The Casualties, 9/19/16-9/25/16

Last week on U.S. tracks (flats only; does not include training or harness casualties):

“Broke Down” – virtually without exception an industry euphemism for dead
Dreaming of Bella, Mountaineer
Three’s a Trump, Thistledown
Exclusive, Thistledown
Wind Warrior, Arlington
Dannhauser, Laurel
Feisty’s Cause, Oak Tree

“Vanned Off” – horse unable to walk off track under own power; good-chance dead
Buca Who Looker, Zia
Captain Serious, Belmont
Chipsandslots, Indiana
Storm Ridge, Louisiana
Mr. McGrew, Arlington
Rudyard K, Belmont
Phil’s Wildcat, Belterra
Bop Bop Mufasa, Charles Town
Spanish Gladiator, Albuquerque
Concho Country, Albuquerque
Our Lucky Warrior, Belterra
Pyc Ferarri Prize, Lone Star
Sr Inseperable, Lone Star
Little Joe M., Los Alamitos
Harlan’s Trumpet, Penn
Dance the Rails, Penn
Speeding Comet, Belmont
Boxcar Babe, Lone Star
Rockinatten, Penn
Wicked Perty, Zia
Smiling Reuben, Albuquerque
Clear Winn, Albuquerque
Seek the Prize, Churchill
Altanero Ways, Los Alamitos
Industrious, Parx
Itsastormynight, Portland
Blazin Blue Eyes, Zia

“Bled”; “Bleeding From Nostrils” – as a rule, indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Smarty Mr D, Parx
Dye Fore, Belmont
Real Gem Dandy, Albuquerque (also “vanned off”)
Vinegar Joe, Finger Lakes
Two Notch Road, Laurel
Bamuel Toi, Oak Tree
No Bull, Penn


(source: Equibase)


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    • They can’t Carolyn.
      Since most of us are aware of the ongoing cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of these racehorses, conducted under the guise of “caring,” we all know that their life prior to dying is horrific.
      Every racehorse on a track is subjected to intense confinement, drug cocktails, isolation from social habits, denial of natural grazing habits, decreased immune systems, extensive pre-existing conditions covered-up with needles/dope to make them run, denial of needed vet care, whipping/beating, maiming, dumping and/or dying in the dirt.
      This would not be permitted anywhere in America, but is allowed to continue under the guise of fancy hats, mint juleps, party atmosphere.
      Well, it’s no party for these slaves whose predominant existence consists of running in circles, most likely suffering, to generate millions in profits for wagering companies, and racetracks.
      If they make it out alive their chance of a good, forever home is minimum at best.
      This industry is well aware of their disposable system (slaughterhouse) waiting around the corner, but continue to breed.
      This must stop.

  1. The carnage in Portland has begun! The meet has has only started for this fall / winter and is not even a couple of days old and they already have a poor horse unable to walk off off their very hard packed sand based track. We know from experience how hard the track surface is on horses legs and riders bodies! The sand they use is dredged straight out of the Willamette river from the port of Portland`s shipping terminals! We have taken rocks out of the track surface that were as big as golf balls / potatoes. We really don`t understand how the track does not go bankrupt having the LOWEST purses in the country of any recognized track. It is very much surrounded by commercial development which it did not have when we were galloping horses on it in the mid-80`s or early 2000`s.But of course our racing commission will register your thoroughbreds foaled in our state for FREE from a tax on all HUB funds wagered through our state once you submit your application to the state breeders organization. Better they use HUB based tax monies to improve drug testing,[ by changing labs], and observation of horse peoples horse handling practices.We have seen and witnessed dozens of breakdowns with a many rider friends having serious injuries.We understand that this year will see the LOWEST number of foals registered in our states history according to a once prominent breeder whose family once raced here frequently.But unfortunately because our state is mostly a disposal state for horses who once were good in other states there will be no shortage of available horses to run and breakdown and die here.There are VERY bad trainers, crooked vets who we know very well, as well as a very few good horsemen, who are stuck in the business due to inability to read or insufficient job skills.

  2. Stop this so called sport. You are killing or permanently injuring these beautiful animals fir no reason other then the greed of money. I hate horse racing and the abuse they must go through. Money can’t be that important to cause injury or death to any animal.


    The above link takes you to an article in the Paulick Report today. Some excerpts –

    “During his acceptance speech, McCarron revealed that his decision to retire from riding in 2002 was two-fold: part of it was a loss of heart and a fear of incurring more injuries, and the other part was his worries about the direction the sport was heading. An explanation of shockwave therapy was especially impactful on the choice”.

