A Reminder on Travers Day: Saratoga’s 100 Dead Horses

Today is Travers Day, among a handful of the most celebrated on the American racing calendar. The feature, of course, is the Grade 1 Travers Stakes, at once historic – first run in 1864, it is billed as the oldest major Thoroughbred race in the U.S.; and rich – today’s edition is worth a cool $1.25 million. But to all who would tune in or place a bet today, know this: All actions have consequences, and the consequences of a seemingly innocuous day of “sport” are dead horses. Lots of them.

Since 2009 (when NY began disclosing such things), 100 racehorses have perished at Saratoga Race Course. Yes, 100. For this relatively short meet, that averages out to roughly two dead “athletes” per week. They’ve died of failed hearts – “sudden cardiac events,” they call them; this, for animals still in puberty – and pulmonary hemorrhage. But mostly, breaks – horrible, terrifying, excruciating breaks. The snapped spines, shattered legs, and imploded ankles of “competition.” Please, reconsider.

The Saratoga 100

It’s My Day
Finally Made It
Todo K
Wishful Star
Executive Fleet
Von Steuben
Swift Water
Boyhood Dream
Giant Legacy
Gold Vendetta
Rani Baba
Bold Victory
Timber Reserve
Jazzy Johann
Seis de Mayo
Forest Whip
Fire the Bullet
Hathors Legacy
No Ones Shadow
Red Rhythm
Rockettes Escapade
Jackson N Humbolt
Doing Great
Not Now Ashley
Boston and Maine
Burnin Ash
Twice the Price
Autumn Riches
Julias Hero
Regal Citizen
Sugar and Smoke
One Note Samba
Pete’s Parley
Molly Mingun
Live for Today
The Shade
Lovely Saratoga
Black Rhino
Charmed Hour
Heading to Toga
Sarava’s Dancer
Kris Royal
Ricochet Court
Ocean Breeze
For Riches
Lucky For You
Lifeguard on Duty
Double Gold
Father Johns Pride
Lavender Road
Sir William Bruce
M B and Tee
Elena Strikes
Divine Guidance
Tale of the Spa
You Gotta Believe
Jay Bird
Innovation Economy
Jackson N Leonard
Kathy’s Reward
On a Snowy Evening
Big Looie
Divine Fortune
Country Muse
Darling Bridezilla
Totally Discreet
Hadeed Fi Hadeed
Squire Creek
Indian Nobility
Domestic Warrior
Midnight Visitor
Prince Corredor
Elusive Neko
Bob Le Beau
Ring of Truth

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  1. Today, peaceful demonstrators will be a voice for the voiceless racehorses that have died in the dirt at Saratoga under the guise of “tradition,” but maiming, and death can never be justified by tradition.
    Know this. For the 30+ demonstrators outside of Saratoga today, there are hundreds of people with them in spirit. Personal, and work obligations kept them from going, and so does distance.
    Since it’s inception racehorses have been maimed, and killed at Saratoga under the guise of fancy hats, alcohol, and parties.
    Know this. It’s no party for their slaves, the racehorses, who have been killed, and who are continually maimed at Saratoga just for a bet, and/or entertainment.
    People please be aware of the whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and/or dying.
    Know this. You support the ongoing abuse, cruelty, maiming, and killing every time you place a bet.
    Know this. For the billions of wagering profit, for the millions in tax breaks and/or casino money that Saratoga receives (NYRA), little or nothing is put aside to ensure a safe haven for these racehorses after they can no longer generate bets. After, that is, they are maimed and no longer profitable to the industry.
    If you want to gamble, if you want entertainment please make the decision to gamble at a casino which doesn’t hold live race meets or doesn’t maim, and/or kill racehorses for that bet.
    If you want entertainment? There’s a plethora of entertainment venues that are stimulating, educational, and more appropriate for your children instead of watching a racehorse get maimed and/or killed.
    I implore you to make good choices, to spend your dollar where this legitimized animal cruelty is not taking place.

  2. At Saratoga today 3 horses barely finished the race (Factor of War, Time Will Tell, Tiz Shea D, ) so you can pretty much assume that they were in pain, and suffering for one reason or another.
    Oh, but they “LOVE” to run. Yea yea yea.
    They love to run so much that they didn’t even want to finish the race.
    One horse intentionally bumped into the rail without provocation (SandyintheSun); kind of like the orcas at SeaWorld intentionally banging their heads into the side of the pools – doing anything to get out of the hell hole.
    Since they can’t talk they do things like this to convey their misery it seems.
    STAR HILL, a 3 year old colt was vanned-off.
    The public relations people kicked into high gear on Twitter saying “he wanted to walk off himself, but the vet felt that the swelling in his leg negated a van ride back to the stable area for further investigation.” WOW.
    Wanted to walk off himself?
    Yea right. They really think people are stupid.
    Swelling like that usually indicates a fracture of some sort.
    I suppose we will find out in the days to come if Star Hill made it out alive.
    I examined the results of racetracks all over the U.S, and many racehorses today either “stopped,” was “empty,” or “vanned-off.”
    This is the cruelty ring, and death camp they commonly refer to as horse racing.

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