4-Year-Old Killed at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the training death of 4-year-old Onlytheshadowknows Monday morning at Belmont. He is the 91st horse to die on or at a New York open-to-the-public racetrack this year.

Please stop betting on horse races.


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  1. NINETY-ONE (91) innocent horses sacrificed in just NINE (9) months. That’s 10 horses each month in the New York jurisdiction. This is not a sport nor is it an industry. It is blatant animal cruelty and yet it’s allowed to continue despite these horses suffering broken legs, shoulders, pelvis, spine, neck/head and severe bleeds (exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage). These horses suffer excruciating painful deaths after being beaten with whips when they’re going as fast as they can and doing their best. All for the sake of $2 bets and family fun.

    It’s a HORROR STORY and utterly unacceptable in a modern civilised society.

  2. My sad thoughts are with all the 91 racehorses who have DIED in the dirt for this cruelty circus, and corruption pit.
    Equally disturbing is that state, and local governments are financially supporting this antiquated business model with MILLIONS in either casino or taxpayers money.
    While the majority of people never attend a horse race or perhaps attend just for some big races or boutique meets, the reality is the majority of people would much rather see their hard earned tax money go to such social causes as health care, education and/or infrastructure.
    Jo Anne Normile on a previous post reminded us that the cash-strapped Michigan government automatically gives out money to the thoroughbred breeders in the state while people in Flint Michigan don’t even have healthy, and safe drinking water!
    This is insanity.
    It’s so obvious that the majority of “B” tracks operating in North America are operating at huge financial losses, and the government just keeps rubber stamping them while people are forced to support it.
    The government is endorsing the ongoing deaths of racehorses on tracks by financially supporting them.
    People who wager, and the wagering income is not enough to keep these endless money pits going.
    So the wagering income is secondary to the corporate welfare, and casino money.
    The single most important thing that needs to be done is to pass Decoupling, and sever all financial ties from casino profits.
    If this industry had to support itself, like millions of other small businesses who collectively employ more people, then it would have to shut down.
    This business exploits anything it can to keep it going, but it’s the racehorses that pay the ultimate price.
    They are DYING in the dirt for this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.

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