Three-Day Suspension For Blatant Animal Abuse

On September 30, 6-year-old Lil Dip a Nitro was a scratch in the 4th at Los Alamitos. Turns out he couldn’t be raced that night because he was dead – “euthanized,” says the CHRB, just prior to (official cause not given). In all, the gelding went under the whip 30 times, most recently a month before dying.

Also – with each edition of the California Stewards Minutes, there are, typically, several “whip violations.” Perhaps the primary reason the numbers ever seem to remain steady is the wrist-slap penalties (e.g., a third violation in a 60-day period brings but a $300 fine). But this one really caught my eye:

WHIP VIOLATION The following ruling was issued to Jockey Eduardo Nicasio for blatant abuse of the crop in Saturday evening’s ninth race, when he was riding #1 Better Check Him Out. During the entire 350 yards of the race, Mr. Nicasio hit his mount approximately “twenty five” plus times in three different engagements. All of this for a horse that finished last [10th]. Eduardo did not argue the matter and had no plausible excuse. The Stewards thought that this was so aggressive and abusive that he deserved a suspension. It should be noted that Mr. Nicasio has had numerous crop violations this year, although none in the previous sixty days.


To recap: Jockey hammers horse 25+ times – in about 18 seconds, while bringing up the rear. Jockey came into the race with “numerous” whip violations on the year. But jockey – “Eduardo,” as the stewards refer to him – is sorry. Verdict: three days off. Three days – for what the stewards themselves concede is abuse. Still buying the “equine welfare is our top priority” drivel? Sick.

Replay (Better Check Him Out is on the inside rail): – hit “Replays,” Sat Oct 1, Race 9


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  1. 3 days’ suspension, imo, simply means that the controllers of racing ensure that the jockeys are gently dealt with so that the whipping stays strong and protected.
    Controllers include, stewards, racing officials, vets, trainers, owners and of course the breeders who are hell bent on getting the fast times for the breeding barn.
    Slaps on the wrist, warnings, paltry fines and the rare suspension never have and never will be a deterrent and that’s the way the racing industry likes it.
    As if these horses don’t suffer enough with their living conditions, many are forced to race when carrying pre-existing injuries, many are raced into the ground, many are not given time off to heal and recover, many are often deprived of veterinary treatment, many suffer injuries and mistreatment. And the industry sees fit to condone, support and encourage the violent act of jockeys beating horses with whips when the horses are running as fast as they can and being pushed beyond their limitations.

    Blatant animal cruelty it most surely is.
    The whipping of racehorses is obscenely ABHORRENT!

    • What I can say is this…racing is rotten to the core and it simply can’t be “cleaned up.” It is a gambling industry where money rules supreme. Freaking gamblers always waiting for the big win. Owners and trainers putting their horses’ “lives on the line” so they can continue with the exploitation of the TB racehorse and, if the horse doesn’t produce the needed revenue, the horse is then at risk of entering the slaughter pipeline. There isn’t anything to like about racing but there is plenty is dislike.

      • Mary, your statement “racing is rotten to the core and it can’t be cleaned up,” is 100% correct.
        When I was an owner/trainer, when I witnessed what was going on first hand, I really thought that it could be cleaned up, that it would change for the better – certainly the multiple drug violating Trainers with multiple racehorses dying under their care would be held accountable right?
        WRONG. They get inducted into the racing hall of (s)hame.
        Then there are so many numerous, and blatant animal abuse violations against these racehorses that I could no longer participate, support, and/or defend this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
        Furthermore, they have been managing themselves for so long. been getting away with it for so long, even getting BILLIONS in financial support with little or no transparency, that they can”t clean it up.
        The only way to clean it up is to shut it down.
        I can’t help but think that one of the main reasons why they have been getting away with such abuse, and cruelty of a sentiment being is because racehorses can’t talk.
        They can’t speak for themselves while being whipped/beaten, doped, maimed, dumped and/or killed in action.
        Then there are the commissions, and the connections of these racehorses who are supposed to be protecting them, and I’ve concluded that they are nothing more than the enablers of the abuse if not the abusers in some cases.
        It disturbs me that this antiquated business model, whose operating foundation is the exploitation of a racehorse for wagering revenue – is endorsed by our local governments to the detriment of a racehorse who can’t defend themselves.
        This is pathetic, unnecessary, and morally reprehensible.

  2. I cannot and won’t watch – I know abuse of racehorses happens in this damn industry – I just don’t want to see it anymore.

    I am so, so sorry for the two poor creatures of this post…as I am for every single non-consenting horse held captive in this industry whose members could not care less about them.

  3. Jockey Eduardo Nicasio should start looking for another job. Racing doesn’t need a criminal on a horse. Better pray Trump doesn’t become President. You might get shipped out..

    • Yes, racing would take a big hit if immigration laws were enforced ! As well as exploiting the horse the illegal is exploited by this illustrustrious business. Remember it became an issue when PETA exposed the horrible abuse of Nero in Asmussen’s barn. He had a barn full of illegals working for him some with false SS numbers.

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