2-Year-Old Killed Training at Belmont; Princess Talia “Breaks Down” at Thistledown

An unnamed 2-year-old was killed training at Belmont yesterday morning; according to the Gaming Commission, “investigation to follow.” Imagine that. Also yesterday, 3-year-old Princess Talia “broke down” (Equibase) in the 6th at Thistledown; as “broke down” is Racing’s euphemism of choice for dead, we can safely presume she’s gone.

This is horseracing.


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  1. An “investigation to follow” oh really? The tired old laughable investigations which the racing officials/industry kid themselves when they think that an “investigation” will placate the public and put the sickening inexcusable death of a racehorse into an “all done and dusted” file.

    How long do they think that they can get away with this…..?

  2. While PRINCESS TALIA & the unnamed 2 year old was dying in the good ole U.S. of A, up here in Canada the horse racing industry is having their fair share of maiming, and deaths.
    Yesterday, at the “premier” Canadian racetrack called Woodbine (equivalent to Saratoga and Del Mar when it comes to the delusion) Race #4 – a Grade III Black Type Stake Race (racing category for the creme de la creme) YO CARM a 3 y.o. “maintained position down the backstretch but broke down nearing the 5/16’s pole and was humanely euthanized.”
    This colt started his career at Arlington where Doug Bedar reigns as Racing Secretary.
    Did very well at the on set, then the usual PP’s of inconsistent performance followed which strongly indicates issues going on that was, more than likely, addressed with drug cocktails resulting in some good performances.
    Of course this is all speculation because the industry HIDES their vet records so that the wagering public can’t see what drug cocktails these horses are getting.
    Moreover, the connections (deliberately or otherwise) race in different jurisdictions, crossing state lines, and even countries so that it would be impossible to get the records since each racing jurisdiction is different when it comes to rules, and regulations or LACK of rules and regulations.
    Perhaps they even knew that YO CARM was not capable of performing at these levels,was on the verge of a breakdown, an insurance policy in place perhaps, and ships up here to Canada to finish him off?
    If true, then he’s more valuable dead than alive.
    Again, this is all speculation.
    Most of you don’t know that I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to obtain information to compile a Canadian “killed in action” list, but have been met with strong opposition.
    Despite the fact that Woodbine received 345 million per year for 12 years of taxpayers money or profits from the slots that could have otherwise been diverted to education, and health care – so the billions they received had no strings attached, no transparency, and much of the money was unaccounted for until a change of government and audit.
    So now they receive a measly 100 million per year for the next 8 years while the government owned lottery works on a partnership with them to financially support them taking that responsibility from the taxpayers most of whom never attend a horse race. This I’ve got to see because I think the taxpayer money pit will go on for many more years here where the ignorant masses just keep paying their taxes not questioning this total waste of money not to mention racehorse lives.
    While the province of Ontario is on the verge of financial collapse, the current Premier found the money to dish out to Woodbine so that very rich people, who own multi-million dollar farms can carry on with their hobby.
    Anyways, I submitted a request that was then given to Dr. Chambers (information on him that goes well beyond the scope of this Blog), who took days to return my request which was then diverted back to the commission, which was then diverted back to the Ministry of Alcohol and Gaming who just took over the jurisdiction of horse racing months ago.
    When I contacted the office one of the official “investigators” didn’t even know what a horse was or who the vet was, or much about anything really.
    So the discombobulated mess, although supposedly providing more transparency, is working in tandem with the dirty world of horse racing.
    I finally did receive a contact name, and number where I could submit a FOIA, but was reminded that the cost could far exceed the $5 fee since they must charge for research.
    Have you ever heard such BS in your life?
    I guess the 100 million they get every year is not enough to cover a FOIA request right?
    So I’m in the process of doing this in between everything else.
    I got a call from somebody yesterday that told me that YO CARM had a very bad breakdown, and I confirmed this information via equibase – no hard work here.
    So all you racing apologists that try to justify racehorses from “rich” owners going into high level “rich races” at your prestigious racetracks can all go jump in a lake.
    Rich or poor, “A” or “B” track – they are all subjected and vulnerable to maiming, and/or killing.
    This is horse racing, and these are facts.

  3. Kentucky Downs – $22,540,761.22 handle for 2016 33.92% over last year’s previous record total of $16,831,333

    Good job people, keep up the good work!

    • Right – BILLIONS made and racehorses going to slaughter while rescue groups beg for $200 to get them out of harms way. You are all disgraceful for starters.
      Now, for your figures. They are controlled by the unaudited horse racing industry so it’s hard to verify these figures, but there are figures we can verify: the disfigured, maimed, and “killed in action” list.
      These are the slaves who produce these obscene profits while being dumped when no longer profitable.

  4. Why don’t you expend your energy for the racehorses standing at kill auctions because, this idiot, as you call me, is really busy taking care of the discarded racehorses.
    You don’t have to like me, but if you like racehorses then go financially help some out.
    Better still, send our rescue group some money from the billions in wagering profit.
    I can provide the email money transfer address if you like.

  5. Gina…once again, the racing supporters clearly show what’s important to them – and it is not the sentient creatures who carry this unnecessary gambling industry on their tired backs and sore limbs. They incriminate themselves with their cowardly and incredibly asinine comments. Typical of apologists.

  6. Don`t worry this crummy business is slowly dying. People are beginning to find other ways of gaming that are cheaper and more entertaining than racing. We have just found out that most likely another “B” circuit track in our region of the country will be shut down after this next racing season as the land has become to valuable for other commercial uses besides racing. At present the entire track is surrounded by commercial businesses such as home improvement stores, furniture stores, trucking companies, etc. This according to a past, prominent participant of racing in our region. We can hardly wait to celebrate the closing! When the track went to shavings for bedding, we knew they were having financial difficulties. Most horse breeders have learned the hard way that straw bedding is better and has more comfort value for the horse as long as the straw is clean and well put up.

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