2 Dead at Finger Lakes

The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed that 3-year-old Notwhoiseemtobe was killed – after, that is, taking the proverbial “bad step” – in the 4th yesterday at Finger Lakes. It was the pubescent animal’s third race in 28 days.

Also, the Commission reports, 4-year-old Lost in D Shuffle was euthanized Sunday at Finger Lakes for what is being termed a “non-racing” reason. While that may be technically true, this still-very-much-active racehorse (last raced August 29 – “failed to respond”) is no less a casualty of this vile business than his compatriot above.

Please stop betting on horse races.



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  1. The carnage continues.
    And the celebrated former jockey, Chris McCarron recently stated when honoured at a racing event, that there were people in the room that had the power to make a change for the good of the horse………

    Let’s see what these people do for the horse – the voiceless, innocent, noble equine. Or, are they so arrogant and cruel that these horses will continue to suffer miserable lives, mistreatment, injury and DEATH?

  2. Blatant animal cruelty.
    When will the racehorses get justice in our court of law?
    If this were happening in any other setting charges would be laid.
    Sorry for LOST IN D SHUFFLE.
    Purchased by pin-hooker Becky Thomas for $90,000, and then dumped into claiming.
    Pin-hookers have got to be the lowest form of parasitic scum in the horse racing business.
    They buy, and sell for profit – flipping with no remorse other than to fatten their wallet.
    Pin-hookers were virtually unheard of in this industry back in the 70’s, but have proliferated in recent years.
    That said, the racehorses are disposable commodities whether owned by a pin-hooker or otherwise.
    Becky Thomas was known for flipping huge profits at the 2 year old in training sales in Florida.
    I’ve never seen 2 year old racehorse babies beaten as badly as they were while being consigned by her at both the Ocala Breeders Sales and Keeneland.
    The beatings/whippings were conducted to get fast breeze times, and to increase profits.
    Many racehorses were maimed, and/or killed during her consignments back in 2000.
    Of course the industry doesn’t record racehorses killed in action during these sales.
    Again, the secrets prevail while racehorses suffer.
    LOST IN D SHUFFLE had a built-in time factor when bought by this despicable lady, but don’t they all?
    Justice for racehorses – Felony Animal Cruelty charges will become common, and it’s just around the corner, but not soon enough for those who are dying in the dirt.

  3. Thanks for bringing up the pin-hookers, Gina. Thought someone was having me on when first told about this creepy trade in horseracing. Some of the profits these curs put in their pockets are staggering. Relatively new where I am but sadly it’s becoming popular. Heard stories about some weanlings, although well-bred, not growing well and having health issues. No guesses as to where those babies end up. Those that turn out well for the yearling sales are gold for the pin-hookers. For example, a pin-hooker buys weanling for $60,000 and sells as a yearling for $360,000. Oh, it’s so repugnant with what goes on with these babies before they even hit the racetrack.
    And the speed trials before many 2 year olds race, these babies are cruelly beaten with whips something shocking purely to get the fastest times for these Ready to Race sales. And as we know some of them breakdown during these inhumane speed trials and are dragged dead onto a vehicle to be thrown into a pit on the racetrack. A racing car breaks down and is trashed but the horse is a living creature, a sentient being which suffers pain and has feelings.
    Here we are in the year 2016 and these atrocities are allowed to take place for $2 bets and “entertainment”.

    This is horseracing.

  4. In 2000 when I was an active owner/trainer (ashamed to admit) I marched right into the Keeneland Sales Office to openly complain about the consignment of Becky Thomas, and how the horses were being beaten.
    I also stood at the gap in the barn area, and watched those horses come off from the beatings – MOST had visible welts on them, some bleeding, but it was blatant animal cruelty.
    I never did hear back from Keeneland as they made their egregious profits from her sales, more or less, supporting racehorse babies getting beaten. So much for “caring” about the racehorse right?
    Ocala Breeders Sales condoned these egregious acts of animal cruelty as well where she was very busy making millions off these racehorses by perpetrating abuse on them.
    So all you racing apologists can talk about “caring,” and your “family members,” but there are only 2 categories of horse racing supporters:
    1. Abusers.
    2. Enablers of the abuse.
    Sales companies like Keeneland, and Ocala Breeder Sales qualify for Category 2 – enablers of the abuse.
    Hands down – unequivocally.
    Beating/whipping a baby racehorse seems to be laying down the foundation for future catastrophic breakdowns.
    Both Keeneland, and Ocala Breeders Sales project opulence. They are both rich by generating obscene profits while racehorse babies get beaten during the Breeze shows.
    No cruelty, abuse, or inhumane treatment of animals, in this case racehorses, is acceptable whether being conducted under an umbrella of opulence or otherwise.
    Moreover, owners buy these racehorse babies after watching them get beaten for fast breeze times so they too are enablers, and direct supporters of this abuse.
    This is systemic animal cruelty only in this case it’s racehorses, but it’s no different.
    Last night, I watched Animal Cops, and a puppy had died in the backyard of its owner.
    The owner was subsequently charged with Felony Animal Cruelty charges despite his pleas that he “didn’t mean it,” “that he loved, and cared for his pup.”
    He still got charged, and should be.
    So why is DYING racehorses any different than this when it comes to our laws?
    The judge made it clear in court that an animal DYING in an owners care, whether intentional or not, is animal cruelty unless it’s proven that an outside act such as the pup being shot by a passer by or an acute illness can exclude the owner in rare cases.
    In the case of racehorses DYING there should be automatic animal cruelty charges laid, a full, NEUTRAL investigation should ensue including disclosing the vet records,.
    The owner(s) on record should be liable, and be sued for any vet care, court costs that result in a ruling.
    It seems clear that delving into vet records, which they currently keep secret, will divulge the cover-up of countless racehorses being forced to run while suffering.
    Imagine a domestic dog with a previous fracture, being forced to run while being beaten?
    Think about it – this is no different, and our court system needs to act now.

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