China Girl Lover Dead at Santa Anita

The CHRB has confirmed that 6-year-old China Girl Lover was euthanized after being “pulled up and vanned off” in the 8th at Santa Anita October 15. The minutes for that track also report one other “deceased” horse that week – name withheld.


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  1. RIP, China Girl Lover. Your short and stressful life is over….no more starting gates, no more whipping, no more standing in a stall 23 out of 24 hours, day in and day out…

    What’s with the “name withheld” ?….must be hiding something!!

  2. “Name Withheld,” from the “Premier” racetrack Santa Anita owned by the infamous Frank Stronach who also owns Gulfstream where breakdowns are commonly omitted from replay videos.
    This dude who supposedly “loves” racehorses, and treats them like a “family member.”
    Yet, racehorses dying in the dirt, on his tracks, warrant the names being withheld.
    Now one could argue that it’s the CHRB to blame, but they are in collusion with this silent policy it seems since a distinct pattern of hiding the dead from the public is common practice in this industry.
    This policy PROTECTS the connections of the racehorses who die.
    Both the Owner & Trainer who subject their horses to their doping, and/or Training methods will not be scrutinized by the public because the name is withheld.
    Nor can a pattern of death be established.
    One big legitimized cover-up of racehorses dying with nobody being held accountable.
    This is the dirty world of horse racing.

  3. I despise the dirty world of horse racing and will continue to attemp to educate others regarding the atrocities that are covered up. My heart breaks for the pain and misery these horses endure. It doesn’t seem to matter how much they have “earned”, for the majority, once they are no longer “useful” they are literally thrown away, most to slaughter. Thank you for all you do to expose the truth!

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