Horse Impales Shoulder at Finger Lakes – Dead

Monday morning, a 3-year-old horse named Dontevnthnkaboutit was brought out for training at Finger Lakes. He was being prepped for his first race. Here, according to the Gaming Commission, is what happened: “[horse] ran loose, impaled R shoulder on rail – extensive tissue and muscle damage, euthanized.”

“Impaled shoulder on rail.” For gambling.



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  1. This info is not directly related to this article but we wanted to inform others of another poor horse who didn`t finish at Portland named I`m drinking doubles who was pulled up and vanned off on the 9/27/16 in the 4th race. The poor horse was pulled up at the 1/4 mile. For this card of races there are numerous instances of horses not being competitive and clearly tired/ over worked /eased down the stretch and needing time off. We haven`t even begun the bad weather season here and horses are already showing signs of failing/ breaking down. We will celebrate the day this crummy, leaky roof circuit facility is closed. We know many of the trainers/ owners well as we have started young horses to bridle /saddle for many of them over the course of the last 30+ years we were involved within this industry. Our info was derived from Equibase which we look at daily.

  2. Isn’t it funny how the industry ensures that rules surrounding the profit aspect of wagering is always adhered to?
    Yet, rules and regulations that could put an end to some of the obvious racehorse abuse, and inhumane treatment is rarely enforced.
    Oh, how I’ve heard the lip service, and window dressing over the years, but not much has changed.
    Furthermore, any rules that do address non-competitive issues are rarely enforced.
    This should be standard operating procedures, but here’s why this is not enforced.
    Bigger fields generate higher wagering profits which is their primary concern.
    The health and welfare of the racehorse is an afterthought, and rules to protect them are often not implemented because, as most of us know, profit over well-being is the driving force.
    Moreover, any rules or regulations that have changed to appear more compassionate are driven by public outcry, animal rights activists, and advocates – NOT from people in the industry.
    So it takes a tremendous amount of outside influence to pass rules for the racehorses.
    We have seen time, and time again racehorses DIE who have PP’s screaming an accident waiting to happen.
    Yet, they take a chance on the racehorses life just to fill a race, just for a $2 bet, and that’s why this despicable industry needs to shut down.
    Sorry for you Dontevnthnkaboutit – yet another victim of this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.

  3. Unbelievably, I can beat that. Before I left racing in disgust, our horses were racing at Detroit Race Course. The dirt road from the stabling area to the gap entrance to the track was how all horses entered and left the track for morning training. When a horse would lose its rider, the horse knew where the open gap was in the track rail to go back to the barns and shed rows and they’d head back to the barn with everyone yelling “Loose horse!”.

    One morning a horse went to the left of this road and tried to run parallel to it between a maintenance building and the road. Without seeing the guy wires supporting a telephone pole there, the horse galloped right into the guy wire getting impaled by the wire through its shoulder and ribs and the more it struggled the more impaled and bloody the scene was. The onsite track vet said it was the worst accident he’d ever seen so you can imagine how bad if a seasoned track vet makes that statement.

    So what did the racetrack do????? They put up a black iron fence there with rods going vertically and sarcastically made fun of this accident by attaching a REAL Stop Sign in the center of the black fence. As a board member of the HBPA, I requested that the fence be painted white before it was ever even put up but they did not do so and I certainly didn’t ask for a Stop Sign. Can horses read?

    Not too long after that first horse died a long, painful, horrific death because there had been no fencing there to block such an inviting way back to the stabling area, a SECOND horse crashed into the BLACK fencing and their Stop Sign as it also tried to run back to the stables after dumping its rider in morning training. The failure to simply paint this fence white to make it more visible where a grisly accident already happened once, and the track saw this as a reason to make JOKE out of it by adding a Stop Sign are perfect examples of the disregard for the horses. I couldn’t believe the callousness. I have pictures of this area with the black fencing and Stop Sign put up AFTER the first horse went through the area and was impaled on the guy wires and I have a picture of the destroyed fencing and Stop Sign when the second loose horse went this same way. If the track had painted the fencing white as requested, I have no doubt the second horse would have seen it easily and veered. Two unnecessary accidents. How can I post the pictures?

    • Jo Anne, I had trouble reading your post because of the grisly description of the horse running into the wires but I am not surprised as to the callousness of the industry. For every horse that loses its life, there is another to take its place. It is nothing more than musical chairs and I often think the racing officials are the ones who exhibit the greatest degree of callousness, with a few exceptions.

      You can send the photos to Nicole Arciello and she will post them here on the blog. She posted photos of Anita Vacation when Joy wrote the Shedrow Secrets story about how racing damaged her beyond repair.

  4. Despite my delusional years that I supported, and participated in this industry I would often see examples of total disregard for the racehorses such as the one Jo Anne just posted here – thanks Jo Anne.
    I can’t think back to one day that was abuse-free.
    Every time something despicable would happen I would intentionally block it out excusing it away – “this is horse racing” I would say.
    I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true.
    Then when I finally had to face myself, cut the crap, discard the delusional bubble there was no other conclusion that I could come to other than this:
    horse racing is a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    I no longer wanted any part of it.
    Believe me I was under the delusion that many racing apologists come on here, and say:
    “but there are good people.”
    No, there are only 2 categories of people in horse racing:
    2.Enablers of the abuse
    Even worse the abuse is legitimized by the fancy hats, mint juleps, and party atmosphere intentionally designed to take focus away from the pain, and suffering of racehorses.
    It’s also systematized abuse that is enabled by the commissions, and all other participants.
    When you are not directly perpetrating abuse, under the delusion that your good, then you are enabling the abuse.
    I directly witnessed 3 racehorses at 3 separate racetracks impale themselves on a rail that many of us had requested be fixed, and they never were – even after the deaths!
    The wagering companies, and tracks that make millions do little or nothing, but make it appear like they are doing something for the racehorse.
    How stupid do they think people are?
    Folks PLEASE stop wagering on racehorses.
    This must shut down, and we will shut them down one racetrack at a time.

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