Sometimes the “Van” is Hauling an Already-Dead Horse

We know, of course, that dead horses are bad for business. So, as I wrote yesterday in regard to an edited video at Laurel, the racing people lie, deceive, and cover up at every turn. Monday’s 8th at Finger Lakes is but the latest example. A horse named Sachicomula had this line on the official race record (Equibase): “appeared in distress…pulled up and then was vanned off.” In truth, the 8-year-old is dead; in fact, according to the Gaming Commission, he was euthanized right there on the track. That the FL chartwriter did not know this is literally unbelievable; that we are still killing horses in the 21st Century for gambling is equally so.

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  1. Yes, Patrick, it is unbelievable that the FL chartwriter for Equibase did not know that this horse was euthanased on the track.
    At the end of the day, Equibase is responsible for disclosing the TRUTH and it only takes a phone call by Equibase to the relevant official at the relevant track to confirm the status of any horse that has e.g.
    Broke down
    Went wrong
    Vanned off
    The public has the right to know especially when the horseracing industry is a public industry often financially supported by the government (taxpayers’ money).
    It appears that not only does Equibase avoid disclosing the truth (Sachicomula is just one example) it clearly is misleading the public, in my opinion.

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