7 Dead at Los Alamitos

The following comes from the California Horse Racing Board.

Los Alamitos (Quarterhorse): “The weekly inspection was conducted on September 25. One equine death was reported this week due to racing injuries.”

Los Alamitos Fair (Thoroughbred): “Week of 9/19-9/25, Deceased: 6.”

While dead horses are sometimes identified in California stewards minutes, it (identifying) is not required by rule; in fact, my year-end FOIA requests for names are consistently rejected on the basis of confidentiality. So, these seven dead animals – at just one track, in just one week – will likely forever remain anonymous.

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  1. “Confidential” eh?
    Treating the details of these horses that have died in action as not for publication because they are “confidential” is utterly unacceptable.

    The horseracing industry is a public industry sustained by the public and racehorse owners know that they are sharing their horses with the public in this business. The public has the right to know.

    Given that State Governments often financially prop up and support this very public industry, information about the horses is, without question, in the public interest. The refusal by any racing authority, racing jurisdiction or similar is clearly undemocratic and unacceptable.

  2. So sorry for the 7 undisclosed names of racehorses who died in the dirt for this cruelty circus.
    If withholding of names was ever challenged in the court system it would be deemed unconstitutional for this to continue.
    I 100% agree with Carolyn that it is, not only unacceptable, but unconstitutional.
    The industry knows full well that taking something to court costs a ton of money, and that nobody would challenge this so they continue to get away with it.
    Dr. Allred owns Los Alamitos, and this man runs a large portion of California racing.
    So many racehorses have died in the dirt over the years with no accountability until horseracingwrongs exposed this.
    It’s so hard to accept this lack of transparency in the animal loving state of California.

  3. SEVEN (7) racehorses died on just one racetrack in just one week in the beautiful state of California.

    The Governor and the California State Government should pay attention and take the appropriate action to stop this inexcusable animal cruelty which today’s society abhors.

  4. Your damn right it would be ruled unconstitutional. This is a disgrace to real sports please tell me one other sport that hides there dead and injured. All major sports brocasted on major tv networks do this horse racing hides it. Just yesterday the gold cup from keeneland brocasted by nbc PROTONICO was pulled up after the finish and vanned off not one word mentioned not one thing shown, so today is Sunday football will be brocasted on the same network now I know if anything happens to any competitor in this game there will be a full report brocasted to all that are watching why the hell is horse racing not held to the same standard your sport buissness industry whatever you wanna call it is just as disgraceful as the people that involve themselves in it

    • Billy, thanks for letting us know about PROTONICO.
      I’m so sorry he suffered some sort of injury.
      I placed a follow-up call to the racing commission.
      I was informed that they don’t know yet what happened to the horse because they are waiting for a veterinarian report from both the commission and the private vet.
      They are also waiting for Todd Pletcher to respond to their inquiry.
      They assured me a full “investigation” would be conducted.
      Well, we all know what these investigations yield – nothing.
      So now the injury is listed as a “Horse Racing Injury” on the NYS Gaming Commission website.
      Racing apologists continue in their attempt to justify racehorses DYING in the dirt, but there’s no justification for racehorses dying while in servitude for $2 bets – none.

    • It’s the same with greyhound racing! Really any sport that exploits nonhuman animals should be banned. Rodeos are another example.

  5. Kentucky often refuses to release names of racehorses who die in the dirt, on their tracks, when a FOIA is processed.
    Today at one of the most prestigious racetracks in the world – Keeneland – another racehorse lost her life.
    Her name is MISS PINK DIVA.
    So sorry for you darling. You were a victim of this slavery/cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit.
    This mare shattered her left rear ankle for this despicable antiquated business, and she couldn’t be saved.
    Like so many others before her, she DIED in the dirt.
    How can this be permitted to continue?
    These poor horses are slaves, and they are DYING for $2 bets.
    The usual “investigative’ protocol will follow including keeping the vet records secret.
    Repulsive, morally reprehensible, and anybody who participates in this blood bath is responsible for her death.

  6. MISS PINK DIVA was running for $500,000.
    All you racing apologists should hang your head in SHAME – absolutely SHAMEFUL.
    For those of you who care to bear witness to the horrors of horse racing here’s MISS PINK DIVA’s last seconds of her life before she died in the dirt: WARNING GRAPHIC, but young children and “family” entertainment is just fine by this industry:

    Pathetic and sickening.
    You racing people make me sick to my stomach.

  7. Thank you for the link, Gina. How sad and typical to ignore the breakdown and death of that beautiful grey, Miss Pink Diva..
    This business is brutal for the horse and a no win situation. They die on the track and if not there they die in the slaughterhouse.

    Yes, this is a brutal business run by brutal people.
    RIP beautiful Miss Pink Diva.

    PS I have 2 beautiful grey OTTBs and it was difficult to see what happened in that race.

  8. PROTONICO another racehorse at Belmont was suffering so much after the race that he was unable to walk-off under his own volition. Consequently, he was vanned-off.
    Current status unknown.
    However, this occurred just after the finish line where lots of media were waiting for the winner to come back.
    A terrible inconvenience for the cameras that had to immediately adjust their view.
    After all, cruelty, abuse, pain, and suffering of a sentiment being is something they don’t want anybody to see.
    I reviewed the tape, and the NBC camera wen’t to great lengths to ensure that they didn’t show this horse suffering.
    You could see the jockey, and the exercise rider getting instructions to jog back on the outside rail in order to divert attention, and the view from the suffering of Protonico.
    This poor horse was in distress.
    There is no other business model on national television that intentionally pans away from the horrors of what’s going on.
    That’s how bad it is. They don’t want anybody to see racehorses suffering for this despicable business.
    It’s important to note that both horses yesterday were running at the HIGHEST level of the game with rich connections, on the most prestigious racetracks in America.
    I have often, pathetically, heard racing apologists come onto this blog defending this business because they claim that the high end racehorses are so well looked after, that they have “care,” have the best of everything.
    Well if dying in the dirt is the “best” they can do then you have a delusional problem not to mention lack of compassion.
    These tracks are horror shows where almost every day a racehorse is DYING in the dirt.
    There isn’t anything that can justify this, and you racing apologists should hang your head in shame, and stop defending racehorses dying for $2 bets.

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