Filly Falls Dead at Charles Town

According to the official race chart (Equibase) for yesterday’s 3rd at Charles Town, No Problem Paddy “clipped the heels” of another horse, “fell,” and was eventually “vanned off.” Turns out, I have learned, the 2-year-old filly died on the track – died right then and there, didn’t even require euthanasia. How can the chartwriter not have known this? Best guess, he did, but covered it up. Rotten to the core, folks.


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  1. Like I’ve stated previously…this barbaric industry depends on lies of omission. And they’ve perfected it.

    Patrick, once again, thank you for exposing the truth. And thank you for letting us know that No Problem Paddy once shared this earth with us…although she deserved so much more, her life and death are being acknowledged here.

  2. Thanks Patrick for exposing the vile truth about No Problem Paddy since the industry fails at this.
    So sorry for you No Problem Paddy.
    Yet another victim of this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    There is no bottom when it comes to the sleaze in this industry.
    Just when I think they hit the bottom, I then realize that it’s the ceiling – disgusting.

    • Don’t forget that the CHRB often refuses to release the names of thoroughbreds who DIE on their tracks.
      FOIA’s yield only descriptions (broke down, died, collapsed etc.) not names in most cases UNLESS it’s a high profile Stakes Race that leaves them no choice, but to publish i; an inevitable inconvenience it seems.
      Moreover, Frank Stronach owned tracks are notorious for hiding their maimed, and dead by deliberately omitting replay tapes that contain catastrophic breakdowns.
      So it only stands to reason that Patrick and others are forced to rely on sources in order to obtain information until a lawsuit exposes their legitimized death camp.
      Welcome to the dirty world of horse racing.

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