Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds – The Racing Kill Machine Doesn’t Discriminate

8-year-old Cam Dan Kadandy is dead after suffering a “catastrophic injury” – fractured pastern and cannon, says Gaming Commission – in the 3rd at Saratoga Raceway last night. To date, 84 horses have perished on or at NY tracks in 2016.

Also from yesterday, Equibase reports that 3-year-old Exclusive “broke down” in the 6th at Thistledown. “Broke Down,” of course, almost invariably means dead.

Please stop betting on horse races. Lives are at stake. Literally.



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  1. One year ago on September 18, 2015 at Louisiana Downs racetrack, there was a shocking incident in a race when three (3) horses fell and another nearly fell and lost its rider. One of the horses that fell (believed to have clipped heels – racing tight is deadly for these horses) was SOCIAL PRIZE a 4 year old gelding. He had about 2 months off and then resumed racing.

    Yesterday, on September 24, 2016 at Louisana Downs racetrack, SOCIAL PRIZE came home 37 LENGTHS 11th/11 LAST. Chart said SP “was never close” hmmh bit of an understatement one could say.
    According to, the trainer is Steve Ingram and the owner is Bryan H Prentice III.
    To date SP has earned $85,595.

    Clearly SOCIAL PRIZE is not coping and likely is suffering a health issue to have come home such an unacceptable distanced last. This horse is living in claiming hell.

    This is horseracing.

  2. Many racing jurisdictions have on their books a rule that states “non-competition” clause.
    It’s totally left up to the discretion of the stewards, and is hardly invoked anymore due to low volume of entries, pressure from racetrack management, and any other reason based on profit not well-being of the racehorse.
    This clause is supposed to protect racehorses like Social Prize from being entered let alone run.
    Aside from the rules though are connections of these horses that are cruel, and heartless.
    There is a pattern that constantly emerges from these participants, and supporters of this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    The pattern clearly shows immoral, reprehensible people who have total disregard for a sentiment being.
    Psychologists and psychiatrists have clearly confirmed that abuse doesn’t come at the hands of a stranger, but comes at the hands of people who say “I love you.”
    This is the case here.
    Anybody who supports and/or participates in this industry is either a direct abuser and/or an enabler of the abuse.
    The same can be said for the DYING. They are directly contributing to the death of racehorses simply by investing in it or wagering on it.
    It’s all the same thing.
    There are no other categories.

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