Dead: Its Only Fair at Saratoga, Black Doblin at Aqueduct

While the NYRA train may have moved south to Belmont, there are still some horses left training at Saratoga – training, and dying. Its Only Fair, a 2-year-old being prepped for her first race, “collapsed and died,” says the Gaming Commission, “after breezing” yesterday morning. “Cardiovascular event,” the Commission speculates, followed by the ever hollow “investigation continues.” Hers is the 15th death at Saratoga this year, the third for famous trainer Todd Pletcher (Squire Creek, Zamjara).

Meanwhile, yesterday at NYRA’s third venue, Aqueduct, 3-year-old Black Doblin shattered a leg training and was “euthanized.” The Joseph Parker-trained colt had only recently been cheered at Saratoga, making two starts there this summer.

With these, NY’s 2016 Dead-Horse total stands at 77 – with almost four months to go.


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  1. Thank you for alerting us to all these horrific deaths even it’s very hard to take. Many people will listen and demand that rules be tightened in this industry that will include breeding nurse mares so to keep racing mares in racing. This is all so wrong.

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