Colt Collapses and Dies at Santa Anita

In the 8th Monday at Santa Anita, Money Makin Mike finished last of 9, 44+ lengths back. Besides the horrible finish, the run, according to Equibase, was uneventful: “battled…dropped back…gave way.” But a reader tipped me off that the 3-year-old collapsed after the wire; the Daily Racing Form went one better – “collapsed and died.”

“Collapsed and died” – at three.

This is horseracing.


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  1. The HORROR story continues…….!!!
    These deaths of innocent noble horses are a constant. We live in the year 2016, we are a civilised modern society which respects living creatures, these racehorses have rights and it’s about time the racing industry acknowledged this fact.
    It is unacceptable that the general public are subjected to this visible and documented abhorrent animal cruelty. It is indefensible and unjustifiable for racehorses to suffer catastrophic injuries and DIE.

  2. Carolyn,
    It appears that a percentage of the general public that are subjected to this “visible and documented abhorrent animal cruelty” simply don’t give a damn. They are the $2 bets!
    They are the ones who just see a running machine and a way to make a quick buck.
    They are also the greedy and irresponsible owners/trainers who perpetuate this horrific
    KILLING system.
    So very sorry Money Makin Mike; your name fits this heinous industry perfectly…

  3. No. No. No.
    I was watching that EXACT RACE LIVE STREAMING. The winner was a colt that I foaled out, and out of one of our farm’s stallions. (My personal favorite stallion).
    NO HORSES DIED DURING THE RACE. I was watching all the way thru till after the winner circle photos….

  4. The colt didn’t collapse and die DURING the race! Read the post!

    And what person in their right mind believes the camera would be directed at Money Makin Mike after he crossed the wire – FORTY-FOUR lengths behind – collapses to the dirt and dies? Are you serious?

    He’s DEAD. Unnecessary death. Of an equine “child”. Barbaric.

    • Thank you Joy.
      To racing apologists such as Shaun:
      Most comments here are accurate.
      The killed in action list contains facts.
      Moreover, many people commenting on this blog are former participants of the horse racing industry.
      After Joy informed Shaun of the facts; that the horse she bred DIED – she has gone silent!
      Not even acknowledgment or sympathy for MONEY MAKIN MIKE who died in the dirt making money for everybody else but himself.
      So typical of horse racing apologists.
      You are all abusers or enablers of abuse.

  5. Thank you, Patrick, for keeping us updated to the horrendous sport they call horse racing, and the callous disregard they have of these beautiful animals. I’m waiting impatiently for the day to come that there will no longer be a need for people like Patrick, but until that day arrives we must all do our part.

  6. So tell me, what happens if/when you get your wish and horse racing is no longer? The thoroughbred breed is done, these aren’t wild animals and will not be bred anymore. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

    • Gerry, I can tell you what WON’T happen.
      Racehorses would no longer be subjected to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or DYING!
      The Canadian slaughterhouses won’t have racehorses blood, and guts on the slaughterhouse floor.
      So when this industry ends, so will the pain, suffering, cruelty, abuse, maiming, dying, of sentiment beings.
      The corruption pit will go along with it thank goodness.
      There won’t be the continuing exploitation of both equine, and human athlete who are getting maimed, and/or killed on racetracks on a daily basis.
      The ovals will be replaced with residential/commercial developments that will generate profit for all of society, where children can play in the streets safely; the distant silent cries of racehorses being maimed, and dying in the dirt a long forgotten memory.

      • TY Gina…and I not only wish for the death of horse racing, I work towards it! It’s not only asinine but incredibly insensitive to want racing to continue so a breed doesn’t die!…what about the thousands of horses the INDUSTRY is killing?!? Who wants the deaths of horses to avoid the death of a breed? Wow.

    • Better they were never born than to suffer the way they do in their short lives only to die on the track or in a slaughterhouse around 5-6 yrs old which is less than 1/3 of their lifespan.

      The overbreeding is because of racing.
      And most of those used for breeding wind up being slaughtered if they are not profitable. Also they are often sold to Brazil, Turkey, the Phillippines, Korea and lately I have heard there may be a future lucrative market in China !!! $$$$$$ !

      PS Check out Jill’s Reflection, a 5 yr old mare, about to have her 70 th start . She is entered in the 5th at that stellar track known as Parx tomorrow, the 29 th. She would have exceeded 70 starts but for a few scratches . She has already notched 15 starts this yr.( would be more except for 2 scratches) In the past she has had as many 26 starts in one year. Is this overwork or what ? Do you think they will break her down or will she survive her injuries and disappear into the slaughter pipeline. Her future does not look bright at this point. She, like so many others, will barely reach maturity before dying. That is why I stand by what I said,- better they were never born. Than to suffer like this.

      • Rose, just got a notification that once again JILL’S REFLECTION has been scratched. Don’t know the reason but I fear that she is being presented to race in such a condition that it’s noticed by a vet and that’s saying something given the abysmal standard of vetting in the horseracing industry.
        This poor mare – how much more can she take?

  7. Makes me sick every time I read Patrick’s messages, and pray for the day that it’s no longer necessary. Please don’t gamble on Horse Races…..I can’t even watch the races on television any longer, knowing that they are abused/murdered for the all mighty dollar.

  8. “The Animal Rights Agenda: An Issue That Can No Longer Be Ignored
    Animal rights protesters were found in large numbers outside racing’s two most iconic tracks this summer, Saratoga and Del Mar, and they aren’t going away. Is there any middle ground racing can find with these groups? Panelists with years of experience dealing with these types of groups will enlighten the audience of tactics these organizations use, some successful campaigns used against them as well as the animal rights groups successes that have fundamentally changed the way a number of animal industries operate. Now is the time for racing to seriously consider how the actions of these groups may forever change the face of the sport.”

    The above is an excerpt from the following link –

  9. Carolyn, It says scratched by trainer. It is interesting that this poor mare has had 4 different trainers this year and one of her former trainers is now on board for her start at Charles Town. The race, a $6,250 claimer, is #6 @ 9:18 pm. Charles Town, also known as the “bullring” is very hard on horses. And how awful is night time racing anyway ? !!

    • Thanks for this, Rose. 4 trainers in one year is a bad sign. Agree, night time racing is the pits and she’ll be racing on one of the notorious tracks.
      It just infuriates me that the abuse of her is allowed to continue.
      Even worse is that JILL’S REFLECTION is just one example only of the majority of racehorses.

    • Rose…I don’t know what to say anymore…they will kill her outright or leave her like Whistle Included’s and Anita Vacation’s people left them – physically and psychologically damaged with no hope of a comfortable life.

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