Another Horse Killed at Finger Lakes

The chart (Equibase) note for Take Me Away in the 9th at Finger Lakes Tuesday reads, “broke down and was vanned off.” In fact, however, the “van” was carrying but a corpse as the Gaming Commission has confirmed that the 3-year-old was euthanized where he lay. To date, 92 racehorses have perished on or at NY tracks this year.


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  1. Take Me Away – owned for all eleven of his races by Joseph and Anne McMahon (bred by McMahon). They started the little chestnut in March of this year…ran him at Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga. Then 13 days after his race at Saratoga, they dropped him into a cheaper claiming race at Finger Lakes. With no wins and only one third place finish, they dropped him lower and lower – he ran with a 5K price tag on his head in the race in which he was killed.
    A sentient being with a will to survive and to simply live with his kind – used, broken and killed in 7 months. What a “sport”.

    So sorry for you.
    Yet another victim of this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    Oh, the irony of the name!
    Take Me Away in an ambulance because I died in the dirt for bets .
    Not Take Me Away from this hell hole called Finger Lakes.
    Not possible because I didn’t make it out alive.
    How, tell me HOW, is this permitted to continue in the 21st century?
    What we have here is legitimized animal cruelty, and death with little or no repercussions.
    Neither Take Me Away, nor the other 91 racehorses, who have died on NY tracks will get any justice.
    Any investigation will be conducted by the hens guarding the hen house, via the NYRC, with no neutral investigation.
    Moreover, the vet records are kept PRIVATE – secret, so that nobody can see the possible doping cocktails that could have been administered during Take Me Away’s brief stint as a profit slave.
    Total lack of transparency while receiving millions in casino money that could otherwise be diverted to education, healthcare, and infrastructure.
    Instead, this money is directly supporting the ongoing cruelty, abuse, and dying of racehorses.
    With every death announced, thanks to Patrick, the disturbing truth about horse racing emerges.

  3. The trainer’s now never see 2/3 of their horses. Owners think trainer’s have a connection with all of his stock there is no way to traine horses cost to cost. That’s a big problem with soundness of every horse. A smaller stable has day to day with all of his stock.

    • Many owners are duped by trainers, that’s a fact in horseracing. And whether it’s a small stable or a large one, there’s no escaping the fact that these innocent horses are suffering INEXCUSABLE animal cruelty.

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