Wind Warrior, Dannhauser “Break Down”

Equibase reports two horses as “broke down” yesterday; “Broke Down” is Racing’s euphemism of choice for dead.

3-year-old Wind Warrior in the 7th at Arlington
8-year-old Dannhauser (41st time under the whip) in the 10th at Laurel

This is horseracing.


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  1. This is infuriates me – they all do.
    You low life parasitic scums who support and/or participate in this modern day holocaust all need to be in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    Don’t you dare defend this to me because I will spare no words for this bloody massacre.
    Now let’s, yet again. look at the connections:
    WIND WARRIOR (sorry for you darling) is owned by the notorious Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc. This outfit screams corruption from start to finish including MANY racehorses dying under their ownership. First of all, some of their racehorses who have DIED seem to show a pattern of dying when they stop performing or are on their way down into the claiming ranks. This unusual activity seems to reflect an organization whereby horses are better dead than alive.
    Second, these scums have made $45,265,193 off the bones, backs, and lives of these poor, voiceless racehorses. That’s 45 MILLION+ folks! They are cold-hearted slime bags. It also seems obvious that they are part of the gambling scheme. While WIND WARRIOR was dying in the dirt they were out buying their next victims. In the last week at the prestigious Keeneland Sale in Kentucky, Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc. spent 1.185 MILLION buying 7 more potential victims.
    The industry LOVES people like this. The industry financially GAINS from horses DYING! That’s the cold truth folks whether you believe me or not. They LOVE the high profile multiple drug Trainers that have multiple racehorses DIE in their care because what do they do when their racehorses DIE?
    You guessed it – they just go out and buy another one just like the other one.
    The DYING greases the industries wheels from the sales auctions to the racetrack.
    The DYING even greases the wheels of the kill auctions, and slaughterhouses.
    These racehorses are NOT bred to run like the industry claims.
    They are bred to DIE, and DIE they do on the racetrack, and at the slaughterhouses.
    They are exploited from birth to death with very few getting a forever home, and usually getting a good home by people who didn’t exploit them to begin with.
    The wagering companies like Xpressbet, TVG, Bet America etc etc. – they are the lowest forms of sleaze because they are the ones making the millions in profit, and give little or nothing back to these slaves, these victims of their greed – you make me sick!
    Again, WIND WARRIOR, you were a brave warrior to be a victim of one of the sleaziest industries permitted to continue in our society. Sorry for you.
    DANNHAUSER. You were a Graded Stakes Placed racehorse of over $300,000, but that wasn’t enough to save you from DYING in the dirt for this despicable Trainer Kathleen O’Connell. She is just another exploiter, another animal abuser, and an enabler of the DYING. I saw many of her racehorses DIE in the dirt at Tampa Bay Downs back in 2000. This serial animal killer has a history of racehorses DYING under her care not unlike Doug O’Neill. Both of them need their asses hauled into court under Felony Animal Cruelty charges, and a full NEUTRAL investigation should be mandatory with all vet records released.
    Yet, Kathleen repeats the same old line: “I care for my racehorses.” “I love my racehorses.”
    You are a parasitic scum bag like anybody who supports this ongoing cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    I can’t stand this anymore.
    How can this be allowed to continue in the 21st century?
    Anyone of you racing apologists – you all make me sick.
    This is a legitimized death camp, and systematized DYING is acceptable to these killers, and so is enabling the dying.
    This carnage must stop, and it will stop only when it shuts down.

    • Gina, You said it all. You read the mind of thousandssssssssssss of people. Let’s BOYCOTT all these racetracks and let’s watch them go bankrupt :)

  2. I don’t go to race tracks anymore. It breaks my heart hearing more and more horses are dying from catastrophic injuries. I al hoping one day to open a horse retirement home to help save those who were sent to auction because they can’t earn anything as a racehorse. My rescue will be used to help educate others and to help children and veterans find peace with an horse. My fiancĂ© is a retired Navy mechanic and he suffers from PTSD from his service in the Navy. It’s his goal to help anyone with mental illness find comfort with therapy on the back of a horse. To the horses who are killed everyday everyone should do more to help stop the carnage of betting on these majestic animals to help stop the next break down.

    • Tonya, your intentions are amazing, but some words of caution from somebody who rescued, and re-homed many OTTB’s:
      Don’t expect ONE DIME from the multimillion dollar horse racing industry not that you were, but just saying.
      They give little or nothing back to good people who do their dirty work, who clean up their mess; that is the trail of broken horses that they dump when no longer profitable.
      Another thing, there are hardly any good forever homes for these horses so your looking at a lifetime commitment for the most part since many horses live until 20 years of age on average.
      Your idea of coupling mental health issues with horse therapy is amazing, and it works.
      I often volunteered for an organization where we coupled physically disabled children with OTTB’s and it was so satisfying to see the smile on the faces of children when on top of the horse. It was the first time they felt mobile since being paralyzed. I really looked forward to that, but it took a special horse to handle that because many of the children had prosthetic or assisted devices that tended to bang on the side of the horse.
      For those horses who handled it, it was almost like they tolerated it knowing that they were doing something beneficial. They were sweethearts for the most part.
      Another really good program that I would like to see more of is coupling prisoners with horse aftercare programs like they do in Kentucky. It’s a very successful program, and it teaches inmates responsibility, and emotional stability to prepare them for the outside world.
      So no doubt that there are beneficial programs out there, but it take money – something that the multi-million dollar horse racing industry continually denies or gives out with impossible caveats.
      They do little while racehorses DIE.
      They continually show their true colors which is profit over the well-being of the horses, without whom, there would be no industry.

      • Gina,

        I have no intent from asking the breeders or former owners for any help. We have a plan of fundraising, asking veterans to help with certain things, goes on and on. I have a
        couple of people to help with desensitizing the horses like they do for mounted police horses. If they can’t handle the testing we will
        Find them a home suited for their taste of what the horse likes better. If we had a million dollars we could help donate to help other horses break free of the slaughter market. Horses growing up gave me a way to escape the abuse that I endured. And I vowed to give back to those who didn’t stray away from me. I have always wanted
        To bring a connection of horses and kids together. Thank you for your input Gina.

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