The Casualties, 9/12/16-9/18/16

Last week on U.S. tracks (flats only; does not include training or harness casualties):

De Sassy Bird, Zia, “vanned off”
Radical Eruption, Zia, “hit rail, DNF”
Fonepferesh, Mountaineer, “bad step, vanned off”
Storm of Prayers, Mountaineer, “vanned off”
Registrada, Parx, “broke down”
Triple Diamonds, Zia, “vanned off”
Bang It Out, Zia, “vanned off”
Balderinas Winner, Albuquerque, “vanned off”
Monkey Chaser, Presque Isle, “returned bleeding”
Neala Girl, Remington, “fell suddenly, vanned off”
Dancin With a Song, Canterbury, “vanned off”
Unzapped, Canterbury, “vanned off”
Flyingshaniko, Finger Lakes, “bled”
Gotta Love Candy, Kentucky, “vanned off”
Athena Grande, Kentucky, “vanned off”
Branjammas Quatro, Los Alamitos, “vanned off”
That Real World, Louisiana, “vanned off”
Bayou Royalty, Belterra, “went wrong, vanned off” – confirmed dead
Huntingtons Gift, Indiana, “vanned off”
Icy Miss, Laurel, “pulled up sore”
Flying Carlos, Louisiana, “fell just before wire…euthanized”
Ms Marmalade, Albuquerque, “vanned off”
Tsunami, Arlington, “fell, DNF”
Honorable Cause, Belterra, “vanned off”
The Great Ronaldo, Charles Town, “fell, DNF”
Sgt. Major Ross, Finger Lakes, “took a bad step, vanned off”
Within the Law, Los Alamitos, “vanned off”
Up All Night, Parx, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Kitty Ride, Parx, “returned lame”
Cute Boy, Thistledown, “pulled up lame”
Princess Talia, Thistledown, “broke down”
My Name Is Will, Zia, “vanned off”
Bet With Charlie, Churchill, “went wrong, vanned off”
Bv Judys Teller, Will Rogers, “vanned off”
Blue Cres, Zia, “broke down”

“broke down” – virtually without exception an industry euphemism for dead
“vanned off” – horse unable to walk off track under own power; good-chance dead
“bled”; “returned bleeding from nostrils” – as a rule, indicates pulmonary hemorrhage


(source: Equibase)


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  1. How can this carnage be permitted to continue – how?
    Why would anybody want this legitimized cruelty ring, and death camp to continue?
    We know the answer to that – don’t we?
    It’s because people financially support it either via wagering or investing into this industry.
    Until people stop placing bets, and stop supporting the delusion than this will continue.
    There are only 2 types of people who support this industry: the abusers, and the enablers of the abuse.
    My heartfelt thoughts to all racehorses who died in the dirt for this despicable industry.
    When they aren’t dying in the dirt, they are dying at the slaughterhouses when no longer profitable.
    People please wake-up.
    Be a voice for these voiceless victims of profit by not supporting racinos which are the only life line currently providing the financing to keep their death rings going.
    Go to your nearest Native American casino or any casino that doesn’t hold live horse racing.
    For heavens sake educate yourself and your friends about the real world of horse racing.

    • Exactly, Gina. How can these horses be allowed to continue to die all in the name of gambling, greed, big egos and entertainment. It is utterly inexcusable.

      The silence from those who can stop this carnage, is deafening!

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