Bayou Royalty, Flying Carlos Killed Friday

I have confirmed that 4-year-old Bayou Royalty, a “went wrong, vanned off” on the (Equibase) chart in the 5th at Belterra, is dead – euthanized for her injuries. Just 12 days earlier, Bayou finished 8th of 9 in a $4,000 claiming, but because Belterra is a racino track paying first-last, she “earned” $86 for trainer/owner Monica Krummen.

Later in the afternoon, this, for 3-year-old Flying Carlos in the 5th at Louisiana Downs: “fell just before the wire and was euthanized.” Like Bayou, the Robert Schultz-trained FC was a cheap claimer; he, however, hadn’t even sniffed a win in four previous races – never finishing higher than 5th. In other words, he won’t be missed.

This is horseracing.

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  1. These beautiful creatures suffering sickening deaths, just two juvenile horses representing a multitude of racehorses suffering the same fate, left, right and centre all over the country – it’s a horror story.

    Horseracing kills alright, never a truer word spoken.

    The racing industry (and i really don’t know how they can call it an “industry” given its modus operandi), the politicians and governments and the Humane Society of the USA still do NOTHING.

    An unconscionable act, if ever there was one.

  2. Thanks posting Patrick. I got to the track a hour after this happen to complete the purchase of my new horse. Drove the message home about this horrible reality.

  3. Well Friday was another busy day of maiming and/or killing on racetracks.
    I dare anybody to just take a look at the Race Card Results for Churchill Downs.
    Here’s a recap:
    Race #1 TRACI’S READY – “through after a half.” Finished 20+ lengths behind.
    No worries though. I’m sure the connections will make her run again.
    After all, the legitimized horse cruelty is the foundation of this industry.
    Race #2 SALTY RIM – DNF “walked off.”
    This horse has at least one previous DNF, but they just keep on running her.
    This is horse racing only the next time the game of Russian Roulette may end in her death.
    Race #3 AHH CHOCOLATE – “stopped.” Multiple Graded Stakes Winner of over $400,000.
    Pretty sure they will keep on training, and running their “family member” that has made it abundantly clear that something is horribly wrong. Of course the secret vet records can never confirm this.
    Race #4 CAPERING – at the ripe old age of 2 y.o. STOPPED. Now get this!
    This horse is owned by multimillionairess Barbara Banke of Stonestreet Farms. She’s had many racehorses get maimed and/or die at the hands of her regular Trainers Todd Pletcher and, in this case, the infamous Steve Asmussen. Steve, the horse maimer and killer is STILL TRAINING, STILL MAIMING, AND RACEHORSES ARE STILL DYING in his care.
    If this isn’t legitimate animal cruelty then I don’t know what is.
    Moreover, Steve will have ZIPPO repercussions from this, non-transparency, non-responsibility, and non- disclosure of the probably multiple drug cocktails given to Capering.
    Why do I call all participants in this industry either abusers and/or enablers of abuse?
    I’ll tell you why – because Barbara Banke continues to send her horses to Trainers who have previously maimed and/or killed some of her other racehorses.
    Would any parent out there who “loves” their child continue to send their other children to an abuser expecting a different outcome?
    Would any parent put their child in harms way after having facts about their other children being maimed and/or killed by the same person?
    HOW can anybody who supposedly “cares” about their “family member” send their horse to these creeps?
    Here’s another thing.
    Capering STOPPED before going 1/2 of a mile so the chart should have stated DNF, but I suppose when you spend about 200 million acquiring racing stock, and keeping your mouth shut while your racehorses get continually maimed and/or killed, and STILL send them to the monsters who have maimed and/or killed previous racehorses – I suppose you can rewrite the rules?
    No worries though because Barbara Banke has, reportedly, another 100+ 2 year olds in active training both on her private training facility, and on racetracks throughout the U.S.
    Of course we won’t get to see the vet records of CAPERING as the abusive enablers must keep that a secret as well.
    When does somebody say “enough?” – when – tell me when?
    Race #5 TWO STEPPING GROOM – STOPPED before going 6 furlongs. Okay – so now it appears that they are covering up the DNF’s with STOPPED although, technically, the horse DNF? These are lower connections so the “rich” factor is eliminated, and leaves the “cover-up” factor of this industry.
    Race #6 JUST ANOTHER JOHN – STOPPED. So now I can pretty much confirm that Equibase is changing up their “words,” because this racehorse should have been listed as DNF which appears bad to people. This horse stopped before going 6 furlongs, and the race is 1 mile so he definitively didn’t finish the race.
    Appropriate name though right? JUST ANOTHER JOHN – indeed. Just another one just like the other one.
    Race #8 SKINFLINT. STOPPED. In yet another “high class” Stake Race for 2 year olds. After all, running their babies in diapers is okay with this industry. First raced in May 2016, but in training well before reaching the ripe old age of 2 – SKINFLINT a promising young filly appears to be done, maybe alive, but done.
    Her check for breaking down which is more accurate than the now continually used term of “stopped,” was $1500 because they pay up to last place in a stake race.
    Race #9 PUNTSVILLE – STOPPED, but again they did not state DNF. It seems obvious that their words are being chosen very carefully now, but the maiming and/or killing continues. Yet again, we will never know any issues, drug cocktails used on this racehorse because vet records are kept private.
    Forgot to mention that this was another “high class” Stake Race where on the best get to run in it.
    Race #10 JET AWAY SUE – STOPPED. I must say this is a euphemism for “break down” it seems since this word keeps popping up. We are to assume that the horse “walked-off” because it doesn’t even indicate whether the horse was vanned-off or not.
    This was yet another “high class” 2 year old Stake Race. Jet Away Sue was training at the ripe old age of about 1.8 months old – diapers still on. I guess they removed the diapers for this race, but her immature bones are sending a clear message.
    Race #11 SHE’S RIGHT AGAIN -BROKE SLOW AND NEVER RECOVERED. Okay so now they are getting really creative.
    Now I must give my sympathies to the “human” factor as well – to jockeys Jon Court who suffered three broken vertebrae and 2 broken ribs. To jockey Rocco who suffered a fractured left wrist.
    Now I realize that jockeys have a choice to ride, but in this drug invested, shock wave therapy haven, jockeys are just as maimed and/or killed as the racehorses.
    Not 1 of these jockeys will SUE the connections of these racehorses or most other incidents whereby vet records would be subpoenaed and made public.
    Now this from a pro-horse racing person who commented on the Bloodhorse Blog regarding jockeys getting maimed:
    “It is just beyond me how these jocks have failed to organize like EVERY other professional athlete in every other sport…….the time is long past due for meaningful pension and medical reform for this sport.”
    “Jocks need need a disability insurance program.”
    They also need to start SUEING the ASS off the connections of these racehorses exposing the medical regimes, and vet records which will probably confirm a game of Russian Roulette.
    The jockeys have a choice, the racehorses don’t.
    The jockeys have a VOICE to speak out about the ongoing maiming and/or DYING of racehorses while diverting another disaster.
    Instead they remain silent.
    The racehorses are speaking out with the broken bones, maiming, and/or killing.
    This antiquated business model has got to go.
    There’s not ONE business in this country that conducts themselves this way, gets away with it, PLUS gets outside funding for the most part with NO transparency.
    PLEASE help us shut this down.

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