse races.

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  1. Yet another innocent noble horse is sacrificed purely for $2 bets and human “entertainment”.


    This is the reality of horseracing.

    Forget the glamour, partying, mint juleps and fancy hats……..

  2. ALL funding to racetracks needs to stop.
    The NYRA shouldn’t get ONE DIME from the casinos.
    When the funding stops, the racetracks will shut down because they can’t financially sustain themselves.
    They are parasitic scum bags that not only live off the racehorses, but other funding as well.
    They also expect people to rescue their dumped horses.
    Bad all around.
    Shut down this cruelty circus, and death camp now.
    So sorry for you DOMESTIC WARRIOR.
    How can this DYING continue to be endorsed by government?

    • Are there any petitions regarding this subsidy, that you are aware of? I am sure most people would love to have that money helping the infrastructure of their state, instead of propping up dying industries.

    • Patrick…thank you for not censoring the racing industry supporters – they do such a great job of confirming the type of individuals we all know they are.

    • Genius. Horse racing is a 100 billion dollar industry, it does not depend on government money in fact it puts more back into the government pockets than almost any other industry. Get your facts together. If not for horse racing there would be no horses bred in this country. Maybe you need to get laid and stop thinking animals are better than humans.

      • Ontario Canada: for 12 years the horse racing industry received 345 MILLION PER YEAR of corporate welfare. Where did the money go? When we tried to put through a FOIA the government blocked it.
        It certainly didn’t go to rescue the thousands of unwanted racehorses that were dumped at kill auctions all over Ontario, and subsequently shipped to Quebec or Calgary.
        Did it go to improve the integrity of the sport – no way.
        Then they ran out of money.
        So they came back to the Ontario taxpayer trough to fill it up once again.
        They got their wish.
        The received 100 million of taxpayers money for the next 8 years.
        This industry has received unprecedented sums of corporate welfare, tax breaks, taxpayers money and/or casino money while millions of small businesses struggle every day to keep their doors open, don’t get one dime of assistance, and employ more people collectively then this industry ever has.
        “If not for horse racing there would be no horses bred in this country.” I look forward to that day because there are hundreds looking for homes right now, and not enough homes to go around.

      • Ms. Hampton, you are the definition of ignorant. Oh, and with idiots like you on this earth, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the time I do prefer animals.

    • Gina you are so right. And if not now in the future petitions to stop funding this industry will be well on the way. I do think the only reason it has not happened sooner is that not only are the public unaware of the death and cruelty in this industry, but they have no idea the sheer amount of subsidies given to prop up a dying industry. With education and awareness that will change, too.

  3. No one should bet On horse races . It’s only killing our horses, one or two at a time! HELLO THEY ARE DOPING UP THESE HORSES! Never use to die on the tracks! It’s happening ever time their is a race. Please Please, Stop going to the Races!!

    • Since the opening of the 2016 season at Del Mar, as of July 31st, 11 horses euthanized and Counting. This is not a sport it is an addiction for gamblers and the lust for money.

  4. this is so very sad this needs to end … no more horse racing or any type of racing for any animal please

  5. The 10th horse trained by Bruce Brown to die on the race track in the last 6 years according to NYS gaming commission Horse death database, that is one more than Chad Brown had in same period with 10x the horses. Maybe someone has to look into what is going on in that barn.

    • Since the industry regulates itself it’s virtually impossible to obtain independent information.
      Since the horse racing industry fights hard to BLOCK the release of vet records when a racehorse DIES then it’s very difficult to prove what most of us know.
      Chad Brown is just another Todd Pletcher, Doug O’Neill, Steve Asmussen etc etc.
      I have always maintained on this BLOG that in order to be a “successful” Trainer (success as defined by the industry) you must subject the racehorses, in your care, to beating/whipping, doping, dumping and/or DYING.
      These are the necessary operating procedures in order to maintain “win” rates and satisfy Owner costs and/or egos.
      So it’s not only the Trainers who are responsible, but the Owners as well.
      Most of them know full well that their racehorse is being turned into a drug dispenser because they get the vet bills.
      These are the very vet bills that are kept secret when the racehorse dies.
      For those records that are not kept “secret,” although rare, it shows a distinct pattern of excessive doping to cover-up ongoing chronic issues in a racehorse amounting to nothing less than a game of Russian Roulette.
      Yet, these people claim to “love” their horses.
      If this is love, then I don’t want to see their hate.

  6. Can we be civil to one another please. Horses break down , I had one break his shoulder in pasture somehow. It’s something you never get used to. Just remember that hard knocker Boom Towner, a NYB bred sprinter. He had done enough, and his connections felt it best to retire him. Once retired on the farm, he became depressed and just wasn’t himself, so they sent him back to the track. He was not the racehorse he once was, but he was happy again, because I suppose racing is what he enjoyed most. I truly wish we could ask them, because I am quite sure 90% would say, I love this game, I’ll take my chances. As far as the drugs , after they really cracked down, I have seen far fewer breakdowns as compared to 2 yrs ago. Boom Towner loved the sport, and so do I. It’s just something that you never want to see, and never get used to.

    • I always hesitate to respond to someone who hides behind an “anonymous” name but your statement that 90% of the horses would say that they loved racing, if we could ask them, is ludicrous. I have been around racehorses since the 1960’s and I would stake my life on the fact that not ONE, again…not ONE, would ask to go back to the horrors of the track. We, who speak out against the exploitation of the TB racehorse, live with the wreckage created by an industry based on gambling for human entertainment and I intentionally have chosen to use the word “wreckage” since many of the horses have been damaged beyond repair. Also, just to be clear….holding a lead rope in your hand as a horse is humanely euthanized is something I will NEVER get used to just as you will never get used to the breakdowns but it is easy to fix. Stop the betting and let racing die in the dirt just as many of its horses do. Got it?

    By Mary Carol McGlone

    They run like the wind with beauty uncompared
    The glory of rolling thunder beneath the hooves of despair
    They mesmerize with every movement of pure grace
    The heights of heaven flows through the ground they embrace
    They prance and they frolic through the plains with delight
    Inspiring our hearts at the awesome sight
    How great the creator of such wonder we behold
    How great is this gift of splendor He gave us to hold
    Why then are we unthankful and cold without care
    Of the wonder of God’s spirit that flows through the mare
    For how can we so unmercifully abuse and destroy
    These magnificent creatures, God’s awesome vessels of joy
    Their speed we trade for money we gamble their glory away for a dime
    And when the hooves begin to slow and the strength begin to pine
    Without mercy we end the life of the friend that God gave into our care
    Cruelly silencing the rolling thunder beneath the hooves of despair
    The pure spirit of God’s creation will in all eternity be with the giver of all life
    But I wonder the unrepentant heart who has sown for profit
    so much pain, misery, and strife
    So for money we abuse God’s precious beast
    And we are free to do so now as we please
    Truly there is a time when we shall all be made to repay
    Ponder carefully your actions and your heart before that day

      • I only wish I could do more than just words. I’m not well to do, and am among the politically powerless. But if my words can break through someone’s heart, then I pray they do make a difference.

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