    “……what to do with a horse that needs rest instead of therapy,” he said. “There’s a lot of horses out there running who shouldn’t be running, and authorities in this business need to grab hold of those horns and do something about it, and soon. I don’t want to see any more of my brethren hitting the deck. It’s already dangerous enough riding sound horses in tight fields….”

  4. Wind Warrior is DEAD – euthanized due to the injury he suffered while racing for (owner) Midwest TB’s and (trainer) Armando De la cerda. He was only 3 years old.

    • Joy, I’m sure Midwest is “broken-hearted” over the unfortunate loss of their “family member” just as they were with Mr. Mostly. Anyone who believes that will believe that the earth is flat.

  5. These racing apologists are the lowest form of scum on the planet at ALL levels of the game.
    Every single one of you either ABUSE or are ENABLERS OF THE ABUSE.
    If you are the abuser (Trainer, Jockey), then you automatically fall into both categories.
    Owners, commissions, bettors, or anybody who lives off the avails or condones this abuse by participating in any capacity are enablers of the abuse.
    You all sicken me to the very core.
    While MR MOSTLY was dying in the dirt MIDWEST THOROUGHBREDS was busy buying some more victims at the Keeneland Sale spending over a million dollars for 7 more.
    How do these people sleep at night?
    Then there’s the infamous Steve Asmussen. The poster child of racehorse abuse under the guise of a Trainer not unlike the other Trainers who have racehorses DIE under their care, and direct training methods if you can call it that.
    Their training methods are nothing more than the application, and management of abuse to enhance performance and increase revenue at the detriment of the racehorse.
    The racehorses are ntensely confined in a 10 x 12 stall 23 hours per day for the most part (at Churchill Downs most stalls are 10 x 10. While they completed a 100+ million renovation for VIP seating in the grandstand area the racehorses got nothing. No larger stalls or anything for that matter to make their life of slavery more comfortable. Of course the pittance of money they donate to aftercare is laughable).
    Anyways, the legitimized, and systemic ongoing blatant cruelty, and abuse of racehorses is what this business is about.
    Don’t be fooled by the fancy hats, mint juleps, and party atmosphere.
    It’s no party as every racehorse is subjected to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping and/or dying. at ALL levels of the game.
    Please folks, if your going to gamble go to a casino that doesn’t have Live horse racing venues and gamble on inordinate, non-breathing sentiment beings such as slot machines or cards.

  6. According to the Paulick Report, another Ramon Preciado horse has tested positive for clenbuterol from a race in July while the scum bag (Preciado) is appealing a suspension for medications violations. Of course, the investigation is continuing. Lies, lies and more lies while the horses suffer. Of course, Preciado desperately tries to deflect and puts the blame on a former disgruntled former employee. I wonder who he will blame this time. Racing is simply a vile and disgusting industry that just needs to die in the dirt.

    • Yes, I saw the newest on that abuser, too, Mary. Parx is a pit – comments on this latest PR article regarding Preciado include racing insiders/gamblers who state they won’t even place bets there. What a sick, disgusting joke…

    • And now Preciado has a positive clenbuterol at Penn. Delaware Park, Parx, Penn…

      I must say again, read these Paulick Report pieces and DON’T miss the comments. The self-incrimination will blow you away.

  7. I review the comments on a regular basis Joy.
    Ray Paulick News is paid for by the horse racing industry.
    For the most part his articles are biased in favour of the industry.
    Some articles are non-biased, and they are the ones that shed some ugly truths about horse racing.
    For those articles in particular I applaud him and his editorial team for that.
    When it gets right down to it his loyalties are with the industry.
    For example, last weekend he published a picture of him hugging the multiple drug violating Trainer who has multiple racehorses DIE under his care – DOUG O’NEIL.
    Evidently, they both met up in Chicago.
    So its clear that Doug O’Neill is a buddy of his.
    This demonstrates that racehorse dopers and killers such as Doug O’Neill is just fine by Ray Paulick.
    Therefore, Ray falls into the category “enabler of abuse.”
    There are 3 categories of people in horse racing: 1. Abusers 2. Enablers of Abuse 3. Both
    However, Trainers like Doug O’Neill, Todd Pletcher, Steve Asmussen, Bob Baffert etc fall under both categories and they are revered by the industry.
    Folks, legalized and systemized animal abuse.
    Please don’t support it.

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