3 More Deaths in NY

Deaths confirmed by the NYS Gaming Commission:

5-year-old Cinder Block broke a leg (“went wrong,” says Equibase) in the 2nd yesterday at Belmont. The “claim” (sale), by the way, was voided. Death will do that.

A yet-to-be-named 2-year-old was felled training last Saturday at Finger Lakes. Another child sacrificed for $2 bets.

A “pony horse” named Willy was euthanized Tuesday in his Belmont stall after being “treated for colic without improvement.” Sad life, sad end.


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  1. Gee whiz… all these racehorses that “went wrong”. Seems that these two words are all that Equibase can come up with to describe an excruciatingly painful catastrophic injury resulting in a horse suffering DEATH. Ahhh but the TRUTH can be damaging and the less disclosed the better….yep just put up “went wrong” that’ll do……

    • Another statement used to “hide” what is usually a fatal injury is “awkward move” . The horse drops to the dirt “mortally wounded” , as it were, and the comments such as “bad step”, “went wrong”, ” awkward move” are made as the cameras move quickly to the business at hand.
      As we know racing kills horses all the time and racing does not care.

  2. I think that brings the total of racehorse DEATHS for New York State so far this year to NINETY-FIVE (95)
    How many more horses will suffer like Cinder Block before the year is out?
    There’ll be more, that’s for sure.
    And then of course these deaths are only the ones that we know about. There are others that they don’t disclose.

  3. So disturbing this legitimized cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died in the dirt for this antiquated business model.
    What I find equally disturbing is the lack of action, on behalf of these racehorse, of the racing commissions.
    These racehorses will never get justice.
    Nothing is ever done.
    Just like the proverbial “went wrong,” so is the “investigation.”
    Just words to placate the public, but no accountability for these racehorses dying.
    The connections will get no repercussions for what amounts to blatant Felony Animal Cruelty.
    It’s so disturbing that dying doesn’t even garner a charge in any capacity.
    This is the dirty world of horse racing.

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