3-Year-Old Dead at Santa Anita; 10-Year-Old “Breaks Down” at Mountaineer

According to Equibase, Awesome Encounter collapsed immediately after yesterday’s 6th at Santa Anita and was “vanned off.” In fact, the 3-year-old is dead – the victim, says the Daily Racing Form, “of an apparent heart attack.” A heart attack – at three.

Meanwhile, at Mountaineer: In his 82nd – yes, 82nd – time under the whip, 10-year-old – yes, 10-year-old – Da Big Dawg finally “broke down.” How profoundly sad.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Profoundly sad. But how many showjumpers, event horses, rodeo horsrs, polo ponies, etc have gone too in similar circumstances.

    • Susan, you are correct. Horses in many different disciplines are exploited for human greed and entertainment. I am against ALL of it and I speak out against ALL of it. I suggest you do
      the same.

    • Like Mary stated, any animal exploitation is wrong – and I’ll add, should not be in existence in a civilized and compassionate society.

      The “but” in your comment is concerning, Susan…as if to excuse the thousands of maimings and deaths in the gambling industry which is horse racing because horses in a variety of “disciplines” suffer the same fate. I wonder…do you go on anti-rodeo blogs and say “yes, it’s tragic that the bronc died BUT racehorses die, too”….do you?

      • Joy, I interpreted Susan’s comment as you did. Clearly we supporters of Horseracing Wrongs are against animal cruelty in any shape or form. However, we speak up for these voiceless racehorses who suffer all sorts of abhorrent cruelty for GAMBLING. I’m not interested in a discussion about other horse activities especially when a comparison is made when, in my view, horseracing for $2 bets is incomparable to horse disciplines.

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