3-Year-Old Dead at Batavia; Another “Found Dead in Trailer” in California

3-year-old Sayalittlprayrfrme, a chart-scratch in yesterday’s 7th at Batavia, is in fact dead – “euthanized,” says the Gaming Commission, prior to the race. No further details. Trainer, Cheryl Whitcroft.

Also, there was this note in the most recent Golden Gate Stewards Minutes: “August 28 – Sal Naranjo’s horse [name withheld] found dead in the horse trailer at Pleasanton returning from Ferndale.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. Yes Carolyn barbarians indeed.
    This is a modern Romanesque-like gladiator cruelty ring where death is legitimized, and systematized.
    Only barbarians could support and/or participate in such a antiquated business model that has no place in the 21st century.
    The saddest part in this entire equation is that racehorses like SAYALITTLPRAYRFRME & the yet to be known horse under Sal Naranjo (who didn’t even have respect in his death) are thrown into the ring to fight for their life which is what many racehorses are doing on a daily basis.
    There are no amount of prayers or thoughts that could save these victims of this despicable industry.
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing.

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